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WayNet Director's Report - November 19, 2015

Changes/Additional Fees:

  • (+$ 60) UplandSport.Club
  • (-$ 60) Pathstone Corporation
  • (-$300) Hampton Inn & Suites
  • (-$300) Total Memberships
  • Shared WayNet logo with Earlham College so they can create a digital billboard to entice the students to visit more community activities.
  • Wayne County Connections TV Show (Viewers directed back to website /Page)
    • Featured Shaun Dingwerth and Greg Hull discussing the Cultural Atlas in September.
    • Featured Richmong Civic Theatre with guests Bonnie Miller and Ryan Shaw in October.
    • Quaker history and Quaker Hill Conference Center is the topic for November's show. Guests are Rod Waltz and Thomas Hamm.
    • The WC Connections page received 59 pageviews from 36 sessions / 21 users from September 17 through November 18 per Google Analytics.
  • Google: Recent changes to Google's algorithms may continue to hurt us unless more changes are made to the website. Google announced in late April that it will now give preference to those sites that are mobile-friendly when searches are done on a mobile device. Google is offering a "mobile-friendly test tool" if you want to check your site.
  • Twitter - we now have 1,802 followers, an 7% increase. Have sent 2,822 tweets.
  • Facebook - 955 people "like" our Facebook page (1.7% increase), 73% are female, 26% male. 54.9% are from Richmond, 59.6% are from Wayne County.
  • Our Flickr account regularly receives 1,500 to 3,000 views daily. Occasionally, we will have an anomaly and it bursts up to 20,000+ in one day. Our photos have received 2,231,722 views since we joined in 2005.
  • Spent at 2 weeks+ dealing with no internet access at the City Building / server changes that necessitated research and troubleshooting to fix FTP access issues. Worked a combination of at home, at the office, and some on the phone in order to publish the site in a timely manner.
  • Technical issues:
    • City's server update required use of secure ftp process.
    • Community Calendar was down for nearly 4 days. Not sure what caused the issue, but was finally solved with Randy's help, by uploading a copy of the script from last July.
    • Lightroom wouldn't upload to Flickr. Spent a good part of the day troubleshooting the issue, only to find out it was a Flickr issue.
    • Copy of website must be synced each time it is worked on from home/work. Sync prior to issues with calendar indicated a change on the amhosting server - but they deny it and I can't prove it.
  • Content:
    • Update AA page, as new information is submitted.
    • Update Restaurant page, as new information is found.
    • Veteran's Day at Veteran's Memorial Park
    • IU East Homecoming Parade
    • Nearly Naked Mile
    • Halloween Howl
    • Celebration of the Mind
    • Hayes Arboretum / Witch in the Woods
    • Ivy Tech Chamber Network Night
    • RHS Homecoming Parade
    • Chamber Farm Tour
    • Richmond State Hosptial
    • Author Elizabeth Berg at IU East
    • Levi Coffin Days
  • Website Maintenance:
    • Clean broken internal links.
    • Continue to clean up old folders/files left over from FrontPage. Still in process.
    • Update logos, links, as requested.
    • Review and update page links & calendar events, as necessary. Take photos.
  • Website Overhaul - continue transferring pages to new layout, reorganize folders and files as appropriate, setup new pages as required for new layout, add auto file transfers to .htaccess as required.
  • Research updated calendar software options
  • Ongoing: Schedule guests for County Connections.
  • Ongoing: Make calls on members/potential members
  • Ongoing: Continue to review & update web pages.
  • Prepare & Mail invoices and statements each month, Accounts Receivable
  • Ongoing - Review files for clean up using Screaming Frog SEO spider and Optimizr.com.
  • Set up Internship/Volunteer Program

Google Analytics Report for 2014 / Comparison to 2013

Current Google Analytics Report, compare previous period

Current Google Analytics Report, compare same period/previous year

This report compares our analytic figures from September 18, 2015 to November 18, 2015 with the same period the previous 2 months. The second report compares it to the same period the previous year.

Historical Background

The figures that were formerly in this section were created from the statistics generated by the AWStats program offered online by our web host.

One of the major changes that occurred with AMHosting moving our site to a new server (which is supposed to be more stable) is that we no longer have access to AWStats, the statistics program we have been using for years.

The downside is that we can no longer compare apples to apples when looking at our historical data. The good news is that we have had Google Analytics set up on the site for some time, so we can still maintain a long-term overview by looking at this service.

The key - to me - is to properly choose which metrics are important to us and to be able view them quickly and easily on a regular basis. Google Analytics offers such a depth of information, it can feel like you're drowning in it.

Once we have settled on what metrics are important to us, these can be published in a report which is emailed on a regular basis. Should this be sent to the board group mail - once a month?, once a week?, once a quarter?

I just (as in 9/17) updated the code used on our website to the most current version for Google Analytics. Hopefully, this will improve the reporting, but there is a small possibility that things could be awry. I will keep monitoring it. I know there are old pages on our site that do not have the Analytics code on them. As I continue to switch the older pages to our new layout, this will be corrected.



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Wayne County was formed in 1811. It was named for General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, who was an officer during the Revolutionary War. Wayne is mainly remembered for his service in the 1790's in the Northwest Indian War, which included many actions in Indiana and Ohio.