Top 25 requested pages for the month of July 2020.

  1. How To Cut/Copy/Paste
  2. WayNet's Home Page
  3. via or
  4. Employment
  5. Local Obituaries
  6. Local News
  7. Starr Piano Company
  8. Visit the Highest Point in Indiana
  9. Government
  10. Nature Trail Guide to the Whitewater Gorge Park
  11. Coronavirus / COVID-19 Informational Resources
  12. Levi Coffin House
  13. Thistlethwaite Falls
  14. Social Services Directory
  15. Local Business
  16. Maps
  17. Local News Releases
  18. WayNet Site Directory
  19. The Hoosier's Nest - possible origin of the word "Hoosier"
  20. Community Calendar for Wayne County
  21. The Perfect Circle Co.
  22. A Fossil Hunter's Guide to the Whitewater Gorge
  23. History of Richmond and Wayne County, Indiana
  24. Whitewater Gorge Park: Trail and Parking Information
  25. Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Correctional Center
  26. Spotlight on Wayne County

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Did You Know?

Dr. Mary F. Thomas, who practiced medicine in Richmond during the mid-1800's, was the second female physician to be admitted to the American Medical Association.