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Membership Levels

Increasing levels of membership affords your organization additional exposure on the WayNet website.

Join WayNet today! Fill out an online Membership Application or request a paper application.

Waynet Membership Level Basic Not-for-Profit* Business Sponsoring Gold Platinum
Fee $5/month
fee-waiver app
fee-waiver app
$300/year $500/year $1,000/year $2,500/year
Members' Directory Link
(alphabetical listing)
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Featured on our home page check check check check check check
Featured in WayNet News
(~ 500 subscribers +archived access.)
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Searched via our
Custom Search Engine
(a search on WayNet searches our site AND our members sites)
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Business Directory Link
(or other applicable directory)
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Link to Member's Employment page from WayNet's Employment section.
(if applicable)
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Logo and link on the Sponsoring Member page       check check check
Logo and link featured in the sidebar rotation
(multiple pages)
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24/7 Text Link on our sidebar         check  
24/7 Logo Link on our sidebar           check
Access to Members Only Pages
(includes links to HTML sources, clip art, etc.)
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Voting privileges at Waynet, Inc. annual meeting check check check check check check
Web Site Design $50/hour
Additional Benefits  
  Be associated with a respected community resource!
  Link to WayNet.org!  No need to recreate and maintain community information on your own site.
  Support an alternative source for local news and information.
  One click to all things local on the Internet!
  Click to see how many people use WayNet.org!

Fill out a Membership Application.

Fill out Not-for-Profit Fee-Waiver Application - MUST be a 501(c)3 organization.

Other Membership Options

*Not-for-Profit Membership - $5.00/month

To receive the benefits of Not-for-Profit membership, the organization applying for this level must provide a copy of their 501(c)3 IRS Letter of Determination.

If your organization is a 501(c)3 organization but cannot afford the small fee, WayNet, Inc. board of directors may waive the fee. To apply to have this fee waived - please submit a copy of your organization's yearly operating budget or income statement and a Fee-Waive Application, in addition to the IRS Letter of Determination.

Mail to: Waynet, Inc.
             50 North Fifth Street
             Richmond, IN  47374

Fee-Waived Associate Member
To be inclusive of local clubs, hobbyists, and concerned citizens who create websites for the benefit of others in our community WayNet's board of directors has created a new category.  The Fee-Waived Associate membership creates an opportunity for those who do not have a 501(c)(3) designation, nor receive income from their site, but do offer a service, to publicize that service to the community to become a part of WayNet.org.


Fee Waiver application form must be completed.  The application will be submitted to the WayNet Board of Directors at the next regular meeting, following submission of the form.

  1. The WayNet Board of Directors reserves the right to approve or deny any application for any reason.
  2. Fee-Waived Basic Members will be reviewed and approved/denied on an annual basis.
  3. The site must offer unique information or a service that is beneficial to the Wayne County, Indiana community.
  4. The site must include no advertising.
  5. The site must include a link to WayNet.org.
  6. The site must follow WayNet's Terms of Service Policy.

Web Site Design - $50.00/hour
Waynet, Inc. will design a web site for you, your business or organization. The site must use our Commerce template.

Waynet, Inc. also maintains a list of local companies/persons who do web site design. Waynet, Inc. makes no warranties on these names but is pleased to share the list in order to encourage local businesses, organizations and individuals to create a web presence.

Small Business/Commerce Package
Waynet, Inc. has put together a package for small businesses that would like to have exposure on the Internet and via WayNet - but who don't want the cost or trouble of putting together their own web site.  This package is for those who will not require frequent updates to their page.  The package is being offered for $400/year and includes up to one - 8 1/2" x 11" page of text and 3 images. For more details, view our sample page.

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