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Associate Member Application

The Associate Member level allows WayNet.org to be inclusive of local clubs, hobbyists, and concerned citizens who create websites for the benefit of others in our community.

The Associate Member level was created to provide an opportunity for those who do not have the financial or staff resources to apply for a 501(c)(3) designation, nor receive income from their site, but do offer a service, to publicize that service to the community via WayNet.org. You may fill out the following application if your website meets these standards:

  1. To receive approval, the website must offer unique information or a service that is beneficial to the Wayne County, Indiana community.

  2. Website must include no advertising.

  3. Website's home page must include a link to WayNet.org. (Logo buttons available)

  4. Applicants must follow WayNet's Terms of Service Policy.

  5. Applicants who receive this fee waiver will receive the same benefits as our Basic Members.

To be considered for this opportunity:

  1. Fee Waiver application form below must be completed and submitted to the WayNet Executive Director.

  2. The application will be submitted to the WayNet Board of Directors at the next regular meeting, following submission of the form.

  3. WayNet Board of Directors reserves the right to approve or deny any application for any reason.

  4. Associate Members will be reviewed and approved/denied on an annual basis.

Please provide the following contact information:
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Membership will be listed as  
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(Example: WayNet's URL is http://www.waynet.org)
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You agree that you have read and consent to abide by the Terms of Service Policy.

By submiting this form, you agree to subscribe to WayNet News, a low-volume e-newsletter used to communicate with our members and others interested in Wayne County, Indiana.

This form may also be printed and mailed to:

Waynet, Inc.
Attn: Jane Holman
50 North Fifth Street
Richmond, IN 47374

* Organizations that receive this Associate Member fee waiver must pay $5.00/per person to attend seminars that are free to full WayNet members.


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