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Cities & Towns Zip Code(s) Population
Richmond 47374 or 47375 (PO Boxes) 35,342
Centerville 47330 2,579
Cambridge City 47327 1,750
Hagerstown 47346 1,673
Fountain City 47341 756
Dublin 47335 747
Milton 47357 446
Greens Fork 47345 387
East Germantown 47370 (Pershing address) 351
Spring Grove 47374 (Richmond address) 322
Economy 47339 175
Boston 47324 130
Mt. Auburn 47327 (Cambridge City address) 104
Whitewater 47374 (Richmond address) 70
Area Communities Zip Code Services
Abington 47330 (Centerville address)  
Beeson 47357 (Milton address)  
Bethel 47341 (Fountain City address)  
Chester 47374 (Richmond address)  
Dalton 47346 (Hagerstown address)  
Franklin 47346 (Hagerstown address)  
Jacksonburg 47327 (Cambridge City address)  
Middleboro 47374 (Richmond address)  
Pennville 47327 (Cambridge City Address)  
Webster 47392  
Williamsburg 47393 Volunteer Fire Dept.

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Did You Know?

Richmond was long known as "The Rose City" due to being home to Hills' Roses. Founder, E. G. Hill, was a gifted rose hybridizer, and introduced countless roses to the world. Hills' was once known as the largest grower of roses under glass. Hill Floral Products stopped growing roses in 1995.