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East Germantown or Pershing, Indiana

Zip Code: 47370
Population: 373

East Germantown, Indiana is located in Jackson Township along the National Road in western Wayne County. Children in this community attend Western Wayne Schools.

The community has two names. It was platted as East Germantown but the post office address is Pershing. Here's why:

According to Max Knight1:

"The battle over the name of Pershing or East Germantown started during World War I.  The name German was not liked so well due to the conflict with the German nation and since General Pershing was the U.S. military leader, people started using that name.

But this caused some conflict in the minds of many when a resolution to adopt the name of Pershing was introduced by the town board.

A faction of people campaigned the day before the vote to decided the name issue in order to leave it as East Germantown.  They reportedly told people since their deeds called for the name East Germantown, changing it to Pershing would invalidate their ownership.

Since people of the town had no way of checking against this before the election, Lamott2 said the vote went for East Germantown.

But the postmaster at the time, Frank Sipe, was interested in using the name Pershing and succeeded in getting the postal department to get the name changed, said Lamott.  However, the railroad continued with the name East Germantown since there is another Pershing in Fulton county."

1Palladium-Item, July 19, 1959, page 9, by Max Knight

2Ernest Lamott, secretary-treasurer of the town board and also with the Indiana State Highway Department in 1959.


Western Wayne Schools

Government Services

For Emergencies: Call 9-1-1

Service Address Phone Number
East Germantown Town Hall / Utilties Office 206 South Milton 765.478.9052

Elected Officials

Town Council Members Phone
Carleen Collins, Clerk/Treasurer 765.478.9052
Steve Mills  
Doug Harris
Phillip D. McQueen
Donald Fisher
Ronald G. Lammott


Pershing Post Office:  Zip Code 47370 Historical Marker along National Road 40 Looking west along National Road 40.


Historical Marker - East Germantown Civil War Band
Historical Marker text:

East Germantown Civil War Band
Band organized in East Germantown;
members enlisted in 1862.  Assigned
to the Twelfth Regiment of Indiana
Volunteers.  Fought with
General Ulysses S. Grant.  Marched
with General William T. Sherman
from Atlanta to sea.


Map of East Germantown, Indiana

Map of Jackson Township

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Did You Know?

Originally an isolated oasis for stagecoach riders traveling along the National Road, the circa 1839 Huddleston House in Mt. Auburn, Indiana is now open to visitors thanks to the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana.