North 10th Street, A 19th Century Tour

Note: This is the web-based incarnation of a brochure originally published in 1980. While the history is still very valuable, other information may no longer be accurate. Information updated by WayNet will be listed in this orange color.


We are very pleased to give you herewith a walking tour of "our town" and a small portion of what remains of a once great architectural heritage.

One must always keep in mind that we have lost much in the the past, but we of Old Richmond, Inc. are sincerely hopeful that we have now reached an "awakening period" where at least we hopefully will lose no more architectural gems in the false name of "progress".

If we can only succeed in convincing our politicians and general citizenry that anyone at all can raze and destroy, but only a true artisan can create, then we can be satisfied in feeling that our avowed mission to save those structures worthy of preservation will have been accomplished.

Please bear in mind that this tour is something that will never be again. If this doesn't create an interest, then we shall have no one to blame when future generations raze the things that we held significant in our lives.

Executive Board, Old Richmond, Inc.


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Text and illustrations © 1980, Old Richmond, Inc.


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Did You Know?

Centerville served as the county seat of Wayne County, Indiana from 1818 to 1873 when it was moved to Richmond.