North 10th Street, A 19th Century Tour

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321 North 10th Street, Richmond, Indiana321 North 10th Street

Isaac R. Howard of the firm I.R. Howard & Co. wholesale grocers, 202 & 204 Fort Wayne Avenue resided in this interesting, large, and fine Italianate home probably built in the early 1860's.

Mr. Howard was a native of Henry County, Indiana where he was raised and educated.  In 1860 he moved to Richmond to become a partner in a wholesale grocery business known as Howard and Grubbs.  In 1871 he built the 63 by 200 foot two story brick building on Fort Wayne Avenue to house it.

His house was razed and is the site of the Howard apartment complex, itself an interesting form of housing when it was built.

309 North 10th Street, Richmond, Indiana309 North 10th Street

The house known as the John F. Robbins home is another example of Italianate architecture and was built between 1858-60.  Mr. Robbins was an attorney and the father of Phillip and Byram Robbins, also attorneys.

Mr. Robbins was proprietor of Robbins and Starr, later known as Robbins and Robbins.

In the rendering below, a front porch is evident.  It was probably added in the 1890's and the house presently appears as it appeared when it was built.

301 North 10th Street301 North 10th Street

This 1859-60 Italianate home was owned by Stephen Wiggins of Wiggins and Co.

Wiggins and Co. made saddles for the cavalry during the Civil War.



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The first high school orchestra in the nation was established at Morton High School in Richmond, Indiana in 1899 by Joseph Edgar Maddy.