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How to Make the Most of Your WayNet Membership

...and thanks for supporting WayNet.org with your membership. You are now part of an organization that was organized in 1997 – at the very beginning of the Internet revolution.

WayNet's official mission is to be Wayne County's Internet Gateway, promoting dynamic and interactive exchange of current thought and activities while celebrating our historical, cultural, and economic heritage. Put more simply – it's one click to all things local in Richmond and Wayne County.

The main benefit – to you as a member – and to our community is that it's not necessary to remember or bookmark multiple web addresses to find anything you need to know in our community – all you have to remember is www.waynet.org!

There are plenty of other benefits to being a WayNet.org member as well as ways that your membership benefits the community in general – such as:

  1. Our Link to You
    • No matter what level you've joined WayNet, the link from our website to yours is the best benefit of membership.
    • Thanks to WayNet's popularity with search engines, such as Google, when we link to you, the search engines popularity of your site often increases as well. When you add "Richmond, Indiana" to your search – a WayNet link is usually on the first page of the results.
    • And best of all, if the person doesn't know the name of your business, but is looking in WayNet's directory for a specific item or service – your business or organization is right there for them to find!
    • Local and state educational, governmental, business and health organizations link to WayNet.org as a community resource, and your link is an important part of that resource!
  2. Updates
    • Be sure to notify WayNet.org of any changes to your web address, major updates to your website, address or key personnel changes. That way, your link will remain accurate.
    • Major updates to our member's websites are often highlighted in the "Focus on Wayne County" section of our home page and/or featured in an edition of WayNet News.
  3. Your Link to WayNet.org
    • To extend the usefulness of your website – without the necessity of keeping up with the many changes that occur over time to local web resources - simply link to WayNet.org. Let us do the heavy mouse moving so you can concentrate on keeping your organization's web site content up to date!
      Add this code: <a href="http://www.waynet.org">WayNet.org</a>
    • While many organizations may find it most useful to link to our home page, you're welcome to "deep link" to an inner page, if that is most useful for your organization. For example, if you want to point your visitors directly to the lodging or restaurant listings on the site, you're welcome to do that as well.
  4. Employment
    • Having an opening in your organization can be a huge expense. Reduce the cost of advertising your job openings by adding an "Employment" page or section to your website.
    • Be sure to notify WayNet.org that you have an Employment section, and if you are a Business member or above, we'll add a direct link to your page from our "Employment" section. WayNet.org's employment section is usually one of the top 5 most popular pages each month on WayNet.org.
  5. Community Calendar
  6. Announcements > News Releases
  7. Post a "How To" Article
    • You are an expert. In your professional or personal life, you likely know more than the average person about at least one subject. Use this knowledge to write a "How To" article for WayNet.org's How To Center. This can position you as a go-to person for a specific topic, it adds an additional way for people to find your organization, and it adds additional content and keywords that search engines will scoop up – and then point back to you!
    • It's easy and it can be very powerful – just ask WorkOne who received the opportunity to reach more than 1,526 additional visitors in 2014 via their How To Write A Resume article.
    • Details are available here:
  8. Promote WayNet.org
    • What? Didn't you join to gain benefits –why should you have to promote the organization?
      • WayNet.org wears many hats, we serve our members by serving the community at large. If you, and our other members, promote WayNet.org as a resource, champion WayNet.org as a local information and advertising solution for other local businesses and organizations, WayNet gains additional content – which brings more visitors – which makes YOUR membership ever more valuable. It's a win for the community and it's a win for you!

Being a member of WayNet.org makes you a part of a well-respected community organization.

We help you help YOUR community by promoting tourism, economic development and community pride.

For questions about these or other opportunities offered by WayNet.org,

Jane Holman, Executive Director
50 North Fifth Street
Richmond, IN  47374

Phone: 765.939.0857

Website: http://www.waynet.org

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