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Indiana University East - offers continuing education and short courses in addition to credit courses.

Ivy Tech Community College - offers continuing education and short courses in addition to credit courses.

Public Libraries - Wayne County public libraries offer FREE, hands-on computer classes.


Rosa's Office Plus E-Waste Recycling (WUR - Wayne & Union Counties Solid Waste Management District)

Service & Repair / Data Recovery

Systems & Programming

Programming and Micros


Internet Service Providers (ISPs)



Web Developers


Programming and Micros

Broadband Information

FCC Broadband Speed Guide - how fast is "fast enough"?



Find a Tech Definition

Glossary of Internet Terms - definitions of commonly used Internet terms.


Internet Timeline

History of the Internet

WayBack Machine - the web...the way it was.

Online Safety - social media and technology advise for kids, teens, families & educators.

The Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Kids - definitions, safety tips, 50 suggested sites for parents and kids - by the American Library Association

Opt-Out - of online advertising cookies.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - practical tips on safeguarding personal privacy.

Purportal - check out those forwarded email stories to see if they are real before you continue to spread the rumors. - information on using the Internet safely and effectively for fun and educational purposes. - Urban legend reference resource - check that story out before you pass it along.

Search Engines

List of Internet Search Engines

Search Engine Tutorial - an excellent tutorial on how to find and evaluate information on the Internet by the University of California at Berkley.

More Search Engine Tutorials - by Search Engine Watch.


Computer and Internet Tutorials - including mousing, email, Google, etc. A great place for beginners to learn the basics.

Cut, Copy & Paste Keyboard Shortcuts - save time, save headaches by memorizing these shortcuts.

InfoPeople Tutorials - tutorials for Internet surfing & searching, and web page design.

Internet Scout Net-Newsletters - sign up or review archives of this newsletter of well-researched websites.

Guide to Basic Computer Hardware

Learn About Computer Mice

Website Builders - info on the history of the Internet, downloading files, Email and much more - all in one place.

Legal Guide for Bloggers - published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Netiquette - Etiquette for your online life, an older reference, but still with many good tips!

NetSmartz Workshop - Interactive games and safety information for children, teens & their parents.

Understanding Web Addresses - what all that "https://" gibberish means - and why it's important to understand it.


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