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Dudas Law (formerly Amy Noe Law)

Low Income Eligible

Indiana Legal Services - Indiana Legal Services (ILS) is a a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal assistance to eligible low-income people throughout the state of Indiana.

Whitewater Valley Pro Bono Commission


DoxPop - do a court case search to find basic information about Wayne County court cases, or become a subscriber to access all available information about current and historical cases.

Guardium Ad Litem / CASA

Jury Duty

Pay Traffic Fines Online

Small Claims Court

Wayne County Courts - Circuit Court and Superior Court I, II, & III

Wayne County Prosecutor


Community Corrections

OffenderWatch Portal

Richmond Police Department on Facebook

Wayne County Sheriff

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Marriage Licence Information

Richmond City Code



FindLaw - search engine for legal issues.

Nolo - free information, legal forms, lawyer search.

State of Indiana

Civil Rights Commission

Indiana Department of Corrections

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Self-Service Legal Center - learn how to represent yourself in court in Indiana.


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Oliver P. Morton, who served as the 14th Governor of Indiana during the American Civil War, was a Wayne County native. His family home still stands along the National Road on the west side of Centerville.