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Photo Sharing Policy

Approved July 17, 2003

All photos on this web site, except as specifically credited to their respective owners, are under the copyright of Waynet, Inc. and are protected under U.S. Copyright laws.

You may not reproduce, alter, or distribute these images in any fashion without express written permission from Waynet, Inc.

Permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis and a usage fee may apply.

To request permission to use a photo, send an email to photos@waynet.org and include the following information:

  1. The URL of the page where the photograph is located.
  2. The specific photo(s) on the page.
  3. The type of media where the photo will be used (book, newsletter, website, etc.).
  4. Approximate number of expected viewers.
  5. Type of use (i.e. non-profit, educational, commercial)

Fair use of these photos is permitted and may be done without permission. Examples of fair use include:

  1. Illustration of student or teaching materials for distribution within a single classroom.
  2. Downloading for viewing/wallpaper/personal use, as long as you do not distribute the photo to others.
  3. Photos should not be cropped, altered or enhanced in a way that degrades the quality or the original intention of the photo.
  4. All photos should include one of  these credit lines, Photo Courtesy of WayNet.org or © (year) WayNet.org.

Posting of Waynet, Inc. photos on a website or social media site IS NOT considered fair use and REQUIRES permission.

Please note: The majority of photos on this web site were taken with a digital camera. In many cases, if permission is granted, the photos are available in a higher resolution than is posted to the web site. Please ask about the specific resolution per picture, if this is important.


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Did You Know?

Oliver P. Morton, who served as the 14th Governor of Indiana during the American Civil War, was a Wayne County native. His family home still stands along the National Road on the west side of Centerville.