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Board Meeting Minutes - September 21, 2017


  • Pam Merchanthouse, President (Friends Fellowship Community)
  • Dakota Collins (City of Richmond)
  • Lynn Knight, (Earlham College)
  • Jenie Lahmann (Morrisson-Reeves Library
  • Tim Love (Reid Hospital & Health Care Services)
  • Rob Tidrow, (Richmond Community Schools)
  • Jane Holman (Executive Director, WayNet.org, Ex-Officio)


  • Brad Glover, Vice-President/Treasurer (First Bank Richmond)
  • Aubrey Blue, Secretary (Cope Environmental Center)
  • Randy Baker (Richmond Power and Light)
  • David Burton (Burton & Simkin Attorneys)
  • Beth Fields (Wayne County Government)
  • Richard Peterson (Porter Advertising, LLC)

Call to Order:

President Pam Merchanthouse called the meeting to order at approximately 12:05 PM in the Bard Room of Morrisson-Reeves Library.

Old Business

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes Rob Tidrow motioned for the approval of the minutes dated July 20, 2017 which was seconded by Tim Love and the motion passed unanimously.

Recognition of Jane Holman

President Pam Merchanthouse, on behalf of the Board, recognized Executive Director Jane Holman for 20 years of service with a with flowers, a card, and a gift card.

New Business

Balance Sheet Review

The Balance Sheet was reviewed. It was reported that July had been a good month, bringing in $7,800. August, however, was a month with three pay periods which put the monthly total at a deficit.

Election of Board Members

The Election of Board Members was held for terms lasting from September 2017 to September 2019. Nominees included Jenie Lahmann for reelection, Rob Tidrow for reelection, Richard Peterson for reelection, and Chris Mopps of Richmond Power and Light for a new term to replace Randy Baker. A motion was made by Lynn Knight to accept and elect the slate of candidates. The motion was seconded by Tim Love and approved by the Board unanimously.

It was reported that two positions on the Board are will open and the Executive Director and the Executive Committee are in the process of contacting potential nominees.

Election of Officers

The Election of Board Officers was held for terms lasting from September 2017 to September 2018. Nominees included Aubrey Blue for President, Pam Merchanthouse for Vice-President/Treasurer, and Dakota Collins for Secretary. A motion was made by Tim Love to elect the slate of nominees which was seconded by Rob Tidrow and approved unanimously by the Board.

Proposal for Site Redevelopment

It was shared that the organization is looking to redevelop the website. Jane shared that, after looking at traffic-related numbers, she feels as though we are continuing to reach local audiences and regular visitors but that we are missing out on new visitors and "browsers".

Jane had requested three proposals from website development companies. One never responded, one said that the job was too big for their organization, and one (IronGate Creative) submitted a proposal priced at $11,500.

Jane suggested a committee comprised of Board members and community members to help this project along, specifically with fundraising. Jenie Lahmann and Dakota Collins volunteers to represent the Board on this committee.

Tim Love mentioned that the proposal stated that the organization would be made aware of any additional costs associated with the project but did not state that those cost would need to be preapproved by the organization. He stressed the need to ensure that any additional costs would be approved before the contractor could charge the organization.

Executive Director's Report

Jane reviewed the Director's Report.

Lynn Knight shared that she had heard that the arts organizations in the community were looking to create a calendar of arts-related events. A discussion ensued about what they might be looking for and how Waynet could potentially fill that need.


There being no further business, Rob Tidrow motioned for adjournment which was seconded by Jenie Lahmann and unanimously approved by the Board. President Pam Merchanthouse declared the meeting adjourned at approximately 12:41 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dakota Collins, Secretary


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