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Board Meeting Minutes - May 19, 2016


  • Pam Merchanthouse, President (Friends Fellowship Community)
  • Brad Glover, Vice-President/Treasurer (First Bank Richmond)
  • Aubrey Blue, Secretary (Cope Environmental Center)
  • Jenie Lahmann (Morrisson-Reeves Library
  • Rob Tidrow, Vice-President (Richmond Community Schools)
  • Jane Holman (Executive Director, WayNet.org, Ex-Officio)


  • Beth Fields, Secretary (Wayne County Government)
  • Randy Baker (Richmond Power and Light)
  • David Burton (Burton & Simkin Attorneys)
  • Lynn Knight, (Earlham College)
  • Tim Love (Reid Hospital & Health Care Services)
  • Linda Przybysz (Ivy Tech Community College)
  • Richard Peterson (Porter Advertising, LLC)

Call to Order:

President Pam Merchanthouse called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM in the Board Room at the Administration Building of Richmond Community Schools.

Approval of Minutes

There was not a full quorum (6 members). Minutes are were not able to be approved.

Old Business:

The group was not able to vote on updating the benefits to a Platinum Membership due to the quorum not being met.

New Business:

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet was reviewed. Waynet made payroll last month and should in May as well. Waynet made a profit of $600 from the sale of multiple photos to EDC for use on their website and publications. They also purchased the rights for several images to appear in a magazine.

Mrs. Holman also discussed the Aging Summary which states that there is $2480 worth of outstanding invoices/memberships due this month.

Jane explained how she tried multiple times to file our 990N report to the IRS and continuously received an error message. A week before it was due, she called Congressman Luke Messer's office, who assisted her in contacting the IRS. They offered to file the information manually and noted they would send a letter when it was complete.

She also filed an NP-20 report with the State of Indiana.

Director's Report

Mrs. Holman reviewed the Director's Report.

Mrs. Holman provided an update on membership as well as updated on County Connections.

Mrs. Holman mentioned that the Wayne County Connections had two successful tapings at the Gaar Mansion and Farm Museum that are scheduled to air in June and July.

Jane also informed the group that there is a new member that joined at the $300 level (Detox to Rehab). They are linked to Waynet as of now, but will not receive any publicity until their fee is paid.

David Burton helped update the Photo Usage agreement.

It was also mentioned that the rent was paid today and will be good through June of 2017.

Sales Opportunities:

Mrs. Holman went over all of the different business that have been contacted.

  • Gave application to Scott Zimmerman at Center City.
  • Talked to Staffmark (Richard), no application yet.
  • Lynn Knight indicated she had spoken to Metz Culinary, no application yet.
  • Created stock reply for generalized requests for linkage. Received a business membership application from Detox to Rehab.
  • Spoke to Amy Dillon at KICKS96. She indicated she would review the opportunity and add to the budget for next year, if it wouldn't fit in this year's budget.
  • Rob Tidrow is on the Innovation Center board and will talk to them.
  • Trademark Homes is thinking about it.
  • Steven's Wire
Technical Issues:

The printer that was donated by Tim Love (through Reid Health) has an "error" code. Jenie Lahmann suggested that we contact Reid to see if they have another printer that we could trade out. Due to the printer malfunction, Jane printed off invoices and other miscellaneous items at her home.

Mrs. Holman went over a few other issues including how she cleaned up old links for werrichmond.org and switched an old page at ../travel/default.htm and created a redirect that will go to ../travel/attractions.htm.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2016, location to be determined.

Photo Sessions:

Photo sessions include: egg hunt, hook a kid on fishing, Reeveston Homes, the Primary Election, Rural Wayne County, Phantoscope, Glen Miller Park, Model T Museum, Government Campus & Downtown Richmond, and RAM volunteer luncheon.

Jane asked that the committee start thinking about whether or not we include government entities for the non-profit membership rate. One benefit to us is that we would then get the link to the city's page.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 21, 2016, location to be determined.


Being no further business, Pam Merchanthouse made a motion that the meeting be adjourned at approximately 12:45 PM. Due to not having a quorum, no one needed to second that motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Aubrey Blue, Secretary


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Weeb Eubank, famous NFL coach who directed the Baltimore Colts to a NFL championship in 1959 and guided the upstart New York Jets and quarterback Joe Namath of the old AFL to the world title in 1969 was a Richmond, Indiana native.