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Board Meeting Minutes - Annual Meeting - September 18, 2014


  • Jenie Lahmann, President (Morrisson-Reeves Library
  • Pam Merchanthouse, Vice-President (Friends Fellowship Community)
  • Brad Glover (First Bank Richmond)
  • Richard Peterson (Porter Advertising, LLC)
  • Randy Baker (Richmond Power and Light)
  • David Burton (Burton & Simkin Attorneys)
  • Beth Fields, Secretary (Wayne County Government)
  • Gary Arndts (Blue Raptor)
  • Aubrey Blue (Cope Environmental Center)
  • Tim Love (Reid Hospital & Health Care Services)
  • Rob Tidrow, Vice-President (Richmond Community Schools)
  • Lynn Knight (Earlham College)
  • Jane Holman (Executive Director, WayNet.org, Ex-Officio)

Call to Order:

President Jenie Lahmann called the meeting to order at 12:05 pm in the Bard Room of Morrison Reeves Library.

New Business:

Mrs. Lahmann noted this is Waynet's Annual Meeting and took a moment to say a few words. Waynet is a community website and has experienced social media growth this past year, and is often used as a model for others. Jane Holman and the Board work well and closely together, and this is a powerful tool to promote Wayne County. Mrs. Lahmann noted the many beautiful photos that are kept up to date by Mrs. Holman and said they add character to the community.

Mrs. Lahmann thanked outgoing board member Gary Arndts for his service to the board.

The meeting minutes from the May 15, 2014 meeting were reviewed. Richard Peterson motioned acceptance, seconded by Aubrey Blue and the motion passed.

Mrs. Lahmann said the following board members are up for reappointment, and all expressed a willingness to serve: Pam Merchanthouse, Beth Fields, Tim Love, Lynn Knight and Aubrey Blue. Randy Baker motioned approval of the reappointment of the above-named board members, seconded by Tim Love and the motion passed unanimously.

Next, Mrs. Lahmann said the Officers of the Board, President Jenie Lahmann, Vice-President Pam Merchanthouse and Secretary Beth Fields are willing to serve another term in their respective positions. Lynn Knight motioned approval of the officers of the Waynet Board, seconded by Rob Tidrow and the motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

Mrs. Holman said there is no update on web design assistance.

Executive Director's Report

Mrs. Holman thanked the officers that were willing to serve again, and mentioned the executive board met and identified several candidates to replace Gary Arndts. Mr. Richardson asked if Mrs. Holman had ever completed a matrix of needs and Mrs. Holman responded she had not. Her goal is to have a diverse board.

Mrs. Holman presented the balance sheet for July and August, and noted income was good and July is typically a good month for receiving payment for annual renewals. Rob Tidrow motioned acceptance of the balance sheet, seconded by David Burton and the motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. Holman requested to change the budget to include a $136.00 expense for a 4-terabyte drive. Mrs. Lahmann asked about other equipment that may be required, and she said she may need a printer and computer in 2015. Our QuickBooks is old, but still serviceable. Tim Love motioned approval of the expense, seconded by Aubrey Blue and the motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. Holman reported on issues with Flicker regarding old scripts, and problems they created, but it is up and working now, but will need attention. Also, after testing, it was noted that the technical issues with Google Forms made the service not a good fit for us.

Our user sessions continue to rise, per the log analysis.

Next, Mrs. Holman addressed the topics of discussion for today's meeting. Memberships total 420. We have an Amazon gift card credit in the amount of $98.08 and she asked how to reflect that on the books.

Regarding Advertising and Marketing, updating Wayne County Trails on the website, and the Northeastern Superintendent and Principal have been on Wayne County Connections. Jane Holman was named as Producer of the Year for WCTV, and the board congratulated her on the achievement.

Mrs. Holman noted stalled activity on Facebook, and said that could be attributed due to the new messenger feature of Facebook. Flicker typically has 1500 to 3000 hits, but recently saw a burst of activity of 12,000 in one day.

Mrs. Holman reported issues with the phone in her office, mentioning she is getting a great deal of wrong numbers, so has set her phone to take messages, and she will call back. This is only temporary until the problem is fixed.

Mrs. Holman said AM Hosting changed our hosting server, she was not notified, and that caused a host of problems. She has moved to Google Groups to replace the mailing list service. Also, the host change wiped out our stats, so will have to rely on Google Analytics for our stats.

The next scheduled board meeting for Waynet is November 20th, and Mrs. Holman will be searching for a place to hold the meeting.


Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Fields, Secretary


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