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WayNet Director's Report - May 19, 2022


Changes/Additional Fees:

  • (0.00) Total Memberships

  • ($) Amazon Associates (credit on Amazon account)
  • ($) Total One Time Sales / Donations / Credits

Advertising/Marketing/Community Relations

  • Wayne County Connections TV Show (Viewers directed back to website /Page)
    • Jenie Lahmann is the new producer for this show. Host, Michael Sweigart has continued to reference WayNet's page as well as our Community Calendar.
  • Twitter - we now have 2,437 followers. In March, we had 317 impressions and gained 5 followers. In April, we had 150 impressions and gained 7 followers. We have had 26 impressions and gained 3 followers so far in May.
  • Facebook - 2,178 people "like" our Facebook page. 78% are female, 22% male.
  • Our Flickr account regularly receives 285 to 11,038 views daily. Occasionally, we will have an anomaly and it bursts up to 20,000+ in one day. Our 18,452 photos have received 5,715,397 views since we joined in 2005. We have 211 followers.
  • Our Instagram account (@waynet_org) has 215 posts, 746 followers and 410 following.

Issues & Projects for March | April | May

  • Previously reviewed Privacy Policy Generators - have not had time to dig in and set one up. This is still on my agenda. Additionally, I'm wrestling with setting up the new Google Analytics version as the old one will sunset in 2023.
  • Filed Federal and State Tax forms prior to May 15th.
  • Maintained website, took photos, financials
  • Took 2 days vacation and 2+ days sick time in April.

Photo Sessions:

  • Spring Scenes
  • Spring Farming
  • HolmanPhotos.com shared usage of some photos with WayNet.

Website Maintenance:

  • Slowly reviewing pages for dead/broken links, URL's needing updating.
  • Technical issues:
    • Updating Google Analytics in process
    • Need to install Privacy Policy Generator

    My To-Do List:

    • Prepare & Mail invoices and statements each month, Accounts Receivable
    • Ongoing: Continue to review & update web pages.
    • Ongoing: Make calls on members/potential members
    • Working with the Marketing Dept. at Reid Health to try and figure a way to import their events. - currently in a stalemate 1/2022
    • Google is updating its analytics. Need to study this and possibly update the code across our website.
    • Website Overhaul - review log analysis, research technical options and trending layouts
    • Ongoing - Review files for clean up using Screaming Frog SEO spider, DeadLinkChecker and/or Optimizr.com.
    • Set up Internship/Volunteer Program

    Log Analysis

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    2020 Reports
    Time Division
    • March 17 - May 16, 2022
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    Did You Know?

    Johnny Ringo, a famous outlaw who became the chief antagonist of Wyatt Earp, was born in Greens Fork, Indiana (then known as Washington).