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WayNet Director's Report - March 21, 2019


Changes/Additional Fees:

Photo Sales

    • (+0) Total Income

    Advertising/Marketing/Community Relations

    • Wayne County Connections TV Show (Viewers directed back to website /Page)
      • Taped 1 show segments:
      • March show features Recycling: LuAnne Holeva and Stephanie McCurdy, guests.
      • The WC Connections page received 38 pageviews from 28 users from December 10 through February 20 per Google Analytics.
    • Twitter - we now have 2,337 followers. Have sent 4,143 tweets. During February, we had 2,587 impressions, and 6 new followers.
    • Facebook - 1,522 people "like" our Facebook page (1.39% increase), 76% are female, 23% male.
    • Our Flickr account regularly receives 500 to 1,600 views daily. Occasionally, we will have an anomaly and it bursts up to 20,000+ in one day. Our 15,825 photos have received 4,261,888 views since we joined in 2005. We have 200 followers.
    • Our Instagram account (@waynet_org) has 88 posts, 377 followers and 350 following.

    Issues & Projects for February / March

    • Returned to work, following up with email. Continued cleaning up website (removed Talk and Cards), which then required follow up cleaning multiple older files as it created a 404 - internal "file not found" issue on many older pages.
    • Lots of calendar entries.
    • Update site to reflect City of Richmond's new Platinum status.
    • Prep photos for City of Richmond's Platinum bonus.
    • Donated the usage of 2 photos to the City of Richmond for a grant application - only.
    • Installed new version (circa 2013) of Quickbooks, donated by Tim Love.
    • Committee meeting with site redesign committee.

    Photo Sessions:

    • Gem & Mineral Show

    Website Maintenance:

    • Update links to MRL across site. (MANY links!) Update broken links in Sports & Rec area.
    • Fix links that previous went to old calendar so they would go to new calendar.
    • Update Log Files (website usage) spreadsheet. Actually ran out of horizontal room after 20 years, so had to convert to new page.
  • Technical issues:
    • Still searching for fix for a "403" crawl anomoly that Google is returning for our calendar section. Any help appreciated!

    My To-Do List:

    • Still need to work on transfering data from Access into a Google Spreadsheet so we don't lose the information.
    • Website Overhaul - review log analysis, research technical options and trending layouts
    • Ongoing: Schedule guests for County Connections.
    • Ongoing: Make calls on members/potential members
    • Ongoing: Continue to review & update web pages.
    • Prepare & Mail invoices and statements each month, Accounts Receivable
    • Ongoing - Review files for clean up using Screaming Frog SEO spider and Optimizr.com.
    • Set up Internship/Volunteer Program

    Log Analysis

    2018 Reports

    Google Analytics Report for 2018 / Comparison to 2017
    Note: we added a fix for our "https" mid-year 2018, which made Google happier.

    Current Reports

    Current Google Analytics Report, compare previous period


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