Recreation Facilites

Where to Play in Wayne County, Indiana

Centerville-Abington Area: Abington, Boston, Centerville

  Abington Boston: Little League Baseball Diamond Cope Environmental Center Maplewood Park Centerville High School Centerville Elementary School Centerville Junior High School
    5169 State Road 227 South 4910 Shoemaker Road North Morton and East Water Streets 507 Willow Grove Road 200 West South Street 509 Willow Grove
Amphitheatre       Y      
Baseball Diamond   1          
Baseball Stadium              
Basketball Goal         Y   Y
BMX Track              
Building or Shelter              
Dog Park              
Fishing     Y        
Floral Garden              
Football Field         Y    
Golf Course              
Gymnasium         Y Y  
Horse Arena              
Horseshoe Court              
Nature Area     Y        
Open-Air Shelter     Y Y      
Open Green Space   Y Y        
Picnic Area     Y Y      
Playground Equipment       Y*   Y Y
RC Airplane Strip              
Restrooms       Y      
Shuffleboard Court              
Skate Park              
Skating Rink              
Soccer Field         Y    
Softball Diamond       1      
Swimming         Y    
Tennis Courts         2    
Trail     Natural Trail        
Volleyball Court              
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* indicates Lighted Facility

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This recreational facilities inventory was initiated by the Connectedness Team of Wayne County Vision.

Did You Know?

Cambridge City, Indiana was once home to a wild west show, headed by Buckskin Ben Stalker.