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The goal of the WayNet How To Center is to provide useful instructions to help people solve the problems of everyday life in Wayne County, Indiana.

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    Each article will include your contact information.  If you are a Business member or above, your article will also include a link back to your own web site.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Each author must be a member (or an employee of a member) of WayNet.org.
  2. Authors must abide by WayNet's acceptable use policy.
  3. By submitting an article, the author affirms that the information submitted is in his or her own words.
  4. By submitting an article, the author acknowledges that the article may be reviewed and revised for clarity.
  5. Each author retains the copyright to his or her submission. However, you allow Waynet, Inc. to freely license your contribution under a Creative Commons License. This Creative Commons license allows Waynet, Inc. "How To Center" content to be used freely for noncommercial purposes.
  6. The WayNet How To Center is for useful information, not advertising. While it is our hope that you will receive recognition and marketing benefits from your submission, this is not a place to do flagrant self-advertising. Obvious forms of hype, product pitches, promotion or puffery will not be accepted.


The WayNet How To Center is a collaborative project of members of WayNet.org volunteering to develop a how-to manual. The WayNet How To Center has not been reviewed by trained professionals for it's accuracy, reliability, legality or safety of its instructions. We make no guarantee or warranty that the information in the WayNet How To Center is accurate, legal, reliable, or safe to practice. Always consult a trained professional before following any of the advice you find in the WayNet How To Center. Nothing in the WayNet How To Center should be construed as an attempt to offer legal, medical or other professional advice. Neither the WayNet How To Center, nor the authors, editors, or members can be responsible for your use of information contained in or linked from this site. You must independently verify all information you find on the WayNet How To Center. Use this site at your own risk.


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