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How to Get 5 Common Stains Out
Carpet Cleaning with Household Supplies

When it comes to cleaning up stains time is of the essence! The good news is that if you move fast enough almost any type stain can be removed. Here are five troublesome stains and ways to clean them from your carpeting using handy household cleaning supplies:

White vinegar mixed in an equal proportion with water works well. Rinse with warm water to remove any remaining residue. For more persistent stains try some hydrogen peroxide (three percent.) Dab it on and rinse with water.
Fruit Juice:
After soaking up all you can with a clean rag, use borax to sprinkle on the stain. Let it sit for a while then clean up with plain old water.
Oil and Grease:
Try a waterless hand cleaner or regular foamy shaving cream. (Don't mix them together. Try one and if that doesn't work, let it be for a little while, then try the other.) Rinse with water.
Pet Urine:
Of course you should immediately blot up all you can. Soak the area with club soda and blot again. Another option is to use a solution of ammonia and water (put about 1 tablespoon of ammonia into a half cup of water) and then clean up with some mild dishwashing soap and water, then rinse with clear water.
Sometimes just blotting it up with plain water will do the trick. If it doesn't try some club soda to loosen red wine stains. Dried red wine stains may require the use of three percent hydrogen peroxide. Dab it on. Some experts also recommend using a paste made by combining borax and baking powder for troublesome red wine stains. Mix them together in equal amounts with a little water.


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