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How to Come Up with Topics for Press Releases:
24 Idea Starters

  1. New products
  2. New services
  3. Anniversaries
  4. Open houses
  5. Professional recognitions
  6. Professional certifications
  7. New locations
  8. New branches
  9. New processes
  10. New people
  11. Promotions or advancements
  12. Seminars (attending or hosting)
  13. Local slants on national trends
  14. New equipment
  15. New advertising campaigns
  16. Unusual experiences or occurrences
  17. Contests
  18. Publishing of written works
  19. Special events
  20. Achieving goals
  21. New customers
  22. New partnerships or relationships
  23. New brochures or catalogs
  24. New web sites, especially sites with useful content


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