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How to Punch Up a Sales Letter: 18 Easy Tactics

  1. Add a Johnson Box (rectangle of asterisks)
  2. Keep paragraphs short
  3. Vary the length of sentences and paragraphs
  4. End pages in the middle of a sentence
  5. Include money
  6. Get the reader involved
  7. Handwrite some of the copy
  8. Make your letter look like a letter
  9. Start right out with a benefit for the reader
  10. Support your claims with proof
  11. Include an offer deadline
  12. Be specific about what the reader will get (or lose)
  13. Conclude by restating a major benefit
  14. Include a call for immediate action
  15. Underline, CAPITALIZE or use color to emphasize
  16. Break up long passages with dots or dashes
  17. Use testimonials
  18. Indent paragraphs

Bonus idea: Always use a P.S. at the end. A "P.S." is more often read than the first sentence of a letter, so restate important offers in your P.S.


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