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Tiffany Windows : Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church

The Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, located at 11th and North "A" Streets in Richmond, Indiana was begun in 1904 and dedicated on May 13, 1906. It was given by Daniel G. Reid in memory of his parents Daniel Reid and Anna Gray Dougan Reid. The building cost $295,000 at the time of its construction (which would approximate to about $7 million today!) All windows were created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Reid is thought to be one of ten churches in the country which have all Tiffany windows. The windows cost between $2,000 and $3,000 each at the time of installation.

South Window

Click on the figure of Christ for more detail.

Photos taken April 17, 2007

West Window

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The window in the chapel represents Jesus' visit to the temple as a boy.

Detail from West Window

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Louis Comfort Tiffany Studio signature in lower right corner of the panel with the man in the red robe.

North Window

The north window in the sanctuary is the scene looking out from the tomb on Resurrection morning. This is a memorial for two elders prominent in the 19th century - William S. Reid and Andrew F. Scott.

Detail from north window.

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East Window

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The east nave window is the fleur-de-lis, which represents the Trinity.

Hook and Hastings House Pipe Organ

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The original organ was built by the Hook and Hastings House of Boston. It was rebuilt in 1958 by the Wicks Organ Company. The console has 3 manuals and a pedalboard to play the 5 divisions, 40 ranks of pipes, and 1 set of 21 tube Class "A" Deagan chimes. 75 draw knobs affect the 67 stops.  A large echo organ occupies the chamber north of the balcony.

Symbolism appears throughout the design of the church.

  • View & Comment on Flickr.The Celtic cross (suggesting eternal life) appears over the east and south entrances.

  • The paneling behind the choir loft has the symbols of our Savior's passion.

  • The broad footed cross carved on the corners of the pulpit and the crest on the doors represent 2 pair of crossed birds' wings, symbolizing that God cares for us as a hen cares for her chicks.

  • Shields of the 16 Scottish clans appear on the sanctuary ceiling, reminding us that Presbyterianism came to us from Scotland.

  • The quatrefoil on the ends of the pews and the stone work over the front entrance represent the four Gospels.

  • The vine symbol is found on the pulpit and the communion table, showing our direct connection to Jesus.

A special "Thank You" to the parishioners of the Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church for allowing us to use the information printed in their historical information brochure.

View more photos of the Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, 1004 North A Street, Richmond, Indiana 47374


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