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Glen Miller Skate Park Posted Rules
Richmond, Indiana
Richmond Parks and Recreation Department

The sign reads as follows:

  1. The Skate Park is open to skateboards and in-line skates.  No bicycles, scooters, motorized vehicles of any kind, pedestrians or animals allowed in the skate park.

  2. Spectators must watch from outside the skate park.

  3. Paint on concrete makes conditions difficult to skate.  Respect your park.  No graffiti or tagging is permitted.

  4. Respect the neighborhood.  Park hours: Set Seasonally, see posted times.  Please keep noise to a minimum.

  5. No glass in or around the skate area.  Keep food, drink and litter off the skate surface.

  6. No alcohol, drugs, or profanity permitted.  Fighting will not be tolerated.

  7. Additional obstacles or other materials (ramps, jumps) may not be used except for planned park events.

  8. All organized events must have written approval from the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department.  No contests or demos without the permission of the Parks Dept.

  9. Skate at your own risk.  Know your abilities and skate within them.  When you enter this facility you assume all risks and responsibilities that are inherent to extreme sports activities which could result in harm to yourself, others, and/or property.

  10. Safety equipment is strongly recommended.  Younger  children are at greater risk for head and neck injuries.  Parents are Strongly Encouraged to Require their Children to Wear Helmets and Arm/Kneepads when using this Facility.

  11. Children 10 and under should be supervised by an adult who is at least 18 years of age.

  12. Do not use this facility if a hazardous condition exists [rain, snow, ice, and darkness].  Report damage to the Parks Dept. by calling 983-PARK.

  • Pay phone available at parking lost west of the new playground.

  • Restrooms located on Roosevelt Hill.

  • The Skate Park is an Unsupervised Facility.

  • Skateboarding and Skating are recreational activities.  Use of this facility may result in death, paralysis, brain damage, concussion, broken bones or other serious injuries.

  • Any use of this facility is at your own risk.

  • This facility is in compliance with Senate Bill 0141 "Liability at extreme sports areas"

  • Anyone found not following the fore-stated rules may be fined or prosecuted.


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