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Richmond Columbian Properties | William G. Scott House

formerly known as the Knights of Columbus Lodge, 204 North 10th Street in Richmond, IN

You can reach Richmond Columbian Properties at 765.966.4852. This property is available to rent for events.

Photo: William G. Scott House with snow

Photo taken January 7, 2002

This unusual home, now owned by Richmond Columbian Properties, was built originally for William G. Scott and his third wife, Clara A. Robie McCoy Scott around 1885. Estimated original cost was $18,000. Mr. Scott was very important in the successful Gaar, Scott & Co. He later became the second president of the Second National Bank. He was a cousin to Andrew F. Scott whose home was located just to the south of this structure.

"The house is made of red brick, said to have been imported from England, arriving with each brick wrapped separately in paper to keep it from being marred in shipping. The bricks were laid with a thin "buttered" joint using red mortar.  This, along with the red or brown sandstone and red terra cotta and red slate roof produced a distinctive red house on a heavily rusticated gray limestone base."1

It has been described as "Chateauesque" and also as an English variation of Queen Anne.  No matter how you describe it, it is unique in this area.

The house was passed to Helen and John Dougan, daughter and son-in-law of William and Clara Scott, after William Scott died in 1897. After John Dougan died, the house was obtained by Daniel G. Reid. After his death, it was owned by Daniel Reid's daughter, Rhea. She sold the property to the Knights of Columbus in October 1921 for $25,000.

1 p. 22, Gaar Houses, Richmond · Indiana by James P. Hartig and Gertrude L. Ward, Illustrated by Michael L. Cougill, © 1991 Neighborhood Preservation Services, Inc., Centerville, IN

To learn more about the many beautiful Gaar Mansions in the Richmond area, visit your area library to read:

Gaar Houses, Richmond · Indiana
by James P. Hartig and Gertrude L. Ward, Illustrated by Michael L. Cougill
© 1991 Neighborhood Preservation Services, Inc., Centerville, IN

View a historical photo of this building from Dalbey's 1906 "Pictorial History of Richmond, Indiana."

View additional images of this building on Flickr.


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Weeb Eubank, famous NFL coach who directed the Baltimore Colts to a NFL championship in 1959 and guided the upstart New York Jets and quarterback Joe Namath of the old AFL to the world title in 1969 was a Richmond, Indiana native.