Dennis Andrews Announces Resignation
as Mayor of Richmond, Indiana

Copy of press release from Mayor Dennis Andrews - posted 8/23/00 - hyperlinks added by WayNet.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

RE:  Resignation From Office

I have accepted a grant to research and write for one academic year at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Consequently, I am announcing my resignation as Mayor of Richmond, effective noon Saturday, September 30th.

Richmond will continue to be home. I will commute during the week to and from Louisville. During my time of study and research at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Louisville, I hope to accomplish several things:

  • I will study the Old and New Testament, Greek language, and Presbyterian Church history and theology.

  • I will complete my book, "Christ@Work", which is a guide to faith-based team building in the workplace.

  • I will finish a new book proposal, "One Nation Under God", which is a book that critically evaluates American politics from the Christian perspective.

  • I will increase writing and consulting under my two copyrights, Civics Corner and A Teams.

  • I expect to work with staff at the Presbyterian Church USA World Headquarters Office in Louisville to establish a literacy resource plan to assist Presbyterian missionaries around the world.

I have been studying part-time at Earlham School of Religion for approximately one year. Although I have very much enjoyed my studies there, it has naturally been very difficult balancing seminary studies with my duties as Mayor.

My doctoral degree is in education. My experience has been in justice and politics. My focus at seminary will give me needed footing for new service. My long-term goal is to teach, write and do mission work.

The final decision however to chose seminary now over public office was difficult. It has been an honor and wonderful service opportunity to serve as Mayor of Richmond.

I have notified the Chair of the Wayne County Republican Party of my decision. I'll consult with her as she schedules the caucus of precinct committeemen to elect my replacement. Richmond's next mayor, to be chosen by the Republican City Precinct Committeemen, will be selected and in place before the first of October 2000.

I know several people who would serve our City well as mayor. I hope the best and brightest step forward. Naturally, I care very deeply that our partnerships with business, other units of government, non-profits and neighborhoods continue. There has been much accomplished, but there is much work left to do.

I want to thank my friends who have helped me personally and professionally. I want to thank all of the people who have partnered for a better Richmond. These people who put neighbor and community interests first will ensure Richmond's progress will continue and our future is bright.

I especially want to recognize our City Council, City Clerk and my Administrative Team at City Hall. These are wonderful, caring and competent people. I can assure the citizens of Richmond that the City Administration will move forward smoothly through the upcoming transition.

During the next weeks, months and years, my hope is that all people in our community will focus on and enjoy equal opportunity to act upon that which is most important in their lives. I believe that faith is the key to all things that are good and that in the absence of faith, all good efforts will fall short of building the kind of life and community each person in Richmond deserves.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my family who support me and make this new venture possible. Most importantly, I thank God for opening this new door in my life of study, research and new area of service. Much like when I began a Mayor of Richmond, I am a little nervous with this calling but, as always, my God gives me courage and I am once again excited to begin.

To those of you who helped me serve you, I say thank you from my heart and I ask you to work with my successor, whoever he or she may be. To all of you, I say that among my daily prayers will be that God will always smile on and richly bless the people of Richmond, Indiana.

Dennis Andrews

cc: Wayne County Clerk
Richmond City Clerk
Wayne County Republican Chair


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