06 August 7
dded Beauty Salons, Barber Shops and Spas to the Business Directory.

05 September 15
Set up a new group on Flickr for Wayne County, Indiana photos so local citizens may share their photos of the local community.

05 April 6
dded a section entitled "Artists of Wayne County", featuring nationally known artists who lived or worked in Wayne County during the last 150 years.

05 March 28
dded a section to the Greens Fork schools featuring class photos from 1938-39 and 1941-42.

05 January 18
dded a link to the "Notable Personalities" section for local outlaw, Johnny Ringo.

04 November 22
dded new postcards with a "Fall" theme.

04 August 30
dded lessons plans to enhance your visit to the Levi Coffin House in Fountain City, Indiana.

04 June 18
dded photos to the page on the Collectible Classics Car Museum in Hagerstown, Indiana.

04 May 14
dded a page to the Business Directory on Marketing and Advertising.  Includes a special area for not-for-profits that need to promote an event or fund-raiser.

04 April 29
Updated photos on the "Millionaire's Row" page.

04 March 16
dded a page to the Business Directory on Recycling and Waste Management.

04 February 24
dded a visual arts page under the "Arts/Museums" heading. 

04 January 01
elcome.  You may use this form to make suggestions or you may send email to Board of Directors.

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