00 March 30

Added a new Pets/Animals section with information on local shelters, veterinarians, informational animal links.  Locate via the Business Directory.

00 March 28

Are you considering a web site for your business? If you haven't been able to attend WayNet's monthly seminars, review this online course offered by Access Minnesota Main Street. It offers an easy to follow evaluation and education process.  Locate this link in WayNet's Business Directory/National Links.

00 March 20

Talk of the Town has been updated to version 2.0!  The new version allows participants easier access to topics and following of threads.  Those that obtain a password may post to the new Community Announcements feature, along with other benefits, such having threads emailed to you. 

00 March 17

Added a link to Quakers (Society of Friends) in Richmond and Wayne County.  This on-line brochure, hosted by Earlham College, offers a fascinating glimpse into our past.  Linked from our History, Levi Coffin House, and Genealogy.

00 February 28

Added a link to The Political Graveyard - Wayne County - Information on the political history, politicians, cemeteries and memorial sites in the county.  Added to the Notable Personalities section of the Did You Know...? section.

00 February 22

At your request - we've added a link to the local movie listings from our Entertainment page.

00 February 09

Updated the Greens Fork Organizations page to reflect the current Town Board President, Ronald Farmer.  Also, changed the police phone number to 765.886.4282 and added the Town Marshall's name, Ryan Mundt.

Added a page to Topical News section on Josh Harvey, a Centerville teen whose design is one of the 17 finalists in Indiana's State Quarter Design contest.

00 February 03

Added a link on the Levi Coffin House page to The Underground Railroad , by National Geographic, an excellent site that gives a visitor the feeling of traveling along the Underground Railroad.

00 February 02

Updated the historic date synopsis page to include all Wayne County delegates that served at the Convention of State Territory for the purpose of forming a constitution and state government.  Those gentlemen were Joseph Holman, Jeremiah Cox, Patrick Baird, and Hugh Cull, per the Indiana Historical Society document.

Added a link to the Twelve Mile Purchase document, also known as the 1809 Treaty with the Delaware's, from the historic date synopsis page.

Added a link to the Indiana Historical Society's Document Index from the Did You Know....? page.

00 January 20

Added a link to CyberAtlas from the "Members Only" section.

00 January 19

Added local zip codes to the Communities page.  Created a page specifically for Hagerstown, offering additional information, but still linking to the Hagerstown Library Community page.

00 January 05

Archived past months changes.  Please click on link below to review last year's changes.

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