03 December 15
dded a listing of the local Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Narcotics Anonymous meetings to the Social Services Directory.

03 June 12
dded a section called "Wayne County Directory of Social Services".  This is an online version of the directory currently being printed by The Salvation Army.  Special thanks to The Salvation Army and Step Ahead for helping us make this service a reality.

03 May 09
dded page on Running with info on foot races held in Wayne County.  

Added page with information on the Wayne County Challenge - a points system for those who participate in Wayne County foot races.

03 April 30
dded a link to the Friendship Baptist Cemetery from the Wayne County Cemeteries page in the Genealogy section.

03 March 05
dded a map of the Gorge Park Trail system in .pdf Adobe Acrobat format.

03 February 28
dded page on Fitness and Exercise to the Recreation section.

02 November 6
hanged the link for the obituaries to go directly to the Palladium-Item daily obituaries, saving you at least 3 clicks!

02 September 4
dded a index for the photos that have appeared in the "Spotlight" section of the home page.

02 May 16
pdated the Community Calendar to version 2.0, with new options and views.

02 February 8
dded six new images to our antique valentine e-cards.

02 January 28
dded a fun trivia quiz for our visitors to test their knowledge of Wayne County and Indiana.

02 January 15
dded a list of links to other local calendars, accessible from WayNet's Community Calendar.

02 January 11
dded Local Community sections to Talk of the Town.

01 October 24
dded a page on Football to the Sports and Recreation section.

01 October 23
pdated the links on the Government and Weather pages and the Census information.

01 October 19
pdated the links on the Internet Search Engines page.

01 July 31
dded a new map detailing the location of the Cardinal Greenway Trail.

01 May 22
dded a page on the dates and serial number for pianos produced by the Starr Piano Company in Richmond, Indiana.

01 May 16
dded a link to BabelFish in the footer of each page to assist with bi-lingual translation.

01 April 10
dded new Easter/Spring photos choices to the Send a Postcard page.

01 March 22
dded an opinion page for a weekly poll.

01 March 16

Added new photos choices to theSend a Postcard page.

01 March 12

Added a page for East Germantown - or Pershing.

01 March 06

Added a listing of apartments and rental companies to assist residents moving into the area.  Added a listing of Senior Housing options and also a listing of Nursing Homes with links to their individual State Report Cards.

01 February 28

Added a listing of local and area funeral directors to the Business Directory.

01 February 12

Added a specified search function to both the Photo Archive and the Featured Link Archive.

01 January 25

Added a "Send a Postcard" activity.

01 January 16

Added a link to a citizen-created site for Williamsburg, Indiana on our Communities page.

01 January 04

Added an archive of the WayNet News mailings from the past year.

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