99 December 28

Added new link to the Indiana Woodlands Information page on WayNet > Business > Agriculture.  Learn about timber as an agricultural resource, locate your district forester, and access a glossary of forestry terms.

99 December 15

Just in time for that trip to Great Aunt Tilly's, where she is expecting you to teach her how to surf the 'Net!  Start her off at some of these informative beginner sites.  Located in Computers & the Internet > Internet Information.

99 December 9

Added new link to the Best Practices Toolkit, a set  of useful links on ways to help nonprofits make effective use of  communications and information technologies.  Linked from People > Not-for-Profit > Links of Interest.

99 November 24

Added new link to the Genealogy section, the Higginson Book Company. This online bookseller offers some local genealogy titles, most of which are out of print.

99 November 11

Added new link on the Libraries and Reference page to the Birthday Fact Server - learn the day of the week you were born, your birthstone, your zodiac sign, and what Chinese year you were born in!

Added new link to the Travel and Tourism section.  As more Amish move to Wayne County, buggies are becoming a common sight.  Learn to drive safely in Amish Country

99 November 2

Added new link to Indiana Secretary of State's Business Services Online from WayNet's Business section.  This site offers information on Business Entity Name Search and Check Name Availability.  There is also a section on "An Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting A Business in Indiana".

Linked to the Secretary of State's Mayoral Race Results from the Government section.  This link will remain for one month.

99 October 29

Added new links to the the Sports & Recreation section; on the Biking page, Major Taylor Velodrome; on the hiking page, Snakes of Indiana

Added Science Fair Central to the Family Links on the Family & Parenting page in the People section.

99 October 21

Updated many hunting and fishing links to the Indiana DNR.  They had moved their pages - but they were still available.  Just needed to go on a link hunt!  Please let me know if you find a link that is not working.  Also added a link to Indy Greenways.Org - a great page on the rail-trails in Indianapolis.

99 October 14

Looking for a way to prove a weather argument with your buddy about the highest/lowest/wettest month?  Visit WeatherBase.com to confirm the local weather records.  This link added to both Weather and Facts/History sections.

99 October 13

Added a link to the Access Indiana Teaching and Learning Center's Guide to the Underground Railroad on the Levi Coffin House page.  This site offers many informational links and teaching guides.

99 October 12

Added a link to How Stuff Works on the Libraries and Reference page.

99 October 6

Added a page in the Maps section linking to a full-color map of Richmond's Neighborhood Associations.

99 October 4

 Added a page for election information for the Municipal General Election in Richmond, Indiana.  WayNet will link to any candidate's web page at no charge from this page until the election.  There are currently 3 candidates linked from this page.

99 September 28

Winners of the 1999 Best Web Site Award contest were announced at WayNet's Annual Meeting, held at Morrisson-Reeves Library.  Also, new board members and officers of the board were elected.

99 September 27

Updated the DNR links on the hunting page.

99 September 25

The first major site update for WayNet since our inception in 1997!  We've freshened the home page and, hopefully, made the information you want easier to reach. 

Let us know what you think!

99 September 23

Dr. Mary Thomas (1816 - 1888) has been added to the notable personalities section of WayNet's Did You Know…? page. Dr. Thomas, of Richmond, Indiana, was the first woman admitted to the Indiana Medical College and the second woman admitted to the American Medical Association. Read more on this page provided by The President Benjamin Harrison Home in Indianapolis. 

Harry Truman visited Richmond during his 1948 Whistle Stop Campaign. 
WayNet > Did You Know…? > Date Synopsis 

1884 Panoramic Map of Richmond - View a panoramic map of Richmond in 1884 by Albert Downs. Printed by J.W.C. Gilman & Co.  Visit the Maps section of WayNet and click on 1884 Map at the bottom of the left hand side of the page.
WayNet > Maps

Senior Women Web -  An interesting site for senior women with lots of links to interesting articles and web sites. 
WayNet > People > Seniors > National 

Search Engine Colossus  - A huge starting point for specialized search engines, sorted by county or topic. 
WayNet > Computers and the Internet > Search Engines > Specialized Search 

99 September 17

Thanks again to those of you who took the time to submit a nomination for our "Best Web Site Award" contest. We received 48 nominations for 34 different organizations.  The winners will be announced at WayNet's Annual Meeting, held Tuesday, September 28th in the Bard Room at Morrisson-Reeves Library.

99 September 7

WayNet's monthly seminar has been moved to a new day! This month's seminar will take place, Wednesday, September 8th at 12:00 noon in the Auditorium at Richmond Power and Light, 2000 U.S. 27 South. The topic this month is "Mailing lists: What they can do for you and how to use them." Mark Stosberg of Summersault, Inc. will lead the discussion.

The seminar is open and free to all WayNet members and their employees. The seminar is $5.00 per person for all fee-waived members. If you are not currently a WayNet member, but would like to attend, please call Jane Holman at 765.939.0857.  A quick email from those planning on attending is appreciated.

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