Fountain City, Indiana

Zip Code: 47341
Population: 780
Incorporated: 1834

Fountain City, Indiana is located in New Garden Township in the northeastern quadarant of Wayne County. Children in this community attend Northeastern Wayne Schools.

Originally known as "Newport", Fountain City, IN is home to the Levi Coffin House State Historic Site. It was here that Levi Coffin and his wife, Catharine, helped more than 2,000 slaves reach safety via the Underground Railroad. The Levi Coffin House is a National Historic Landmark and was named one of the top 25 historic sites in the nation by the History Channel.

Levi Coffin Days, a town-wide festival is held each year on the third weekend in September. A parade, flea-market, and plenty of good food bring visitors to this community. Please call the Levi Coffin House at 765.847.2432 for details on limited tour hours during this yearly event.

Northeast of Fountain City, just south of the Ranolph County line, is "Hoosier Hill", the highest point in Indiana. The elevation is 1,257 feet above sea level, but the climb is a simple stroll up a small knoll.



Government Services

For Emergencies: Call 9-1-1

Service Phone Number Hours
Fountain City / New Garden Fire & Rescue 765.847.5305 DIAL 9-1-1
Clerk/Treasurer: Trina McGuire 765.847.2412  
Maintenance 765.847.2251  
Municipal Building, 312 West Main Street 765.847.2412  
Planning and Zoning 765.847.2412  
Street Superintendent:   765.847.2468  
Town Attorney: Stephen Hunyadi 765.966.3581  
Town Marshal: Aron Tutt 765.847.2233 DIAL 9-1-1
Water & Sanitary Sewer: Ronald Sandlin 765.847.2251  

Elected Officials

Elected Official Phone
Yvonne Nester, President 765.238.1850
Karen "Sue" Bromagem Vice-President 765.993.2332
Cecil Mullins Council Member 765.567.0384
Steve Clark Council Member 765.277.1084
Shane Shroyer, Council Member 765.969.8872


Levi Coffin House Making Homemade Ice Cream Northeastern High School

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