Volunteer Opportunities

People are the real success behind any community....and the Richmond/Wayne County area has been blessed with great people! Volunteer your time and make a difference in your community!

If you are interested in volunteering - review the variety of positions and skills detailed here - or contact your favorite not-for-profit organization. There is sure to be a good match for your interests, skills and time you have to share!

For additional information, you may want to visit Volunteer.IN.gov.

If your organization has a need for volunteers, you may fill out our volunteer position form.

Click on the following organization to learn more about their volunteer needs.

Wayne County Special Olympics
There are 3 steps to becoming a volunteer for Special Olympics.
  1. Fill out the Volunteer Application
    Download printable pdf. This form should be completed and emailed to Lonnie Snow at lsnow1952@yahoo.com or mailed to us at
    Wayne County Special Olympics
    PO Box 42
    Webster, IN 47392
  2. Attend a Coach/Volunteer Orientation
    Coach/Volunteer Orientation, commonly referred to as CVO is a one-hour, entry level training class required for all Class A Volunteers.  A Class A volunteer is any volunteer who has regular contact with athletes through roles such as coach, chaperone, or administrative authority.  Contact Lonnie Snow at 765-732-3636 to see when our next CVO training will take place.
  3. Complete the Online Protective Behaviors Training
    A brief, online tutorial called Protective Behaviors.  This is a very  important part of your training - what to do in the case of abuse or suspected abuse of athletes.  This training is for the protection of the athlete - everyone's number one priority - and also for your protection as a volunteer.
    Start the class here
Track and Field Volunteers
 A Class A volunteer is any volunteer who has regular contact with athletes through roles such as coach, chaperone, or administrative authority.
Skills Needed: Successfully pass screening requirements and training as detailed above.
Time Requested: Varies
Address: P.O. Box 42, Webster, IN 47392
Contact: Lonnie Snow, County Coordinator
Telephone: 765.732.3636
Email: lsnow1952@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.waynecountyso.org/
Last Updated: 11 March 2015
Reid Hospital & Health Care Services Auxiliary

The Auxiliary performs services and raises funds to benefit the patients of Reid Hospital & Health Care Services. Its membership is open to all who wish to give volunteer service.

All funds raised by the Auxiliary are returned to the hospital to benefit patients, purchase equipment or improve services. The uniform of the Auxiliary is the pink smock for ladies or the red vest for male volunteers. Uniforms are available at the volunteer office. Name tags are provided by the hospital at no charge; there is a small rental fee for all uniforms.

The organization is governed by the Auxiliary Board of Directors, which meets monthly to make decisions regarding services rendered. The Board consists of elected officers and chairpersons of all services. Volunteers accepting offices of chairpersons automatically become members of the Board.

Over 40 assignments to choose from with morning, afternoon, evening and weekend shifts available, some with flexible schedules. Other volunteer opportunities are available. Call Reid's Volunteer Department at 765.983.3152 for more information.

Students (age 18+): Special arrangements are available depending on schedule and departmental needs.

Bulletin Boards
A monthly calendar and hospital information is provided by the Auxiliary for patient room bulletin boards; scheduled once each month.
Cardiac Rehab
Volunteers assist with exercise program and/or clerical duties. Hours for exercise program are: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday (6:45 to 8:15 a.m.; 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; or 3:45 to 5:15 p.m.) once a week; hours for clerical assistance vary.
Care Notes
Volunteers restock Care Note racks throughout hospital; hours flexible.
Chaplain Aide
Hours are 9 to 11:30 a.m. (once a week), Monday thru Friday. Volunteers visit all newly admitted patients to arrange clergy visits.
Children's Outpatient Therapy Hostess Program
Volunteers greet patients/families and keep the waiting area and toys organized; morning and afternoon schedule (once a week).
Clerical Assistance
Areas vary, hours flexible.
Community Education
Volunteers (must be licensed medical personnel) will coordinate screens by maintaining flow of patients, assist with registration, etc. Will keep records of screens and assist with follow-up of patients screened. Volunteers will prepare for screening, stuff packets and prepare mailing.
Volunteers assist in the delivery of mail throughout the hospital; hours are 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. or 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. (once a week), Monday thru Friday.
Emergency Department
Volunteers greet guests and assist with communication, errands and transport; morning or afternoon schedule.
Flower Arranging
Volunteers make up planters and artificial arrangements for sale in the hospital gift shop; schedule flexible.
Gift Shop
Volunteers provide shopping service to patients, visitors, staff, and volunteers. Cash register experience helpful, but not required. Weekend openings Saturday or Sunday 12:30 - 4 pm./4:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Information Desk
Openings Friday morning and evening shifts, Saturday 12:30 p.m.- 4 p.m., and 4 p.m. - 8 p.m., also Sunday 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Volunteer will assist staff at Information Desk to establish better public relations with family and friends visiting patients.
Volunteers needed to assist visitors and family with any questions and concerns. Volunteers will help in communication between staff and family. Minimal clerical duties. Customer service oriented person desired for this position.
Junior Volunteers and Junior Volunteer Supervisors
Hours are 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. (once a week), Monday thru Friday. The Junior Volunteer Program, consisting of over 100 teenage volunteers, is sponsored by the Auxiliary. Each shift is supervised by an adult volunteer who is called a Junior Volunteer Supervisor; supervisors work once each week or every other week.
Kreate-A-Kid Dolls
Volunteer Department/Hours vary. Volunteers make or assist customers in making Kreate-A-Kid dolls, doll clothing and accessories. Schedule flexible.
Life Line
Users of Life Line equipment are contacted by phone to assist with equipment check; schedule flexible.
Medical Records
Openings for volunteers to file records, clerical and computer functions. Scheduling is flexible, hours of 8am-3pm, M-F.
Occupational Health
Volunteers greet and direct visitors, replenish magazines, distribute drink passes, make copies and collate paperwork. Hours are 8:00am-12:00pm or 12:00-4:00 p.m. (once a week).
Oncology Support
Volunteers stock information brochures in Cancer Center, Radiology and L-4, put patient charts together and obtain information from computer for use in resource center.
Outpatient Surgery
Volunteers provide communication between surgery patients' families, staff and physicians; and assist with errands and patient transport. Hours are 8 - 11:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (once a week), Monday thru Friday.
Outpatient Children's Therapy Hostess
Greets patient/family and informs therapist when patient arrives. Will communicate with staff to provide comfort and information as needed. Must have a sincere interest in children. Weekdays, various shifts.
Volunteers perform special packaging and clerical projects to assist pharmacists and technicians; morning or afternoon hours, Monday thru Friday (once a week).
Pinkie Puppets
Home sewing of pinkie puppets, which are given to children in Pediatrics.
Volunteers escort outpatients from the Radiology Department waiting room to various waiting areas within the department. Openings: Wednesday afternoon.
Reid Library
Located in the Education Department, volunteers process new editions to the library as well as on the nursing units; scheduling flexible.
Special Projects
Volunteers are scheduled each Tuesday (10:00 a.m. - 2 p.m.) to assist with sewing for patients' special needs.
Special Services
Volunteers are "on call" for special requests from various departments in the hospital.
Surgical Volunteer Clerk
Assists office staff with various office responsibilities; hours are 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (once a week), Monday thru Friday.
Technical Services Hostess/Escort Service
Volunteers greet patients and families and assist with providing directions, transportation and escorting of patients and visitors to and from physician offices and ancillary outpatient service areas of the hospital; hours are 8:00 - 11:00 a.m. (once a week), Monday thru Friday.
Tour Guide
Volunteers are "on call" for special tours.
Transitional Care Activities Volunteer
Volunteers assist with patient activities on the Transitional Care Unit; schedule flexible.
Unit Volunteer
Volunteers assist on nursing units with feeding patients, passing trays, filling water pitchers, running errands, and dismissals; hours and days flexible.
Ways & Means
Volunteers assist with Auxiliary fund raisers.
Skills Needed:
  • A sincere interest in the service to be performed.
  • Accept training and supervision.
  • Adhere to hospital policies and procedures.
  • Respect patient confidentiality.
  • Communicate effectively with staff, volunteers and clients.
  • Make need for reasonable accommodations due to limitations known prior to assignment placement.
  • Support Reid's Mission and CARE Standards.
  • Have the required skill, experience and/or ability to learn procedures necessary to complete assignment and requirement of assignment.
Time Requested: Most volunteer services require volunteers to serve one shift each week or every other week.
Address: 1100 Reid Parkway, Richmond, Indiana
Contact: Becky Jewison, Director of Volunteer Services
Telephone: 765.983.3153
Email: becky.jewison@reidhospital.org
Website: http://www.reidhospital.org
Last Updated: 12 April 2014
AARP Tax Aide
Prepare and file federal and state tax returns for senior citizens and low income families.
Assist in preparation of tax returns.
Skills Needed: Ability to use a computer.
Time Requested: 8 to 24 hours per week
Address: Morrisson-Reeves Library, 80 North Sixth Street, Richmond
Richmond Senior Center, 1600 South 2nd Street, Richmond
Contact: Herschel Philpott, District Coordinator
Telephone: 765.914.5758
Email: hphilpott56@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.mrlinfo.org/reference/taxes.html
Last Updated: 15 January 2014
Huddleston Farmhouse
Built by John Huddleston, the Huddleston Farmhouse, a property of Indiana Landmarks, was a travelers stop along the National Road. This 1841 farmhouse and grounds demonstrates the value of historic preservation to the public. Huddleston Farmhouse visitors learn about Westward Expansion, Agriculture, and Historic Preservation through the eyes of an 19th Century Indiana family. The main floor is interpreted as an 1840s farmhouse with period furnishings. The ground floor has a new exhibit that interprets the history of the National Road.
Volunteers give guided tours of the museum to various groups--adults, students, seniors. Each tour lasts approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Guides are scheduled as tours are scheduled. Tours occur at various times--days, evenings and weekends. Guides are trained by the Program Coordinator at the convenience of both parties.
Training: Volunteer Manual, observations of tours and practice tour.
Volunteers help prepare for and conduct the museum's special events and seasonal programs. These may include the Civil War Encampments, Harvest Suppers, Holiday events. Includes behind-the-scenes planning and preparation and on-site help during programs. Schedule varies according to activities required by event or program.
Education Facilitator
Volunteers lead school and youth group tours, and conduct hands-on activities with small groups of students. May includes working with students for special events. Lengths of programs vary, from 2 to 4 hours, hours vary, but are during regular business hours. Volunteers are scheduled as programs are scheduled.
Training: Observe tours and programs, Volunteer Manual, and session with Program Coordinator.
Grounds / Gardeners
Volunteers assist with building and grounds improvement and maintenance activities. May include maintaining herb garden, lawn maintenance, building fences, or painting. Schedule is flexible, and is set up with Program Coordinator.
Skills Needed: Varies
Time Requested: Any time you can offer is valuable to us. The Farmhouse is open to the public by appointment, events require a different schedule, including some evenings. We are able to accommodate most schedules if you have a few hours to come and spend with us.
Address: 838 National Road, Mt. Auburn, Cambridge City, IN 47327
Contact: Joe Frost, Community Preservation Specialist
Telephone: 765.478.3172
Email: jfrost@indianalandmarks.org
Website: http://www.indianalandmarks.org/HistoricSitesToursEvents/HuddlestonHouse/Pages/default.aspx
Last Updated: 31 October 2012
Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County / Richard E. Jeffers Boys & Girls Club
To inspire and enable all young people, especially those that need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.
Adult Mentor
An adult mentor will work one-on-one with a Club member one hour per week.  Will talk about life, play games, possibly help with homework.
Tutor/Homework Helper
Tutors are needed in our Power Hour program to help supervise the program, as well as work one-on-one with a Club member. Most students are elementary age and their greatest needs are usually math and reading.
Reading Mentor
We have begun a new reading program, Caution: Readers At Work and are in need of volunteers to assist Club members in reaching their reading goals and assisting members with their reading skills.
Cooking Class Instructor
Cooking class meets once a week to teach club members how to cook, bake, and use measuring instruments and kitchen items.
Library Volunteer
Morrisson-Reeves Library will be staffing our MRL Branch in the Quigg Family Foundation Library. Volunteers will assist their staff and help Club members choose and read books.
Group Club Volunteer
We have several group clubs, such as Small PARTS, SMART Kids, SMART Girls, Dragonfly Quest, Torch Club, Keystone Club, etc. We are always looking for someone to supervise or assist in supervising a program. Each club usually meets one time a week. Volunteers are welcome to introduce new clubs in areas of interest to youth as well.
Computer Lab Instructors / Lab Group Instructor
We have 18 stations at the Richard E. Jeffers Boys & Girls Club. We are seeking individuals who are computer savvy but interested in relating to and instructing youth as well.
Coach or Referee
We have flag football, volleyball, basketball, boxing and various other sports programs that are in need of coaches or referees.
Gym & Games Room Attendants
We are seeking volunteers interested in aiding our staff in supervising areas and programs within our gyms and games rooms. Games such as dodge ball, pool, ping pong, carpet ball, 4 square, and more are common.
Eating Area Attendant
A volunteer is needed to interact with youth while helping supervise and clean the area.
Kitchen Volunteer
Volunteers are needed to help prepare and serve food for our free snack and kitchen programs.
Special Events Helper
We have several one-time special events such as our Halloween Party, Christmas Shop, Christmas Party, East Egg Hunts, Fashion Show, and more!
Skills Needed: Interest in youth 6-18 years of age and area chosen.
Time Requested: As scheduled by volunteer and area supervisor. It is important to have a consistent schedule.
Address: Richard E. Jeffers Boys & Girls Club, 1717 South L Street, Richmond or any club in Richmond, Indiana.
Contact: Stacey Steele, Education Director
Telephone: 765.962.6922
Email: ssteele@bgcrichmond.org
Website: http://www.bgcrichmond.org
Last Updated: 23 October 2012
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Richmond, Indiana, Inc.
Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization that builds simple, decent homes with people who need houses.
Construction Volunteer
Construction volunteers have opportunities to work on many different construction activities. Whether you've never been on a building site before or are highly skilled, there is a Habitat construction job right for you.
Committee Member
Committees needing volunteers are listed below:

Volunteer Committee - Habitat is fueled by volunteers. They are the cornerstones from which all other work emerges! The Volunteer Committee recruits, places, thanks, and encourages volunteers to work with Habitat. They coordinate with other committees on ongoing activities and special events.

Family Support Committee - The Family Support Committee assists partner families (homeowners) in making the transition to homeownership. This includes working one-on-one with families to guide them through the Habitat process of building a house, planning educational opportunities for hoomeowners, and organizing get-togethers for partner families.

Family Selection Committee – Join the Family Selection Committee and you'll be part of the critical function of identifying families who qualify to partner with Habitat to secure a zero-percent interest, no profit mortgage. Share in the tremendous feelings of satisfaction to see families you help select make the transition to homeowners.

Site Selection Committee - The Site Selection Committee researches potential sites for building Habitat homes and makes purchase recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Construction Committee - The Construction Committee develops the guidelines Habitat uses in building houses and procures materials.

Fundraising Committee – The Fund raising Committee oversees the fund raising efforts of Habitat, holds a variety of fund raising events, and builds financial support for both current needs and long range building goals.

Faith Relations Committee – Habitat's mission is based on our commitment to put faith into action. The Faith Relations Committee nurtures and expands Habitat's relations with faith groups throughout our service area. Committee members are part of a network of faith-based representatives willing to help expand communications and improve access to volunteer opportunities among other activities.

Individual Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity has a need for individuals who are willing to donate their time and talents. Any talent can be used! Examples of current opportunities are organizing the office, producing the quarterly newsletter, and thanking contributors.
Skills Needed: Volunteers need to have an open mind about giving low-income persons in our community a hand up (not a hand out) and have a desire to participate in the process.
Time Requested: Construction Volunteers may choose the number of hours they would like to work. Committee Members can expect to contribute about 3-10 hours per month. Individual volunteers may contribute once or on a regular basis.
Address: Varies. Office located at 1114 South F Street, Richmond, Indiana 47374
Contact: Mindy M. Reece, Executive Operations Officer
Telephone: 765.962.5986
Email: info@habitatofrichmond.org
Website: http://www.habitatofrichmond.org/
Last Updated: 23 October 2012
Morrisson-Reeves Library
Morrisson-Reeves Library is a public library that serves as a significant resource to the community, providing equal access to information through dynamic services, relevant programs and materials, and up-to-date technology. Special emplhasis is placed upon early literacy, online access, popular materials and lifelong learning.
Adopt-a-Shelf Volunteer
The Library can best serve patrons when every item in the collection is in its proper space. In order to keep shelves of materials in order, volunteers are needed to "adopt" a selected or assigned section of shelving and maintain correct placement of materials. You will learn the unique requirements of shelving for the section. Family volunteering? You bet! Adopt-a-Shelf (or a special area) is a great way for parents to teach their children civic responsibility and have fun doing it.
Homework Help Volunteer
Would you like to be a crucial part of MRL's drop-in Homework Help that is provided to 3rd-5th grade students? Volunteers are needed to provide homework help every Friday from 3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m. This position requires at least one semester commitment.
Materials Care Volunteer - Audio-Visual Services
Volunteers are needed to provide care for our materials in our Audio-Visual Services department including providing general cleaning of audio-visual materials, checking materials for damage, shelving materials, straightening shelves, and various other tasks that provide care for A-V materials.
Materials Care Volunteer - Adult Services
Volunteers are needed to provide care for our materials in our Adult Services department including providing general cleaning of books, checking books for damage, shelving materials, straightening shelves, clearing the book drop, and various other tasks that provide care for Adult Services materials.
Administrative - Cerical and Special Projects Support
Are you interested in a behind the scenes volunteer opportunity? Our Administrative Department comprised of the Library Director, Business Manager, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, and Human Resources Manager has a need for volunteers to assist with making copies, filing, research, scanning documents, and other related tasks including special projects.
Children's Services Program Volunteer
Assist and support the Children's Services staff with various tasks in the delivery of quality service to patrons. Assist with children's program set-up, crowd control, attendance count, and serving items during programs. Straighten chairs, pick up materials, and assist with after program clean-up.
Materials Care Volunteer - Children's Services
Volunteers are needed to provide care for our materials in our Children's Services department including providing general cleaning of books and toys, checking books and toys for damage, cleaning computer screens and keyboards, shelving materials, straightening shelves, and various other tasks that provide care for Children's Services materials.
Children's Craft Volunteer
Assist and support the Children's Services staff with various tasks in preparing for story time and craft materials. Assist in preparing story time and craft materials and pull materials for story time events. This is a great position for someone who loves crafts.
Children's Book Prep Volunteer
Assist and support the Children's Services staff with tasks in preparing books for special collections. Assist in pulling books for collections, enter appropriate grade level in books, enter accelerated reader information in books, and other related tasks.
Summer Reading Volunteer
Stay busy in the summer and volunteer to help with our busy Summer Reading Program—register kids for the program, distribute prizes, assist with programs, help create craft projects, assist with book displays and more! This position fills up quickly so interested individuals should submit a volunteer application in early spring.
Shelving Assistant
If you've ever looked for a book that is supposed to be on the shelf and you can't find it, then you know how important correctly shelved materials are to the user-friendly library. This is a great position for discovering all the wonderful materials the library has to offer. You will learn the correct placement of library materials and requirements for shelving.
MRL Greeter & Tour Guide
This is the first stop for visitors to discover Morrisson-Reeves Library – volunteers will provide information on location of library services, scheduled events, and library tours. MRL Greeter duties include greeting and providing directional information to library patrons and the general public as they enter the Library for special programs such as, but not limited to, FMRL Book Sales, Talk to A Lawyer, Free Tax Service, etc. Tour guide duties include meeting prescheduled community and school groups and showing them around the library; reading a story or two, providing age-appropriate or requested information to them; and giving out handouts as requested.
Landscape Care Volunteer
Do you have a green thumb? Would you like to put your love of gardening and landscape care to great use at the Library. Be a part of the beautification team that assists with landscape care including weeding, trimming, raking, mulching, etc.
"Create your Own" Volunteer Assignment
Do you have unique skills, talents, and/or a creative side that you can offer in a volunteer position at Morrisson-Reeves Library? Some possible skills that could be utilized are creative writing, arts and crafts, reading to children, technology, visual arts, literary arts, performing arts – music, theatre, dance, film, special event planning, etc. We would love to hear your ideas!
Skills Needed: Skills vary by position, but you must successfully complete all requirements for volunteer service placement at MRL including, but not limited to, volunteer application, criminal history and background checks, etc.
Time Requested:

Varies. Please contact Laura Kehlenbrink for additonal details.

Address: 80 North Sixth Street, Richmond, Indiana
Contact: Laura Kehlenbrink, Human Resource and Volunteer Services Manager
Telephone: 765.966.8291
Email: kehlenbrink@mrlinfo.org
Website: http://www.mrlinfo.org
Last Updated: 18 October 2012
Circle You Help Center
Circle U Help Center has been serving the local community since 1979. At the present time we are serving over 1,600 hot meals on a monthly basis. Included in this total are 30 meals that are delivered each Saturday to those people that are homebound. We currently serve on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays and our food Pantry operates the third Saturday of each month.
General Volunteer
In the kitchen: helping to prepare and serve the on site meals and clean up afterwards.
In the food pantry: assisting with food bag distribution, sorting food, and restocking the shelves.
Skills Needed: Varies
Time Requested: Saturday - 9:00 am until 2:00 pm
Tuesdays - 9:00 am until 12:00 noon
Other varying time frames for special holiday projects, to help with truck food deliveries, etc.
Address: 19 North 13th Street, Richmond, Indiana
Contact: Richard Pegg, Program Manager
Telephone: 765.966.1013
Email: rick@circleu.org
Website: http://www.circleu.org/
Last Updated: 31 July 2012
Richmond Rose Garden
The Richmond Rose Garden board and volunteers care for the roses located in the Rose Garden area by Glen Miller Park.
Volunteer Gardener
We usually start working in mid April and finish around Dec. 1st. Volunteers can adopt a bed to maintain or just come and work in areas that need it. We generally work on Tuesday and Friday mornings. However, some like to volunteer in the evenings especially during the summer. We also have Spring and Fall work days that are usually on a Friday or Saturday. We need help with weeding in the beds and trimming of the roses. A board member would be happy to show anyone around and work with volunteers to learn how to care for the roses. Contrary to what you might think, it is easy to do. We do have a volunteer guide we can give someone with more detailed information. We look forward to working with you in the gardens.
Skills Needed: Weeding, planting, bending and light lifting
Time Requested: 1-2 hours per week
Address: The Rose Garden is located along US 40 by the Glen Miller Golf Course. It is in Glen Miller Park, 2200 East Main. There is a large Gazebo in the center of it and Charles House is behind it. There are signs if you enter the park at the entrance across from the offices of Drs. Logan and Bailey, 2517 East Main, Richmond.
Contact: Pat Jarvis, Board Vice President or Beth Van Der Burgt, Board President
Telephone: Pat: 765.962.0066
Beth: 765.935.6516
Email: Pat: pjarvis6@aol.com
Beth: bethvdb@parallax.ws
Website: http://www.waynet.org/nonprofit/rosegarden/
Last Updated: 29 March 2012
Cope Environmental Center
Cope Environmental Center's mission is to promote the sustainable use of the earth's resources through education, demonstration and research.
General Volunteers are needed to help with programs, facilities & grounds, events, or administration work. If you have any special skill or talent- let us know! We will work to match your interests with the area of CEC that needs you!
Skills Needed: Varies
Time Requested: Volunteers can dedicate any amount of time they wish helping CEC.
Address: 4910 Shoemaker Road, Centerville, IN 47330
Contact: Emily Bobrowich, Resource/Volunteer Coordinator
Telephone: 765.855.3188
Email: e.bobrowich@copeenvironmental.org
Website: http://www.copeenvironmental.org
Last Updated: 29 March 2012
Old National Road Welcome Center
To assist travelers with local and state travel information (directions, attractions, lodging, restaurants, etc.)
A fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity is waiting for you at the Old National Road Welcome Center. Greet and assist visitors at the Welcome Center. Knowledgeable about Wayne County and Indiana attractions. Make lodging reservations. Give directions to attractions, etc. Small gift shop - able to work cash register.
Skills Needed: Positive, enthusiastic and motivated individuals that enjoy working with the public.
Time Requested: You name the time and day or days you would like to volunteer.
Address: 5701 National Road East, Richmond, IN 47374
Contact: Karla Buckley or Nancy Sartain, Welcome Center Supervisor
Telephone: 765.935.8687
Email: welcomecenter@visitrichmond.org
Website: http://www.visitrichmond.org
Last Updated: 29 March 2012
Wayne-Union County CASA Program
To advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children.
Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
CASAs are trained volunteers appointed by the judge in child abuse and neglect cases to research the case, review documents, interview people and make a report to the court as to what is in the best interest of the child in terms of services, placement, visitation, and permanency.
Skills Needed: Must be 21 years of age. Successfully pass screening requirements. Successfully complete 30 hours of initial training.
Time Requested: Varies
Address: Wayne County Courthouse, 301 East Main Street, Richmond
Contact: Karen Bowen, Director
Telephone: 765.973.9314
Email: casa@co.wayne.in.us
Website: http://www.casaforchildren.org
Last Updated: 29 March 2012
Starr-Gennett Foundation
To promote, preserve, interpret, and make accessible the important historic legacy of Gennett Records and its parent Starr Piano Company.
Project Coordinator Assistant
The Assistant will help the Coordinator with a variety of tasks, including (but not limited to) data entry, research, events coordination, and general clerical support. A full job description is available on request. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information. The Foundation welcomes volunteers with interest in a particular project or personal expertise!
Skills Needed: Computer proficiency, attention to detail, good organizational skills, and ability to learn quickly and work in a small office environment.
Time Requested: Flexible. Up to 20 hours/week. Current volunteers work 2-8 hours/week.
Address: 33 South 7th Street, Richmond, Indiana
Contact: Bob Jacobsen, Board President
Telephone: 765.962.2860
Email: info@starrgennett.org
Website: http://starrgennett.org
Last Updated: 29 March 2012
HELP The Animals, Inc.
HELP the Animals is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for homeless animals until they can be placed in responsible, loving homes. We are committed to reducing pet overpopulation through a 100% spay/neuter program for HELP shelter animals, as well as an aggressive spay/neuter and humane treatment education programs for the community.
Animal Shelter Volunteer
Walking dogs, socializing cats and dogs. Fundraising, grant writing, working with students who make many trips to our shelter, shelter maintenance, laundry, cleaning and other duties as determined by the volunteer coordinator. Good loving inside foster homes always needed for both cats and dogs.
Skills Needed: A love for animals and no pet allergies.
Time Requested: As many hours per week as you would like.
Address: 2101 West Main Street, Richmond, IN
Contact: HELP the Animals Shelter Manager
Telephone: 765.962.6811
Email: HelpTheAnimalsINC@comcast.net
Website: http://www.helptheanimalsinc.com/ or
Last Updated: 29 March 2012
Hayes Arboretum
The mission of Hayes Arboretum is to provide nature and recreational related education to our visitors, through instruction, experiences and amenities.
Roadside Litter Collection / Trash Pickup
Roadside Litter Collection/Trash Pickup is an essential task in order to keep the Arboretum grounds attractive for the community. Please consider volunteering for this opportunity.
Skills Needed: Varies
Time Requested: 2 hours per week
Contact: Stephen H. Hayes Jr.
Address: 801 Elks Road, Richmond, Indiana
Telephone: 765.962.3745
Email: stephenhhayes@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.hayesarboretum.org
Last Updated: 2 April 2012
Levi Coffin House Association
To interpret the history of Levi and Catharine Coffin and their involvement with the Underground Railroad.
Giving tours of the Levi Coffin House. The tour includes the eight rooms of the house and the barn. The interpretation covers the Coffin's involvement in the Underground Railroad, their Quaker beliefs and the house which has been restored to the time period.
Skills Needed: A willingness to learn the history of the site; a friendly manner; ability to relate to people of all ages.
Time Requested:

The volunteer determines how much time they want to work. School field trips usually spend approximately 1 1/2 hours at the house.

During the regular season (June 1st to October 31st) the house opens at 1 p.m. and the last tour begins at 4 p.m. The tour takes approximately 1 hour and therefore docents can expect to be at the house until approximately 5 p.m. The greatest need for volunteers is during April, May, September, and October for school groups. School groups make appointments which can be mornings or afternoons.

Address: 113 U.S. 27 North, Fountain City, Indiana
Contact: Saundra Jackson, Volunteer Director
Telephone: 765.847.2432
Email: manager@levicoffin.org
Website: http://www.waynet.org/levicoffin/
Last Updated: 2 April 2012
Embrace Hospice
Take care of people who are ill.
Volunteer Chaplain
Position Description
Skills Needed: Pray and read the Bible
Spend time with patients
Time Requested: 1-3 hours per week
Address: Varies - Richmond and Centerville
Contact: Diara Sharp, Volunteer Coordinator
Telephone: 765.465.1985
Email: dsharp@embrace-hospice.com
Last Updated: 2 April 2012
Centerville-Abington Community Schools
Our schools, in partnership with families and the community, educate all individuals to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a global society. Our vision is to become one of the highest achieving school corporations in the state of Indiana.
Tutor: Reading or Math in Elementary, Content in High School
We would like to have college students, retired teachers or administrators, and senior citizens tutor students in a resource lab in each of our schools, either elementary or junior high/high school.
Skills Needed: Knowledge of elementary math and reading in the elementary. Knowledge of content areas of Literature study, Algebra, Chemistry, Biology, History and Geography at the high school.
Time Requested: One hour, two days a week or more if possible.
Address: Rose Hamilton Elementary or Centerville Elementary or Centerville High School
Contact: Vicki DeMao, Curriculum Director
Telephone: 765.855.3475
Email: vdemao@centerville.k12.in.us
Website: http://www.centerville.k12.in.us
Last Updated: 2 April 2012
Independent Living Center of Eastern Indiana
The Indiana Reading and Information Service broadcasts at all hours of the day with volunteers reading local and national newspapers, magazines and other printed materials through a phone recording for people with visual impairments.
Newspaper Reader
Using your telephone, you call a toll free number and read the section of the Palladium-Item that you are assigned
Skills Needed: Must be able to read and speak clearly.
Time Requested: 5-15 minutes per reading; you're able to choose the days of the week that you would like to read.
Address: Your home
Contact: Jackie Speicher, Chapter 2 Director/Service Coordinator
Telephone: 765.939.9226
Email: jackies@ilcein.org
Website: http://www.ilcein.org/
Last Updated: 2 April 2012
EF Foundation for Foreign Study
EF Foundation for Foreign Study is a non-profit high school exchange program dedicated to breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography.
International Exchange Coordinator
You can make a real contribution to international exchange! EF Foundation for Foreign Study is looking for local representatives to coordinate their high school exchange program in your community. As an International Exchange Coordinator (IEC) with EF Foundation you will become directly involved in international student exchange and become your community's primary contact with EF Foundation. Your responsibilities would include interviewing and selecting host families, working with local high schools, and becoming a friend and advisor to exchange students who will spend up to 10 months in your area. As an IEC, you will share in your student's daily discovery of America and over the course of the year you will be exposed to many new ideas and customs. Through our various incentive plans, you may also have the opportunity to travel abroad and to attend regional and international conferences on cultural exchange. This is an unpaid position; however expenses will be reimbursed by EF.
Skills Needed: Must be at least 25 years of age.
Time Requested: No set time commitment
Contact: Stacey Gordon, Recruitment Manager
Telephone: 888.447.4273
Email: stacey.gordon@ef.com
Website: http://www.effoundation.org
Last Updated: 26 January 2007
Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)
The Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) is part of a federal network of State Health Insurance Assistance Programs located in every state. SHIIP is a non-profit organization designed to provide an unbiased place for seniors and pre-retirees to find answers to their health insurance questions. All of our services are free.
SHIIP Counselor
SHIIP is staffed by a crew of volunteer counselors who have completed an intensive 4-day training course and are certified by the Indiana State Department of Insurance. Regular training updates keep them current with the most recent changes in Medicare and other health care insurance options. SHIIP counselors are committed volunteers who offer you free and objective assistance in complete confidence.
Skills Needed: Good communications skills
Time Requested: 4 hours per month
Address: Wayne County SHIIP Counselors, Centerville Senior Center in Centerville, IN
Contact: Sarah Huffman
Telephone: 765.855.5651
Email: sehuffman@comcast.net
Website: http://www.in.gov/idoi/2495.htm
Last Updated: 7 September 2005
Sunrise, Inc.
We provide physical therapy on horseback for disabled youth and adults.
Horse Leaders and Rider Assistants
The horse leader leads the horse while the disabled rider takes a riding lesson. The riding assistant walks along next to the rider during the lesson to assist with balance and confidence. All volunteers also help keep the barn, horses, and tack clean.
Skills Needed: Knowledge of horses is useful but not necessary. Volunteer training is held on a regular basis.
Time Requested: Flexible Hours: One to two hours per week.
Address: 2670 Minneman Road, Richmond, Indiana
Contact: Janice Edelman, Executive Director
Telephone: 765.935.4291
Email: SunriseInc1980@gmail.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/SunriseInc?sk=info
Last Updated: 18 October 2004
Golay Community Center
Courteous customer service skills, dealing with public. Organizational skills. Use of office machines.
Cleaning and room set-up.
Youth Sports Instructor
Programs vary throughout the year.
Skills Needed: Varies
Time Requested: Varies
Address: 1007 E Main Street, Cambridge City IN 47327
Contact: Elizabeth Wonsetler, Executive Director
Telephone: 765.478.5565
Email: info@golaycenter.com
Website: http://www.golaycenter.com/
Last Updated: 15 April 2008
Hope House Addiction Recovery Center
Assist homeless and addicted men begin and maintain a life of sobriety.
Mailing Assistant
Assist administrative assistant with sorting, labeling and transporting newsletters and other bulk mailings, usually once per quarter.
Food Service Volunteer
Assist in serving prepared dinners.
Sign Maker
Make 12-step and 12-tradition signs for AA and CA meetings, in your home or shop.
Clothing Closet Organizer
Organize clothing donations; sort by clothing type and/or size; fold and stack on shelves.
Skills Needed: Varies
Time Requested: Varies
Address: 275 Grove Road (Richmond State Hospital), Richmond, Indiana
Contact: Brenda Oldham, Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 765.935.3000
Email: hopehouse@richmondhopehouse.org
Website: http://www.richmondhopehouse.com/
Last Updated: 11 March 2002

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