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Sugar Grove Cemetery
(Clay Township, Wayne County)
6404 Sugar Grove Road
Greens Fork, Indiana  47345
Compiled by Frances (Fouts) Wilson - 1996

R - Z


Lloyd Glenn b. Aug-26-1936
d. Feb-16-1996 (son of Alva and Alta (Lucas) Race.

m. Dec-30-1966 to)
Elizabeth Geraldine Farr b. Oct-7-1936
(dau.of Charles O. and Edna L. (Knott) Farr).

Second Addition
Row 2 from west
South Section North 1/2 Lot 18


Adam (blacksmith - b. Penn. Feb-15)
1831 (death certificate gives date of d. as Dec-27-1905 - the stone says) 1906.

m. to
Clarissa (b. Ohio) his wife 1830 (d.
Jan-8) 1917.

Nettie Ellen dau. of Adam and Clarissa d.
Sept-23-1877 10y-6m-2d (See Hatfield - Katie - wife of Oliver.)

Row 14 Center Section

William Houston (show business b. Ind.
July-1) 1865 (d. July-18) 1917 (son of Adam, b. Penn., and Clara (Brown), b. Ohio, Reinheimer. Wayne Co. Marriage Records say he m. Jennie Elliot Mar-26-1883. His Death Certificate gives his wife's name as Ollie.)

Row 14 North Section


W(illiam) L(eroy) (b. Aug-31) 1850 (d.
Nov-3) 1921 (son of Lewis, b. Germany, and Catherine (Schuller), b. Pa., Retz.

m. ( ) to)
Lydia M. (b. Nov-4) 1848 (d. Dec-25)
1926 (dau. of Aaron and Irena (Canady) Gwin, both b. Tenn.)

Row 1 Center Section


Meritt 1840 (d. July-27) 1907 - 67y
(5m-25d) (son of James (Jr.) and Nancy (Hoover) Ridge. Nancy was a dau. of Henry and Elizabeth (Fouts) Hoover and a sister of Celia Hoover Shaffer, also bur. in Sugar Grove Cem.

m. (1) Aug-27-1865 to)
Martha E. wife of Meritt d. Jan-5-1873 -
24y-11m-16d (dau. of Lorenzo D. and Sarah (Brown) Fox.)

m. (2) Apr-8-1877 to)
Sarah E. wife - d. Aug-14-1884 - 26y-
5m-8d (dau. of George and Mary A. (Brown) Cromer.)

Mattie dau. of M. and M. d. Aug-29-
1872 9m-2d.

Infant dau. of M. and Sarah d. May-16-

Meritt and Sarah's names are on the same stone.

Row 15 Center Section.

Martha E., Mattie and unnamed dau.

Row 11 Center Section


Edward O(ney b. Crockett, Wyth Co., Va.
Feb-26) 1884 - (d. Dec-27) 1927 (son of William Boston Riggle, b. Crockett, Wyth Co., Va., and Nancy Elizabeth (Croseclose) Riggle.

m. to
Cora (Augusta b. Jan-12) 1880 - (d.
Dec-21) 1921 (dau. of Levi Richard and Sarah Elizabeth (Pouff) Wyrick.), both born Crockett, Va.)

Row 7 South Section

Glen (b. Aug-8) 1909 d. )
(son of Edward O. and Cora A. (Wyrick) Riggle, both b. Va.

m. Feb-16-1936 to)
Christena (b. Sept-12) 1907
d. ( ) (dau. of Adam, b. Ohio, and Earla (Oler) Souther.)

Row 18 Center Section
North 1/2 Lot 46


Flag denotes Veteran J.B. (b. Smyth Co., Va. May-24)
1924 (d. June-12) 1984 (son of Howard Henry, b. Va., and Lula J. (Kelly), b. N.C., Rigsby. (See Lula Adams.) (GM (Gunners Mate) 2, U.S. Navy World War II 1943-1947.)

m. May-2-1948 to)
Elma C(arol b. Wayne Co., Ind. Jan-14)
1926 d. ( ) (dau. of Emil E. and Mildred F. (Plessinger) Filby, both b. Wayne County, Ind.)

Row 18 North Section
South 1/2 Lot 39

Flag denotes Veteran Paul L(eon b. Smyth Co., Va.
Oct-4) 1925 d. ( ) (son of Howard Henry, b. Va., and Lula J. (Kelly), b. N.C., Rigsby. (See Lula Adams.) (E M (Electrician's Mate) 2, U.S. Navy WWII Dec-43 to July-46.)

m. July-31-1946 to)
Dorothy J(eanne b. Richmond, IN Oct-
13) 1926 d. ( ) (dau. of Arthur Howard, b. Straughn, Ind., and Mabel Etta (Houser), b. Bristol, Va., Clark.)

Row 18 Center Section Lot 40


Phillip - b. in Washington Co., Pa. Aug-
15-1784 d. Nov-27-1855 71y-3m-12d.

Phebe (Caldwell) d. Sept.-8-1863 74y

(1884 Wayne Co. History Vol. II, p. 711 says, Philip and Phoebe C. Caldwell were natives of Westmoreland Co., Pa., who removed to Ohio (possibly Adams County as two of their sons were born there) in 1815, and in Dec. 1829 came to Wayne Co., Ind.)

Row 14 Center Section


John H. (b. N.C. Oct-14) 1854 (d. Dec-
5) 1943 (son of Walter and ? ( ) Robinson.)m. ( ) to
Anna E. (b. Va. July-22) 1858 (d. May-
27) 1949 (dau. of Wm. and Susan (Cox) Tibbs.)

Row 9 South Section

John B(ryant b. Sept-26) 1898 (d. Feb-
15) 1970 (son of John H. and Anna (Tibbs) Robinson.

m. May-24-1924 to)
Clara (b. Feb-8) 1902 (d. May-8) 1992
(dau. of Mike and Bertha (Healton) Moran.)

Row 14 South Section Lot 10


Betty "Granny" b. Sept-27-1931 d. Jan-
5-1993 (dau. of Bert F. and Elizabeth (Farr) Freeman.)

m. ( ) to
Kitchell Ropp - later divorced.

Row 18 South 1/2 Lot 38


Leslie B. (b. IN Mar-29) 1889 (d. Nov-
10) 1947 (Death certif. gives his birth year as 1890 and his age as 57. son of William and Dovie (Parker) Ross, both b. IN.)

m. to)
Bertha (b. IN Jan-29) 1887 (d. Sept-25)
1948 (Death Certif. gives her birth year as 1889 and her age as 59. Dau. of ( ) and Matilda (Hall) Hochstetler, both b. IN)

Row 16 South Section Lot 19


Frank b.( ) 1878 d.( ) 1940.

Rebecca (b. Ohio Oct-6) 1887 (d. Nov-
18) 1956 (dau. of Andrew and Lulu (Humphrey) Jackson.)

Row 15 South Section

Florence (b. Perry Co., Ky. Mar-5) 1928
(d. Washington D.C. Mar-3) 1988 (dau. of Stephen and Frankie (Campbell) Hays.

m. ( ) to
Jack Rowe.)

Row 18 North Section
South 1/2 Lot 69


Deborah (widow - b. N.C. Feb-22) 1828
(d. Oct-24) 1903 (dau. of ( ) and Mary (Sap) Morgan, both b. N.C.

m. (1) to
Nathan Cain. (see Cain.) 1812-1877.

m. (2) July-12-1887 to
Benjamin W. Rubey.)

Row 10 North Section


Calvin W. (no stone) b. Ind. Aug-23-
1837 d. Apr-2-1906 He was a minister in the Friends Church. Son of George and ( ) (Jones) Russell - both b. Carolinas.

m. Feb-12-1897 to
Amanda (Pike) Franklin. (See Amanda Franklin.)


Vannie b. (Jackson Co. Ky. Jan-5) 1907
d. (July-9) 1990 (dau. of James R. and Patsy Ellen (Jones) Burke, both b. Ky.

m. (1) ( ) to
Hargis Holland.

m. (2) ( ) to
Claude Powell, next to whom she is bur.

There were two other marriages not recorded here. The last was to Arthur Schaeffer 1905-1984 who is bur. at Williamsburg Cem.)

Row 17 North Section


George M. (b. ) 1915 d. ( )
(son of Lacy and Addie ( ) Setser.)

m. to
Theresa M.(ae - b. Mar-15) 1927 (d.
Dec-14) 1978 (dau. of James and Laura (Johnson) Powell. Theresa m. (1) June-2-1947 to Lelan G. Yoke, later divorced.)

Row 17 Center Section
South 1/2 Lot 33


Clarence F. (b. Louisville, Ky. ) 1921
d. (Feb-6) 1988. (son of Clarence William and Lulu (Starringer) Seibert.

m. ( ) to)
Eva L. (b. Muncie, Ind. Mar-31) 1919
(d. Nov-5) 1975 (dau. of Bert & Elizabeth (Farr) Freeman.)

Row 19 South Section
North 1/2 of Lot 56

Darlene Kay 1946 (dau. of Clarence and

Row 16 South Section


Jacob (b. Md. May-5-1792) d. Wayne
Co., Ind.) Oct-27-1868 76y-5m-22d (son of Frederick and Mary (Crumely?) Shaffer (Shaeffer).)

m. (Nov-5-1812 Preble Co., Ohio)
Celia, wife of Jacob (b. Randolph Co.,
N.C. Nov-9-1797 d. Henry Co. Ind.) Mar-23-1880 83y-3m-14d (dau. of Henry, b. N.C., and Elizabeth Liss (Fouts) Hoover.)

Row 12 North Section


Claudie - son of W. M. and M.E.
d. Sept-15-1886 3y-7m-9d (According to Wayne Co., Ind. Marriage Records William M. Sharp and Malissa Mills were m. Apr-30-1881.)

Row 7 North Section

William d. Mar-23-1881 - 67y-9m-21d
(from Scotland.)

Jane - wife of William d. Mar-17-1889
65y-4m-2d (Wayne Co. Death Records gives her birth place as Ireland, and her mother's maiden name as ( ) Crook.)

Row 7 North Section


Judd D(avid b. Terre Haute, Ind. Apr-2)
1889 (d. Sept-15) 1964 (son of Ross and Mattie (Horner) Sherman.)

Helen M(arie b. at Aiken, S.C. Oct-6)
1899 (d. Dec-26) 1961 (dau. of William and May Agnes (Cripps) Berrie.)

Row 17 South Section Lot 23


Sarah Adaline wife of J. E.(lza) (Oler
Family History gives her b. date as Feb-3-1844) d. Sept-7-1885 41y-8m-4d. (dau. of Adam and Sarah (Porter) Oler.

m. Jan-23-1879 to
Elza Shoemaker. If he is buried in Sugar Grove Cem., there is no stone for him. He is listed in the 1850 Randolph Co., Ind. Census, West River Twp. as b. in Ind., age 10 as son of John and Luncinda Shoemaker. John b., in Tenn. Lucinda b. in N.C.)

Elvin O. son of J.E. and S.A. (b. Sept-5-
1885) d. May-16-1892 6y-8m-11d.

Row 15 Center Section

Sarah's stone is almost illegible. In 1985 it was the 15th stone from the north end.


Barbara d. Mar-10-1869 63y-7d (Her
daughter, Susan ,was the first wife of Branson Veal. The 1860 Census lists her in Perry Twp. with Branson and Susan Veal. She was a widow, age 60, and was b. in Pa.)

(There is an unexplained discrepancy here. Old stones and records are sometimes difficult to decipher.)

Row 5 Center Section


Infant daughter of A. and M. d. July-6-

Infant son of A. and M. d. Dec-5-1889.

(The identity of A. and M. has not been learned.)

Row 11 North Section

Flag denotes Veteran William H. (b. N.C.) son of Jesse and
Catherine d. Mar-25-1865 24(?)y-1m-27d (Enlisted in Co. B, 19th Reg. Ind. Vol. Inf., July 1861 for three years; was in the battles of Second Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Wilderness, in the latter of which he was taken prisoner, and confined at Andersonville, Ga., and other prisons, until February, 1865, when he was exchanged, came home, and died soon after. Son of Jesse Sikes, Clay Twp.)

Row 10
Stone was on the ground on the west side of the Oliver Coon family stone.

Lydia d. Jan-16-1853 34y-?-? (Wayne
Co. IN Marriage Records list a Jesse Sikes and Lydia Elliot m. Apr-15-1849. They also list a marriage for Jesse Sikes and Mary Ann Petty in 1853.) (Sarah Wadman 1851-1922, dau. of Jesse and Lydia (Elliot) Sykes is bur. at the Economy Cem.)

Row 11 Center Section


Carl A. (b. May-2) 1900 (d. Nov-20)
1939 (son of Walter and Grace (Abbott) Simpson.

m. Nov-11-1920 to)
Louise (b. Jan-2) 1901 - d. ( ) 19
(dau. of William A. and Ethel (Oler) Harris.)

Billy K(eith b. Oct-19) 1932 (d. Apr-27)
1934 (son of Carl and Louise.)

Row 12 South Section


Flag denotes Veteran Plaque on grave reads:
Larry Carl Dale Sink
S.N. U.S. Navy
Apr-21-1946 Oct-10-1994
(son of Elmer and Betty (Farr) Sink.

m. (1) Jeanette Detzen.
m. (2) Christine Detzen.)

Row 18 Center Section Lot 41


Edith dau. of C. and E. d. Jan-1-1893

Emmett son of C. and E. d. Jan-6-1902

(Children of Charles and Eliza (Steward) Smith.)

Row 13 Center Section


John Thomas (b. Jackson Co., Ky.. May-
26) 1876 (d. Feb-5) 1939 (son of John and Anna (Bowens) Snyder, both b. VA.

m. ( ) to)
Lilly M.(argaret b. near Berea, Ky. Mar-
30) 1880 (d. ) 1964 (dau. of Larkin and Sarrah (Cole) Powell.)

Row 8 South Section


(Children of Adam b. Ohio and Earla (Oler) b. Ind. Souther. Adam and Earla are bur. at South Cemetery, Greens Fork.)

Ruby Ruth - b. Oct-15-1913 - d. May-

Edna Blanche b. Apr-20-1917 - d. June-


Frances wife of John d. Apr-1-1866 38y

Row 9 Center Section

Annie J. wife of Thomas M. (b. (Car.) d.
May-6-1888 67y-5m-26d (Her death certif. gives her name as Jane Ann. Dau. of ( ) and ( ) Hinshaw.)

Row 11 South Section

Children of Thomas and Jane

George W. b. Sept-20-1853 d. Dec-30-

William G. d. Apr-30-1861 20y-6m.

Infant dau? b. Jan-11-1864.

Row 11 Center Section


Robert L. (b. Ky.) 1850 d.
1931 (Father, b. NC - Mother, b. Virginia.)

m. to
Mahala (b. Feb-22) 1861 (d. Dec-8)
1925 (dau. of Richard and Elizabeth (Lilly) Walls (?). (Robert and Mahala were grandparents of Ralph Dale.)

Row 12 South Section


Tena Ellen - wife of Thomas M. - d.
Jan-18-1884 20y-3d (m. Dec-15-1878 - dau. of Edward b. Pa. and Mariah (Veal) Forrest.

There is a Thomas Stewart 1849-1932 buried in the Economy Cemetery.)

Row 5 North Section


Jonathon (b. Va. Apr-25-1833) d. May-
9-1887 54y-15d (according to Wayne Co. Death Certificate death was caused by loss of a leg.) (son of Samuel and ( ) Stover.)

m. Mar-17-1859 to
Jane Ann Byers b. Dec-12-1826 d. Feb-13-1891. dau. of Samuel C. and Elizabeth (Weller) Byers.

Row 8 North Section

Samuel (b. Feb-29) 1860 (d. Mar-12)
1919 (son of Jonathon and Jane Ann (Byers) Stover.

m. Nov-15-1883 to
Allie (Alice Minerva) (b. Nov-15) 1863
(d. May-22) 1938 (dau. of Allen and Elizabeth (Weyl) Cain.)

Row 1 Center Section


For an in depth account of the Strickler Family see DANIEL AND MARY STRICKLER, PIONEERS, by Kenneth J Nicholson and Frances Fouts Wilson, 1964.

Daniel (b. Apr-25-1800 near York, PA)
d. Apr-6-1874 (near Greens Fork, IN) 73y-11m-11d. (son of Christian and Anna (Keller) Strickler.

m. Dec-24-1823 to)
Mary wife of Daniel (b. Oct-8-1804 in
PA) d. June-10-1872 (near Greens Fork, IN) 67y-8m-2d (dau. of Christian and Anna (Stoner) Hammaker.)

Row 4 Center Section

Lewis (b. Feb-24-1825 near York, Pa.)
d. Apr-5-1888 (near Greens Fork, Ind.) 63y-1m-11d (son of Daniel and Mary (Hammaker) Strickler.)

m. (1) Apr-18-1851
Sarah (Sally) wife of Lewis (b. June-6-1833 in Ind.) d. July-31-1865 32y-1m-25d (dau. of Jacob and Celia (Hoover) Shaffer)

m. (2) Dec-4-1869 to
Savina Coffin, dau. of ( ) and Hannah (Richwine) Neff. She married (1) Stephen Coffin who died in 1864. She was b. 1832 d. Aug-17-1914 buried in South Cemetery - Greens Fork.

Daniel son of Lewis and Sarah (b. July-16-1862) d. Nov-18-1863

Mary (Emma) dau. of Lewis and Sarah (b. Jan-7-1865) d. Aug-5-1865 6m-29d.

Row 4 Center Section

Infant dau. of Clyde and Virginia (Mills) Strickler (Stillborn) Aug-30-1963

Row 15 South Section Lot 13

Reuben B(ertsch) b. May-26-1883 - d.
Aug.-26-1886 son of Levi and Sarah Emma (Sharp) Strickler.

Row 7 North Section

Minos O(rlando) (b. in Wayne Co. Ind. Aug-6) 1859 - (d. near Greens Fork, Ind. Feb-23) 1947 (son of Amos and Elizabeth (Fox) Strickler.)

(m. Aug-15-1880 to)
Priscilla A(daline "Addie") (b. Red Key, Ind. June-25) 1864 (d. at Greens Fork, Ind. Mar-1) 1927 (dau. of John C. and Charlotte (Shaffer) Smith.)

Row 1 Center Section

Children of M. O. & A.

(Carrie) Estella (b. Aug-20-1883) d. Nov-29-1891 8y-3m-9d.

Anna G(race) (b. May-8-1889) d. Nov-
30-1891 2y-6m-22d.

(Notice that these children died within a few hours of each other.)

Row 13 Center Section

Clyde L(awrence "Bud") (b. February 9, 1930) d. December 3, 2003, 73y. (son of Estelle Marie (King) & Lawrence Henry Strickler. m. to) Virginia (Mills) (b. February 11, 1931; d. Nov. 9, 2004) wife of Clyde L. dau. of Jack and Maude Shonkwiler Mills

Row 12, Lot 13


Thomas Chris (b. @1958 d. June 20, 1997, 39 yrs

Row 19, North 1/2 Lot 64


Infant d. Jan-23 or 25-1885 or 1886 son
of W(illiam) H. and F.E. (Frances "Fannie" (Oler) Swaim.) (Yount's Records give the age as 3m-2d. The Oler Family Genealogy lists a son (name not given) b. Oct-5-1874 d. Apr-1876, the only child who d. while small. Wm. and Frances are buried at the Economy Cem.)

Row 2 South Section


Infant - son of W.H. and E.E. d. Jan-25-
1885 - 3m-2d.


Roscoe M. (b. Ky.) Jan-20-1908 d.
Apr-15-1968 (son of J.E. and Elizabeth (Perdue) Thompson both b. Ky.

m. Sept 20, 1933)
Mable G. (b. Ky) Dec-27-1914 d. Dec-
2-1988 (dau. of Ben and Louisa (Johnson) Gay both b. Ky.)

Row 19 South Section Lot 57

James C. (b. Oct-3) 1938 (d. Jan-18)
1985 (son of Roscoe and Mabel (Gay) Thompson.)

m. July-30-1977 to)
Joyce K(athleen b. Oct-22) 1942
d. ( ) (dau. of Richard M., b. New York City, and Suzanne J.(Boyron), b. France, Delaney.)

Row 19 South Section Lot 57

Sally (no stone) b. ( ) d. ( )
(dau. of Charles and Missouri (Bane) Bane.

m. ( ) to
Wesley Thompson.)


Flag denotes Veteran John W(esley b. May-14 - the stone reads 1847, but a family source gives the year as 1843 - d. Dec-30) 1892 (son of Joseph and Mary (Nordyke) Thornburg. The 1865 Wayne Co. In. Soldiers Directory lists him as Wesley Thornburg and reads - "Enlisted in Co. C, 2nd Reg. Ind. Vol. Cav., Sept. 1861, for three years; was in the battles of Pittsburg Landing and Hartsville; was taken prisoner at the latter place and paroled; was then discharged on account of being too young; re-enlisted in the 19th Ind. Vol. Battery, Jan. 1864; was in Sherman's Campaign from Chatanooga to Fayetteville, N.C. where he was wounded and discharged June 1865.

m. Mar-14-1866 to)
Louisa (Jane) "Lyde" b. June-13) 1847
(d. June-7) 1919 (dau. of James T. and Sarah (Veal) Nicholson. She m. (2) Oct-30-1893 to Charles Heath.)

William R. - son of J.W. and L.J.
d. July-19-1891 2m-2d.

Row 16 North Section

Raymond - son of Clayton and Mary d.
July-19-1891 2y-5m-23d.

(Clayton E. - (son of John W. and Louisa (Nicholson) Thornburg) and his wife Mary (Kaufman) Thornburg are bur. in South Cem. - Greens Fork.)

Row 16 North Section

Sherrell - son of W.W. and R.L. or B.L.
d.Apr-18-1876 6y-9d.

Row 7 South Section


William W. b. 1880 (d.

m. June-3-1903 to
Flora (b. May-20) 1873 (d. )1953
(dau. of William and Betsy Jane (Brooks) Cain.

m. (1) May-24-1894 to Charles

m. (2) June-3-1903 to

m. (3) Sept-28-1918 to
Thomas Keen b. May-6-1866 d. Dec-20-1948 bur. Valley Grove Cemetery) - son of Jacob and Christena (Sibyl) Keene, both b. Germany.)

Row 2 South Section



There is nothing else on the stone.

  • Row 2 Center Section
    (In 1985 the 13th stone from the north.)
  • Row 8 North Section
  • Stone No. 3 (1985) from the north illegible.
  • Stone 10 from north - letters entirely gone.


There is nothing else on either of these stones.

Row 6 Center Section
(In 1985 the 3rd and 4th stones from the north.)


The above is all that can be read on this stone.

Row 6 Center Section
(In 1985 the 11th stone from the north.)

Surname illegible

Mary Jane (no b. or d. dates readable) 23
or 25y (?)-10m-6d.

Row 10 Center Section
(In 1985 the 21st stone from the north.)


(Those three letters are all that is on the stone.)

Row 13 North Section
(In 1985 the 4th stone from the north.)


(The above letters are all that is discernable on this stone which is a small one.)

Row 13 Center Section
(In 1985 the ninth stone from the north.)

Name is illegible.

d. Oct-22-1851 34y-2m-12d.

Name is illegible.
Aged 25y-10m-24d.

Row 14 North Section
(In 1985 stones number 6 and 7.)


Rev. J(ohn) T. (b. Fayette Co., Ind. Nov-
17-1815) d. July-28-1884 - 68y-8m-1d (son of William, b. Lincoln Co., Ky., and Mary (Reed), b. Va., Vardeman.

m. (1) ( ) to
Martha, b. Fayette Co., Ind. dau. of Azure and Ruth Jenkins.

m. (2) July-22-1847 to
Rebecca Jenkins (sister of Martha). Rebecca and three of the couples daus., Sarah, Ellenar, and Indiana are bur. in Little Creek Cem. in Randolph Co., Ind. There are no stones.

m. (3) ( ) to
Sarah E. dau. of James and Mary Ellen Boling.)

Row 13 Stone 17

Sugar Grove Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Clay Township, Wayne County, Indiana, was organized by Rev. J.T. Vardeman in June, 1845, with the following charter memberts; Andrew Nicholson, Sallie Nicholson, Elias Lamb, Susanna Lamb, Nathan Wilson, Minerva Wilson, Jesse Warren Brooks, Sally Brooks, Lorenzo D. Fox, Sarah E. Fox, Daniel Bradbury, Matthew Brooks, Rhoda Brooks, Temple Edwards, Rebecca Edwards, Daniel Strickler, Mary Strickler, Lewis Strickler, Julia E. Bradbury, Henry Oler, Rebecca Oler, Edwin Ogburn, Jane Ogburn, Ithamer Lamb, Margaret Lamb, James T. Nicholson, Sarah Nicholson, Jonas Hatfield Jr., Eliza Hatfield, John Bish, and Ann Elizabeth Bish.

With the exception of Andrew and Sallie Nicholson and Ithamer and Margaret Lamb, all the charter members were buried at Sugar Grove Cemetery. Although Rev. Vardeman had later organized other churches and served additional congregations, he had requested that he be buried at Sugar Grove.

Mr. Vardeman resided in Fayette County until he was past eighteen years old, when he moved to Wayne County and from there to Randolph County in the winter of 1861. His father, William was born July 28, 1790, and his mother, Mary, in 1795. On the 12th day of March 1812 this couple landed on the West Fork of Whitewater, four miles from Connersville. The country was then wild and full of the natives, and this brave pioneer had to sit by his door with mouth full of bullets and with knife and tomahawk in hand many a long night, in defense of his family. Young John T. was educated in the schools of the day - in the buckeye log cabin, furnished with split log slabs without backs, and greased paper widows. At the age of twenty-five, he began his career as a minister in the United Brethren Church, and he has obtained much of his knowledge while in the saddle in the tours of his circuit.
.....From 1882 History of Randolph County, Indiana

He entered Indiana Conference in 1841 and was ordained in 1846, and was a charter member of the White River Conference. He at once consecrated his life to the active itinerancy, continuing therein a period of forty years, fourteen of which he served as presiding elder. He was seven times a delegate from White River Conference to the General Conference. He represented Randolph County, in the Indiana House of Representatives, the term of 1870-1872. His ability was recognized in his appointment to some of the most important committees.

Father Vardeman was a powerful preacher. As a speaker on the floor of the conference he had few equals. He was truly a man of God. His kind manner, loving disposition and courteous conduct were prominent features of his character. He gave evidence of a
deep spirituality, and intense piety, and a constant longing for the salvation of souls.
Condensed from the History of the White River Conference of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ - published in 1925.


Enos Veal I, his wife, Mary (Smith) Veal, and four children, Enos II, Peter, Rhoda, and Phoebe, came to Wayne County, Indiana from Vineland, New Jersey in 1816. Jan-11-1817, they purchased 320 acres of land, 155 acres of which was west of what is now (1996) Greens Fork. Enos helped found the Salem Primitive Baptist Church in the same year. It is located on Salem Church Road between Greens Fork and Hagerstown, Indiana, and services are still held there (1996). Enos (b. May-8-1773 - d. Feb-2-1835) and Mary (b. Mar-25-1775 - d. May-29-1859) are bur. in the adjacent Cem. known as Salem Cemetery.

Enos (II) (b. Jan-31-1796) d. Feb-23-
1891 95y-23d (son of Enos (1) and Mary (Smith) Veal.

m. (1) Apr-19-1817 to
Letitia Platt b. June-9-1800 - d. July-5-1824 - bur. at Salem Cem. - dau. of Jonathon and Rebecca (Keen) Platt.

m. (2) May-31-1826 to)
Mary (Burnsworth Davis b. Penn.) d.
Apr-3-1887 86y-2d (dau. of John Burnsworth.)

Row 5 Center Section

Moses (b. Oct-3-1820) d. June-17-1870 -
in his 50th year (son of Enos II and Letitia (Platt) Veal.

m. Oct-21-1841 to)
Cynthia (Cox) b. Feb-11-1822 d. May-

Row 5 South Section

John (b. Feb-26-1826) d. Oct-13-1901
- 75y-7m-17d (son of Enos II & Mary (Burnsworth-Davis) Veal.

m. Apr-7-1847 to)
Catherine - wife of J.B. (b. Dec-29-1826)
d. June-22-1910 - 83y-5m-24d (dau. of William & Annie (Edwards) Osborne.)

Row 5 Center Section

Andrew b. ( ) 1829 d.( ) 1887
58y-18d (son of Enos II and Mary (Burnsworth) Davis Veal.

m. July-24-1856 to)
Martha (McPherson) wife of Andrew (b.
Sept-5-1830) d. Jan-20-1881 50y-4m-15d (Could she have been a sister of Mary (McPherson) Nicholson - wife of Willis? - see Nicholson.)

Row 5 North Section

Sarah wife of David d. Jan-25-1873
26y-4m-2d (She would have been b. Sept-23-1846. There is a Wayne Co. m. record for David Veal and Sarah Foland on Nov-11-1865. The 1850 Clay Twp. Wayne Co. Census lists George Foland, and his wife Mary E. and a dau. Sarah, age 2. This does not completely add up, but age records in censuses are often inaccurate.)

Row 5 North Section

Henry - son of Enos and Mary
(Burnsworth Davis) Veal d. Sept.-18-1863 - 31y-3m-26d.

Veal, Henry enlisted in Co E, 69th Reg Ind Vol Inf, Aug. 1862, for three years, was taken prisoner in Richmond, Ky.; exchanged, after which took part in battles of Haines Bluff, Arkansas Post, Thompson's Hill, Grand Gulf and Raymond; returned home and died Sept. 1863. Son of Enos Veal Green Twp.
...from 1865 Wayne County Soldier's Register.

Row 5 Center Section

(Wives of Branson Veal - son of Enos II and Mary (Burnsworth Davis) Veal.)

(m. (1) Oct-29-1859 to)
Susan (Sholte) b. Ind. d. Dec-29-1865
22y-4m (dau. of Barbara Sholte)

(m. (2) Apr-30-1867 to)
Emma (Johnson) d. Dec-30-1867 21y-

(m. (3) July-10-1869 to)
Delfina (Cook) d. Mar-15-1875 22y-7m-

(m. (4) ( ) to)
Louisa b.( ) d. Feb-5-1876

(Branson m. (5) Feb-4-1879 to Alma Beam. They moved to Kansas.)

Row 5 Center Section

Charles S(ylvester b. near Williamsburg,
Ind. Feb-3) 1862 (d. Feb-10) 1927 (son of Branson and Susan (Sholte) Veal.

m. July-11-1885 to)
Mary B(elle b. Oct-31) 1860 (d. )
1938 (dau. of Henry and Rebecca (Ballenger) Oler.)

A son born to this couple Jan14-1890, lived two weeks, and was bur. in Brown Cem. near Hewins, Kansas.

Row 1 Center Section

Victor (b. in Kansas Oct-19) 1887 (d.
Indianapolis, Ind. July-2) 1965 (son of Charles S. and Mary B. (Oler) Veal.

m. (1) Oct-16-1913 to)
Gladys (b. Oct-3) 1893 (d. Dec-21)
1943 (dau. of Manley J. and Lydia (Thornburg) Yoke.

m. (2) Jan-21-1955 to
Nellie Cain Fouts who was m. (1) to Clarence Fouts. They are bur. in Sugar Grove Cem.

Charles Paul (b. Dec-19) 1919 (d. Aug-
15) 1925 (son of Victor and Gladys (Yoke) Veal.)

The Oler Genealogy lists Delbert Harold (son of Victor and Gladys) b. Apr-7-1929 d. Apr-9-1929 but does not give place of burial.

Row 1 South Section

Vierl G.(eorge b. Jan-13) 1915
(d. July-23) 1973 (son of Victor and Gladys (Yoke) Veal.)

Plaque at foot of his grave reads:

Vierl G. Veal S. Sgt. U.S. Army
World War II
Jan. 13, 1915 July 23, 1973

(m. Oct-13-1940 to)
Mabel N. (b. Newton, Ill. Feb-15) 1919
(dau. of James H. and Florence (Stinger), b. Knightstown, Ind., Shup.)

Row 17 South End

Frank - Indiana Sergt. 10th U.S. Inf.
May-19-1921 (No age given. An item in the Greens Fork news column of the May-24-1921 copy of the Richmond Palladium reads; 'The body of Frank Veal of Springfield, Ohio, arrived here Saturday morning and was taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Davis. The funeral was held at Sugar Grove Sunday morning.' In all probability he was a relative of Mrs. Davis. There is a m. record for Isaac Davis and Arinda (Lorinda) Veal Dec-10-1883.)

Row 5 North Section


Benjamin (b. N.C.) 1811 - 1887.

(m. Dec-12-1832 to)
Elizabeth (Adamson) b. N.C. 1805-1883.

Row 4 North Section

Marshall C. (b. Mar-25) 1839 (d. Aug-
29) 1915 (Wayne County Death certif. says he was the son of Benjamin, b. N.C., and Betsy (Lamb), b. Ind., Watkins.

m. ( ) to
Louisa (Her first name was Deborah. b.
Feb-18) 1841 (d. Dec-29) 1912 (dau. of Wm. and Jane (Samuels) Wrightsman.)

Row 2 North Section

Children of M.C. and D.L. Watkins

George - d. Mar-1 or 4-1875 y ?-m?-26d.

Mary E. or Miny E. d. Mar-7-1875

Laura B. - d. May-11-1880 14y-5m-25d.

Row 4 Center Section

Alfred - d. June-30-1897 17y-6m-3d.

Row 2 Center Section

Lewis O. (b.) 1875 (d. of TB Feb-19)
1901 (Age 26 - a farmer - son of Marshall and Deborah (Wrightsman) Watkins.)

Row 2 Center Section

B. H. WATKINS 1877 1903.


B(enjamin) H. (b. Sept-25) 1877
(d. of TB July-1) 1903 (son of M.C. and Deborah (Wrightsman) Watkins.)

m. Wayne Co., IN July-22-1899 to)
Susan E. Hodson (b. Earlham, Iowa,
Mar-9) 1878 (d. Lynn, IN. Mar-3) 1947 (Her m. record gives her name as Hodson; her d. record omits her father's name but lists her mother's name as Mary (Miller), b. Ireland.

There is a m. record for Susan E. Watkins to Harry L. Baxter (b. May-14-1873) dated May-13-1911. Evidently the E. was the initial for Effie, for that is the name on her stone.)

Row 2 Center Section

Jesse W. 1875 - 1879 (His parentage is
not given on the stone, but he was bur. next ot Miny E. or Mary E. who was a child of M.C. and D. L. Watkins. Could he have been a twin to their son, Lewis, 1875-1901?.)

Row 4 North Section

Infant sons of W.A. and Jennie

Leslie d. Sept-5-1897 age 8d.

Lester d. Mar-15-1889 age 21d.

(Wm. A. Watkins m. Jennie Neering May-13-1888 Wayne Co., Ind.)

Row 4 Center Section


Barry E. - Sgt. U.S. Army Vietnam
May 31, 1947 + Jan-31, 1975 (b. Iowa son of John and Thelma (McLemore) Watson.)

Row 11 South Section


Mabel - See James Bane.


John J. (b. Germany Aug-18-1800 Came
to America in 1818 he was a tanner by trade, also farmed) d. Dec-14-1876 76y-3m-26d.

(m. Jan-23-1829 to)
Jemima (Pierce) b. Ohio d. July-11-1881

Matilda Jane dau. of John and Jemima d.
Feb-12-1869 19y-11m-14d.

Row 12 Center Section

Charles C(alvin b. Feb-9) 1840 - (d.
Feb-13) 1915 (son of John, b. Germany, and Jerusah (Pierce), b. Ohio, Weyl.)

m. June-16-1860 to
Gulia E(lma b. Aug-4) 1842 (d. July-
11) 1918 (dau. of Edwin, b. N.J., and Keziah (Elliot), b. N.C., Ogborn.)

Row 15 North Section

Ernest (Mail clerk - b. June-16) 1878 (d.
June-26) 1907 (son of Charles and Julia E. (Ogborn) Weyl.

m. May-5-1898 to
Minnie E. Cain. She m. (2) June-30-1909 to John A. Widau.)

Row 15 Stone 8


Geneva b.( )1914 d.( )1938
(dau. of Thomas and Nannie (Powell) Elliot.

m. ( ) to
Elmer Whirley.)

Row 4 North Section


Mariah B. - dau. of Hezekiah & Margaret
d. Oct-4-1863 - 1y-9m-24d.

(According to Wayne Co. Marriage Records Hezekiah White and Margaret Sikes were mar. May-31-1860.

Row 4 Center Section


Mary J. - wife of Isaiah (b. Oct-29-1859)
d. Jan-19-1878 (8 days after the couple's son was born) 19y-2m-21d (dau. of Thomas E. Sr. and Rebecca (Crisco) Davis.)

George D. son of I. and M.J. d. Jan-11-

Row 13 South Section

Hannah wife of John (b. in Ind. Jan-27)
1818 (d. Nov-25) 1900 (dau. of Jesse (thought to be first Quaker minister in Wayne Co.) and Phoebe (Commons) Bond.)

(m. Apr-28-1836 to
John Wilson b. in N. C. May-12-1816 the son of Samuel and Keziah (Lamb) Wilson. d. north of Greens Fork Oct-10-1852 of TB - bur. in South Cemetery, Greens Fork.)

Jesse d. Dec-25-1870 23y-10m-29d
(son of John and Hannah (Bond) Wilson.)

Eliza dau. of John and Hannah d. Apr-
1-1875 25y-8m-19d.

Phebe B. b. Sept-21, 1842 - d. July-7-
1857 bur. South Cem. Greens Fork, Ind. dau. of John and Hannah.

Row 5 South Section

Oliver (b. Feb-3) 1839 (d. Oct-10) 1930
(son of John and Hannah (Bond) Wilson.

m. (1) Mar-14-1861 to
Keziah - wife - (b. ) 1840 (d. ) 1863
(dau. of Perry and Sarah (Cain) Hurst.)

m. (2) Sept-25-1873 to)
Lydia (Dukes Holt) wife - (b. June-27)
1839 (d. Apr-29) 1905 (dau. of Wm. E., b. Md., and ( ) Dukes.)

Indabel - dau. of Oliver and Keziah b.
July-16-1863 d. Aug-13-1863.

Infant son of O. and L. b. d. Dec-23-
1877 (unnamed twin to Omar, who m. Cara McMahan - both bur. at Earlham Cem. Richmond, IN)

Row 5 South Section

James Addison (b. Mar-10-1851 in Ind.)
d. Oct-24-1892 (north west of Greens Fork - of typhoid fever) 41y-7m-14d (son of John and Hannah (Bond) Wilson.)

(m. Mar-16-1875 to)
Mary Rosella (Ella) (b. June-25-1854
west of Greens Fork) d. May-19-1937 82y-10m-24d (dau. of Jonas and Eliza (Dougherty) Hatfield.) m. (2) Nov-18-1895 to Rev. Nathan D. Wolfard, minister in the United Brethren Church, son of Daniel and Deborah ( ) Wolfard. He d. Dec-4-1919 and is buried with his 1st wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel and Margaret (Hoover) Ulrich, in the Brick Cemetery west of Hagerstown, Ind.)

Row 15 Center Section

Herlan H(atfield) (b. north west of Greens
Fork, Ind. Mar-15) 1877 (d. Nov-18) 1957 (son of James Addison and Mary Rosella (Hatfield) Wilson)

(m. (1) Mar-6-1901 to)
Florence (b. southwest of Economy, Ind.
Oct-4) 1874 (d. Nov-8) 1951 (dau. of George and Susan (Lamb) (Thomas Family) Manning.)

(m. (2) Nov-8-1952 to
Grace (b. near Centerville, Ind. July-1-1878 - dau. of Elijah B. and Acenith Jane (Fender) McMahan. m. (1) to Allen - son of James Mahlon and Alice (Strickler) Fouts. d. Oct.-22-1960. She and Allen are buried at Earlham.

Row 18 South Section Lot 49

Horace M(anning) b. June-12-1905 d.
Oct-8-1991 (son of Herlan and Florence (Manning) Wilson.)

m. Dec-19-1934 to
(Nellie) Frances b. June-8-1914 d. April 6, 1999, 84 yrs 
(dau. of Lenna and Ruth (Johnsonbaugh) Fouts.)

Row 18 South Section
North 1/2 of Lot 49

Nathan (b. Oct-23-1820 in N.C.-
birth date calculated from death date and age given on stone.) d.Sept-29-1855 (probably near Greens Fork, Ind.) 34y-11m-24d (son of Samuel and Keziah (Lamb) Wilson.)

(m. Nov-2-1840 to)
Minerva (b. Sept-22-1822 in Ind. - birth
date calculated from death date and age given on stone.) d. Mar-30-1878 56y-6m-8d (dau. of Joseph and Martha (Boyd) Lewis) (She m. (2) Nov-26-1865 to Jacob Swearingen. He was married 3 times and had 14 children.)

James son of Nathan and Minerva d.
May-13-1852 2y-5m-?d.

Row 10 Center Section

Luther 36th Indiana Vol. d. Feb-20-
1863 at Buffalo, Ky. 16 (?)y-10m-8d (son of James, 1825-1847 bur. at Salem Cem., and Jane (Bradbury) Wilson, who m. (2) E. F. Ogborn.) (From 1865 Wayne Co., Ind. Soldiers Register 'WILSON, Martin L. enlisted in Co. A, 36th Reg. Ind. Vol. Inf., September, 1861, for three years, was with the regiment a short time, was taken sick, and died in the hospital at Buffalo, Ky. Step-son of F. Ogborn, Clay Twp.) (Luther was a grandson of Samuel and Keziah (Lamb) Wilson.) See Ogborn, Jane.

Row 8 Center Section

Robert (G. b. Ind. Jan-16) 1860 (d.
Mar-7) 1928 (son of John and (Doake) Wilson, both b. Va.)

Margaret J.(osephine "Josie") wife of
Robert - d. Apr-19-1909 - 37y-5m-17d. (b. Nov-2-1871 - dau. of Wm. Jefferson and Sarah (Repass) Bane.)

Nellie - wife of Lee - d. May-12-1888 -
22y-1m (dau. of Robert G. and Margaret J. (Bane) Wilson. There has to be an error here. Data on the stone reads very plainly - "Nellie......died....1888." Had she at the age of 22 d. in 1888, then she would have been 5 yrs. old when her mother was born. Likely 1888 was her b. date, and if so her d. date was April 1910, about one year after her mother died.)

Row 16 South Section

Pvt. Wm. Wilson
World War II
(b. Va. son of Robert and Margaret (Bane) Wilson.)

Row 11 South Section

David M (b. VA. Mar- ) 1897
(d. Apr-22) 1991 (son of Joseph Campbell and Isabelle (Thomas)Wilson - both b. VA.
Never married - was a farmer in VA. - sold his farm there and came to IN. to live with his sister, Nannie Harris, after her husband, Benjamin, d. in 1973. Shares a stone with Nannie.)

Row 18 Center Section

Paul M(ax b. Elwood, In. Mar-31) 1915
(son of Max and Nellie ( ) Wilson, both b. Ind.

m. ( ) to
Lola A. (b. Ky. Feb-22) 1918
(d. Dec-31) 1983 (dau. of Stephen and Frankie (Campbell) Hays. She was m. earlier to Robert Retz who is bur. at Earlham Cem.)

Row 18 North Section
North 1/2 Lot 37


Esther - wife of William R. Wise & dau.
of E(dwin) F(othergill) & Jane (Bradbury) Ogborn b. Sept-12-1852 - d. May-27-1881 - 28y-8m-15d.

Row 8 Center Section


Birtha - dau. of C(harles) W(ilbur) and
S(adie) d. Nov-26-1886 - 6m-20d

Charles W. Wiseman d. Sept-18-1895 age 30 may have been bur. in Sugar Grove Cem. - son of Eli and Elizabeth Jane (Lamb) Wiseman - m. (1) Nov-2-1885 to Sadie b. May-6-1866 d. Jan-10-1887 (bur. at South Cemetery, Greens Fork, IN) dau. of William H. and Esther (Horney) Gentry. Charles remarried and his widow and two children survived him; there is no record of his burial at South Cemetery.

Row 13 North Section

David D. b. Ohio d. Apr-11-1900 of T.B.
64y-4m-26d son of Jacob and Darcy (Schunk?) Wiseman.

No stone - information from the Wayne County Death Records.


Walter C. (b. Mar-4) 1918 (d. Jan-23)
1964 (son of Norman and Ocia (Pittsford) Woodward.

m. Oct-6-1939 to)
Beryl R. (b. Oct-6) 1921 d. ( )
(dau. of Sanford and Daisy (Foster)

Scott, both b. Ill.)

Row 17 South Section Lot 22


Manley J(efferson) (b. Morgan or
Morgantown, W Va. June-30) 1864 (d. Jefferson Twp. Wayne Co., In Sept-9) 1929 (son of Christopher Columbus and Diademma ( ?) Yoke.

(m. Oct-5-1889 to)
Lydia J(ane b. Stoney Creek Twp.,
Randolph Co., Ind. Dec-30) 1871 (d. Jan-24) 1957 (dau of Tilnaias Hodson and Mirandia (Ralston) Thornburg.)

Children of Manley J. and Lydia

Fern (b. and d. May 18) 1903.

(Luther) Cecil (b. Sept-7) 1896 (d. May-
9) 1911.

Row 12 South Section

Lelan G(eorge b. Mar-5) 1906 (d. Oct-
3) 1991 (son of Manley J. and Lydia (Thornburg) Yoke.

m. (1) June-10-1932 to
Nedra Elizabeth b. Mar-5-1911 - dau. of Wm. and Lana (Zimmerman) Huber. Divorced Aug-27-1942.

m.(2) June-2-1947 to
Theresa M. dau. of James and Laura (Johnson) Powell - divorced (See Setser for futher data on Theresa.)

m. (3) to
Loretta Pearl (Hudson) Whyple (widow of Ernest Vernon Whyple) d. Jan-15-1992.

Row 17 North Section
Lot 36 North Half


A.W. (Jack) b. Estill Co., Ky.
Mar-10-1923 d. Apr-27 1986 (son of Ambrose W. and Fanny (Perry) Young, both b. Estill Co., Ky.)

A W Young
World War II
1923 + 1986

m. Elizabethtown, Ky May-22-1943 to
Nella Golden Clem b. Estill Co., Ky.
Jan-13-1926 (dau. of Henry and Bessie (Snowden) Clem both B. Estill Co., Ky.)

Row 18 North Section
Lot 70 South Half

WayNet wishes to gratefully acknowledge Marvin Wilson and his sister, Frieda Wilson Newcomer for giving permission to WayNet to post this information complied by their mother, Frances (Fouts) Wilson.  We also thank Jayne Beers for her assistance in bringing this information to our attention.

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