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WayNet Board Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2009


  • Gary Arndts President (Marketing & Creative Services)
  • Jane Holman Executive Director, Ex Officio (WayNet.org)
  • Jenie Lahmann (Morrisson-Reeves Library)
  • Pam Merchanthouse (Friends Fellowship Community)
  • Dudley Fetzer (First Bank Richmond)
  • Bill Pendley (Potter’s Wheel Bed & Breakfast)
  • Randy Baker (Richmond Power and Light)
  • Richard Peterson (Porter Advertising, LLC)
  • David Burton (Burton & Simkin Attorneys)
  • Tim Love (Reid Hospital and Health Care Services)

Call to Order:

President Dudley Fetzer called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. in the Richmond Power and Light Auditorium.

The meeting minutes were approved for the November 2008 board meeting. Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to accept the Balance Sheet for 2008. Bill Pendley so moved. Tim Love seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Old Business:

The board reviewed the Balance Sheet for 2008. Brief discussion occurred and it was pointed out that Waynet operated within $62 of showing a profit. The Balance Sheet was accepted. Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to accept the Balance Sheet for 2008. Gary Arndts so moved. Richard Peterson seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

The board reviewed and discussed the Budget for 2009. The board is happy with the minor changes presented by Jane. Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to accept the 2009 budget as written. Richard Peterson so moved. David Burton seconded. The motion was unanimously accepted.

New Business:

Executive Director's Report

Jane presented the Executive Director's report.

Campaign for New and Renewing Members of Waynet.org

Gary Arndts would like to extend the expiration date of the campaign Make our Members Our Sales Force to run through 2009. Potential new members or members bumping up their membership levels to a higher level only get the discounted rate if they show the letter about the program or if they mention the recommendation from another member.

Membership reduced price:

  • Business level membership $250,
  • Sponsor level membership $400,
  • Gold level membership $800,
  • Platinum level membership $2000.

We will run both promotions for the entire calendar year and evaluate its success January 2010. Cards will be designed and printed with the campaign info for easy distribution for the information. Gary and Jane will work on this design. These cards will not advertise a deadline for the campaign so the cards can be used if we continue the campaign in the coming years.

Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to accept the 2009 budget as written. Jenie Lahmann so moved. Gary Arndts seconded. The motion was unanimously accepted.

Fee Waivers

The board discussed the Fee Waiver Policy. Richard Peterson suggested we create a letter/invoice for current non-profit fee waiver members to update their membership information on an annual basis and also to request for a voluntary $60 membership payment or any payment their organization can make to Waynet.org. This letter will show the benefits of Waynet.org. If we do not hear back from these fee-waiver non-profit organizations we will not pull their information from the Waynet.org website.

Website Hosting Report

Jane reported that there have been many downtimes reported for the Waynet website. She is in close contact with the website hosting company and they are offering a solution to the problem. Their tech support is working on the downtime issues. The board moved to have Jane monitor the progress and gave her permission to move the website to another host if she felt it necessary. She will keep the board up to date on the progress of this technology issue.

The Value of Waynet

Bill Pendley wanted to express his appreciation for Waynet.org. His website, Potter’s Wheel Bed and Breakfast, was found on Waynet.org by a potential customer who is looking to find temporary housing while conducting business in the area. This potential customer is looking for lodging for 6 months. This contact made through Waynet.org is the 100% reason why he received this new customer. Bill truly sees the value of his membership in Waynet.org.


Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to adjourn. Gary Arndts so moved. Jenie Lahmann seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jenie Lahmann

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