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WayNet Board Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2008


  • Gary Arndts President (Marketing & Creative Services)

  • Jane Holman Executive Director, Ex Officio (WayNet.org)

  • Jenie Lahmann (Morrisson-Reeves Library)

  • Jodi Johnson (Western Wayne Schools)

  • Pam Merchanthouse (Friends Fellowship Community)

  • Dudley Fetzer (First Bank Richmond)

  • Tim Love (Reid Hospital)

  • Bill Pendley (Potter’s Wheel Bed & Breakfast)

  • Beth Fields (Wayne County Government)

Also Present:

  • Richard Peterson (Porter Advertising, LLC)

Call to Order:

President Dudley Fetzer called the meeting to order at 12:01 p.m. in the Richmond Power and Light Auditorium. Jodi Johnson so moved; Pam Merchanthouse seconded the motion.

Proposed new board member was introduced. Richard Peterson from Porter Advertising, LLC will be nominated later in the meeting for the remaining term of a recently vacant board position.

The meeting minutes were approved for the September 11, 2008 board meeting.

Old Business:

The board reviewed the Balance Sheet for 2008. Brief discussion occurred. The Balance Sheet was accepted. Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to accept the Balance Sheet for 2008. Bill Pendley so moved. Tim Love seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

New Business:

Review of Fee Waivers

Richmond Family YMCA

The balance sheet for the Richmond Family YMCA was reviewed and the board discussed that the balance sheet was for the YMCA was large enough to comfortably afford the Not-for-profit membership rate and the fee waiver was denied. Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to decline the Fee waiver for YMCA. Bill Pendley so moved. Jodi Turner seconded. The motion was unanimously declined.

Presentation of Nomination of Richard Peterson for Waynet Board Position

Proposed new board member was nominated for the vacant board position - Richard Peterson from Porter Advertising, LLC. A verbal vote was taken and the nomination was unanimously passed.

Jane noted that she is still looking for one more board member to fill the last vacant position on the board. She has created a list of possible candidates and will report at the next meeting if she has success in finding a worthy candidate.

Committee Assignments

Beth Fields will join the Vision/Mission Committee and Richard Peterson will join the Marketing Committee. Chairpersons will remain the same on the committees and Bill Pendley will chair the Vision Committee.

Presentation of the 2009 Budget for discussion

The board discussed the unbalanced budget and how much of an impact it has going into 2009.A lengthy discussion occurred with many ideas listed below:

  • Pick up a few more memberships and our budget would balance.
  • The advertising budget could be cut to balance the budget. A reduction in newspaper ads and radio spots from 36 newspaper ads to 12 newspaper ads and reduce 12 radio spots to 4 spots.
  • Look at not upgrading computer software. Photoshop upgrade can wait till 2010 but Dreamweaver would be needed if a Waynet.org site redesign is pursued.
  • Discussed membership fees, renewals and selling new memberships in a slow economy.
  • Reward members who renew in December 2008. See the Marketing Report further in the minutes.

Salary Discussion for Jane Holman

Jane left the room so the board could discuss Jane’s salary and performance. Bill Pendley said that Jane’s dedication and talent in her position, as Executive Director of Waynet is outstanding. Waynet’s success is a reflection of her time, talent and dedication. This was unanimously concurred with all the board members. Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to accept the salary increase by 3% for 2009. Bill Pendley so moved. Jenie Lahmann seconded. The motion was unanimously approved. Jane was brought back into the meeting and congratulated on a job well done.

The balance budget discussion will be tabled until the January board meeting.

Executive Director’s Report:

Jane would like to dispose of old outdated equipment. It is proposed to dispose of LaserJet6L printer (11 years old), 2 scanners and 1 Sony Camera (10 years old)

Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion deaccession and dispose of hardware list above. Bill Pendley so moved. Jodi Johnson seconded. 

Access the full Executive Director's report for 11-13-2008.

Marketing Committee Report:

Gary Arndts reported on two ideas to boost membership renewals.

Make our members our sales force and give those members that sell new memberships a discount on their annual renewal. An entire membership fee can be erased if that member sells enough memberships.

A reduced price for Business membership levels and levels above will be collected before Dec. 31, 2008. Jane will create this piece with the marketing committee and send a design to the board for approval before sending. This piece will be mailed out in November 2008. Jodi Johnson will assist Jane with this mail out to members.

Membership reduced price: Business level membership $250, Sponsor level membership $400, Gold level membership $800, Platinum level membership $2000

Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to accept the Marketing Committee’s ideas and accept the creation of a marketing piece with the ideas outlined in their report. Jenie Lahmann so moved. Bill Pendley seconded the motion.


Dudley Fetzer asked for a motion to adjourn. Gary Arndts so moved. Jenie Lahmann seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jenie Lahmann

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