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WayNet Board Meeting
July 10, 2008


  • Gary Arndts President (Marketing & Creative Services)
  • Jane Holman Executive Director, Ex Officio (WayNet.org)
  • Jenie Lahmann (Morrison Reeves Library)
  • Robin Henry (West End Bank)
  • Pam Merchanthouse (Friends Fellowship Community)
  • Dudley Fetzer (First Bank Richmond)
  • Tim Love (Reid Hospital)
  • Randy Baker (Richmond Power & Light)

Call to Order:

President Gary Arndts called the meeting to order at 12:06 p.m. in the Richmond Power & Light conference room.

Old Business:

The minutes from the May 8, 2008, meeting were reviewed. Randy Baker moved to accept the minutes as presented, Robin Henry seconded, motion passed.

New Business:

Fee-Waiver Request:
A fee-waiver request from Roscoe's Rescue, Inc. was reviewed.  Discussion took place regarding the type of organization and the way we would link to them (email link, until they get a webpage) and a review of the financials presented.  A motion to approve the fee waiver request for Roscoe's Rescue, Inc. was made by Jenie Lahmann and seconded by Robin Henry. Motion passed.

Budget Review:
The current budget report was reviewed.  Tim Love moved to accept as presented, Dudley Fetzer seconded, motion passed.  Jane noted we had received our first payment of $107.57 for the inclusion of Google AdWords on specific Spotlight pages on our website, with an additional $37 being accrued since that payment.  Discussion regarding the interest in the upcoming Model T Centennial Party led to discussion and consensus that it would be advantageous to include Google AdWords on any spotlight pages featuring the event.

Special thanks:
Jane thanked board members, Jodi Johnson and Bill Pendley for the time and effort they donated to assist with the recent marketing mailing of 300 letters.  Randy Baker was also recognized and thanks for his time to update the website while Jane was out of town.

Employee Schedule:
Jane reviewed the upcoming schedule of special events and time off and noted that she may request assistance in updating the website each week and reviewing the calendar approvals while she is out of the office.

Calendar Policy:
Due to the addition of some recent events from outside Wayne County, Jane asked the board to review the current calendar policy.  The board agreed that interest in WayNet.org would continue to increase if additional events were included.  Dudley moved that we accept entries to the WayNet.org community calendar from Wayne County, Indiana and all adjacent counties (including Randolph, Henry, Fayette, and Union in Indiana and Preble and Darke counties in Ohio.)  Randy Baker seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Annual Meeting:
By consensus of the board, Waynet, Inc.'s annual meeting will be held at noon on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at Richmond Power & Light.  All Waynet, Inc. members are invited to attend.

The board reviewed the current mission statement of Waynet, Inc., adopted in July of 2001.  It reads: WayNet is Wayne County's Internet Gateway, promoting dynamic and interactive exchange of current thought and activities while celebrating our historical, cultural, and economic heritage. The board felt it was still an accurate reflection of our mission and chose not to make any changes at this time. 

Discussion occurred regarding goal setting.  It was decided that the Programs committee would be convened to discuss and recommend a maximum of two or three goals that the organization should strive for in the upcoming two years.  The current members on this committee are Valerie Biggs, Bill Pendley, Jenie Lahmann, Carol McKey, Jane Holman and Gary Arndts.  The committee should also recommend a method of measuring the success in reaching those goals.

Marketing Committee:
Jane reviewed the latest marketing mailing and the increase in membership as a result of that campaign.  It was determined that this was a successful operation and should be repeated in the fall.  Gary led a discussion on other marketing opportunities.  Several ideas were considered and tabled for the marketing committee to review in greater depth.

  • Offer a session teaching non-members how to use WayNet to use WayNet.org to promote their organization.
  • Work to find a business to partner with for a Chamber Network Night to help "tell our story".
  • Advertising on the back of Rose City Transit Buses.
  • Yard/Window Signs.

New Officers
An invitation was made to the full board to step into an officer (President/Vice-President/Treasurer) position, a one-year appointment, beginning in September 2008. No one stepped forward during the meeting and Gary appointed the Executive Board to recruit members for these positions and any open board positions.

Executive director’s Report:
Jane reviewed the director’s report. The complete Executive Director’s report is available on WayNet.


Gary Arndts adjourned the meeting at 12:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Holman

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