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Waynet Board Meeting
February 13, 2001

Bill O'Hara Felker, President (WGLK/WHON)
Rodger Smith, Vice President (Richmond Community Schools)
Pam Frantz (Lingle Real Estate)
Chris Hardie (Summersault)
Nancy Wilson (Reid Hospital and Health Care)
Misty Dees Hollis (City of Richmond)
Jane Holman (Executive Director, Ex Officio, Waynet, Inc.)

Old Business:
Rodger Smith made a motion to approve the minutes of December 12, 2000. They were seconded by Misty Dees Hollis. The minutes were approved.

Jane Holman thanked Chris Hardie for his assistance with both the web site and email service and RP&L for their help with the NT portion. There have been some problems with SkyeNet since they are no longer located in Richmond. Waynet would like to remain with someone local as their internet service provider.

Jane reported that Main Street Richmond is now an in-kind service sponsor. The sign will remain on Main Street.

Jane distributed an updated copy of the 2001 Waynet, Inc. Projected Yearly Budget and Income Worksheet. The FICA portion was not included on the first copy.

New Business:
Don Griffin, Richmond/Wayne County Halfway House, has applied for a fee waiver. In the past, in order to apply for this fee waiver an organization must have 501C3 status and provide a balance sheet. Misty Dees Hollis made a motion to accept the fee waiver pending their application for 501C3 status and balance sheet. Pam Frantz seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Jane suggested changing the terminology from "New Expanded Members" to "New Business Members." She felt that organizations would more readily understand the membership if the wording was changed. Nancy Wilson made a motion to accept this terminology and Rodger Smith seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Executive Director's Report
New Expanded Member: Oler Fence and Pools.

Services Invoiced: 1 week employment ad - $60.00.

ˇ Waynet is still running the Tuesday "E-Section" classified listing. One year for $4.00/week.
ˇ Running Weather/Sports spots on KICKS 96 for 13 weeks. Live - at 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, and 8:30 a.m. once a week.
ˇ Waynet has received a free live link from KICKS 96 News/Obits/Sports web pages.
ˇ Purchased space in Kiwanis Programs and Directory.

Achievements for January/February:
ˇ Website Maintenance - Worked with RP&L to migrate to new server location - still in process.
ˇ Completed move of Talk of the Town to new location.
ˇ Mail service has been moved to local control.
ˇ Completed work on setting up postcard section.
ˇ Atomz search engine - went over 500 pages, where it is no longer free. As a temporary measure, Jane removed some of the files from being search, such as old budgets & directors report.
ˇ Inserted a "search this section" for the Photo Index and the Featured Links.
ˇ Received first paying employment ad!
ˇ Did a partial update of Bowers Building & Remodeling commerce web page.

On-going Projects for the coming month:
ˇ Terms of Service Policy - needs to be updated and approved.
ˇ Continue to look at alternative funding sources. Rodger Smith asked Jane if there was anyway to do some projections on possible future memberships. He stressed the fact that Waynet can not remain the same or there will be problems meeting the budget. Some suggestions made were to appeal to more businesses; especially Gold/Platinum memberships. Executive board members need to contact organizations. Nancy Wilson suggested adding "Ten Benefits From Being a Waynet Member" to the web site. There was also a suggestion to add banner ads to the web site for both members and non-members. We must appeal to people who need Waynet's service even if it's just a short amount of time.
ˇ Prepare a letter for distribution to restaurants and motels touting benefits of our Commerce package.
ˇ Prepare a "Newcomers Page" and/or Community Resources page that will quickly identify helpful organizations.
ˇ Requested to add information on senior housing options.

Log Analysis for January:
Monthly user sessions increased by 19% in January 2001, after a 9% decrease in December. Page views increased by 29% after a 15% decrease in December. While not as generous as the 25/35% increase we saw in January of 2000, it is still above the 17% national increase in web usage as quoted by Media Matrix. The ""user" is our more important number. The user sessions increased by 85% and the page views by 68^ over January of 2000.

4th Quarter 2000 - Quarterly figures for user sessions rose 15% from 3rd Quarter '00 levels. 4th Quarter '00 usage increased 98% over 4th Quarter '00.

2000 Yearly Figures show an outstanding 204,689 users requesting 667,511 pages as compared to 100,426 users requesting 310,586 pages in 1999. This is a 101% increase in users and a 111% increase in page views over 1999.

Adjournment: Misty Dees Hollis made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Pam Frantz seconded the motion. The motion carried..

Prepared by:

Tricia Shrider for Thomas G. Kirk, Jr. - Secretary

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