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Waynet Board Meeting
December 12, 2000


  • Bill O'Hara Felker, President  
  • Rodger Smith, Vice-President (Richmond Community Schools) 
  • Dr. Steve Reynolds, Treasurer (Indiana University East) 
  • Thomas G. Kirk, Jr., Secretary (Earlham College) 
  • Pam Frantz, At-large Board Member  (Lingle Real Estate) 
  • Chris Hardie, At-large Board Member (Summersault) 
  • Misty Dees Hollis, At-large Board Member  (City of Richmond) 
  • Larry Turner, At-large Board Member (FirstBank Richmond)  
  • John Weber, At-large Board Member (Richmond-Wayne County Chamber of Commerce) 
  • Carol Smyth (Ex Officio - Morrisson-Reeves Library, Fiscal Agent) 
  • Jane Holman (Executive Director, Ex Officio, Waynet, Inc.)

Old Business:

The minutes of earlier meetings (September 12, 2000 & September 26, 2000) and the last meeting, November 14, 2000 were presented. Motion was made to approve by Steve Reynolds, seconded by Rodger Smith. Approved.

Old Business:

Jane Holman reported on progress in moving the WayNet site to a server in Kansas City. This change is being explored and implemented as a result of changes which SkyeNet, now the owner of infocom, Inc., are making. The implementation is causing some difficulty and Jane is exploring other options. One, to establish our own server is reflected in the proposed 2001 budget which is the next item on the agenda.

New Business:

Jane Holman presented the 2001 budget, $35,376.15, including a detailed advertising budget. The budget is slightly more (about $1,000) than the 2000 budget of $34,225.00. However expenses and income for 2000 were approximately balanced at $24,000. There were some discretionary expenditures which could be curtailed if membership and other income does not provide adequate support for the budgeted expenses. The 2001 budget is somewhat more aggressive and has less room for discretionary expenditures. The budgeted short fall, expenses over revenue, is approximately $9,300. WayNet has a current operating balance of $15,543 which can cover the budgeted shortfall. Comments from Board members indicated the need to be more focused and aggressive in seeking new members.

One element of the proposed budget is the purchase of a server to house the WayNet web site. This may become necessary if the move of WayNet's site to Kansas City is not satisfactory.

Rodger Smith made the motion to approve the 2001 budget; seconded by Carol Smyth. The budget was approved.

Executive Director's Report

In her report Jane Holman reviewed her past month's activities including marketing efforts, and the enhancements to the WayNet site. A good deal of time was spent in preparing the budget and in trying to upload the web site to SkyeNet's server in Kansas City.

As part of the Executive Director's report the Executive Board had a discussion of how to extend WayNet's usefulness to the community, with special attention to partnering with other community organizations which have complimentary goals.

Jane Holman presented a proposal from Main Street Richmond, which has offered a quid pro quo arrangement by which Main Street Richmond would contribute advertising space in exchange for a Sponsoring Membership in WayNet. Main Street is currently a non-profit member paying the regular membership fee for that category of membership. The space offered for advertising usually costs $500. The Executive Board discussed reciprocal memberships between Main Street and WayNet. On motion of Steve Reynolds and second of John Weber, the Executive Board authorized Jane Holman to negotiate a sponsoring membership for Main Street in WayNet, with the hope that Main Street will reciprocate.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 P.M.

Prepared by

Thomas G. Kirk, Jr. Secretary

December 12, 2000.

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