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Waynet Board Meeting
June 13, 2000

Approved July 11, 2000

Members Present: John Weber, Steve Reynolds, Pam Frantz, Bill O'Hara Felker, Carol Smyth, and Jane Holman.

Guests Present: Chris Hardie (Summersault) and Randy Baker (Richmond Power & Light).

Meeting Called to Order: John Weber called the meeting to order at 12:08 PM, June 13, 2000.

Approval of Minutes: Since there was not a voting quorum of board members present, approval of the minutes from the last board meeting was tabled until the next board meeting.

Old Business: None.

New Business:

Executive Director's Report:

Jane reported that some website statistics were inadvertently lost, but that approximate numbers were entered into the statistical database.

Applied for fee waiver: None.

New Not-for-Profit Members: None.

Existing Not-for-Profit Members Invoiced: Indiana Football Hall of Fame, Main Street, Richmond-Wayne County, New Creations, Richmond Art Museum, Dunn Mental Health, and Hayes Regional Arboretum.

New Basic Members: Rosa's Office Plus, and Wayne Township Trustee's Office.

Existing Basic Members Invoiced: Heavenly Handicrafts, Richmond Roosters, Commercial Printing Services, Belden, and William Felker.

New Expanded Members: None.

Existing Expanded Members Invoiced: Fairway Mortgage - Commerce Package, Wayne County Home Builders Assoc. - Commerce Package, Nettle Creek Health Care P.C., and Western Wayne Schools.

New Sponsoring Members: None.

Existing Sponsoring Members Renewed Their Membership: City of Richmond, Earlham College, First Richmond Realtors, Wayne County Convention and Tourism Bureau, and West End Bank.

Existing Sponsoring Members Invoiced: None.

New GOLD Members: Richmond Community Schools (upgraded from Sponsoring Member)

New PLATINUM Members: None.

Services Invoiced: Jane reported nearly three hours services to Created Forms page for Millennium Committee and consulting time with a member.

Advertising/Marketing: Jane reported that she spoke with Marketing and Creative services about a new brochure design. Some interesting ideas...but a bit out of our league, price-wise. Jane will continue to work on an updated version and get quotes on printing. Jane reported that she had created 1/8 page advertisement that will appear in all four issues of the Palladium-Item's Progress issues, coming in June. Jane also reported that she sent in contract for an ad in the Symphony's program, using the same ad as was submitted last year.

Achievements for May/June:

ˇ added many calendar items
ˇ set up new Atomz search page
ˇ joined affiliate program with Google, which generates $.03 for every "click through" from the WayNet search page
ˇ added new Cemetery page for Genealogy section, and will continue to add as time allows; also added Union Chapel Cemetery info, donated by member Jayne Beers of the Greens Fork Preservation and Historical Society
ˇ sought solution for e-mail set up concerns (text vs. html vs. rich text)
ˇ sent e-mail stating our position on a copyright violation from another "local" site
ˇ completed and mailed Federal Tax form 990
ˇ met with Inezetta Stiver regarding possibly doing a "column" on local history
ˇ added new links to Travel, Museums, and Entertainment pages
ˇ nominated for "Small Business Advocate of the Year" Award by the Small Business Development Center
ˇ attended a press conference for the Wayne County 4-H Fair to obtain information for WayNet community calendar
ˇ created Millennium Time Capsule Survey form for the Office of the Mayor, and invoiced same
ˇ offered one hour of consultation to member, and invoiced same
ˇ facilitated two web authoring seminars
ˇ performed routine website maintenance, which included the repair of scripting files so they can be updated easier, the checking for broken hyperlinks and updated as necessary, and the updating of not-for-profit and recreation pages to reflect updated fonts/layout

On-Going Projects for the Coming Month:

ˇ attend and represent WayNet at the annual ICNA meeting in Indianapolis
ˇ continue work on Terms of Service policy, setting up meeting with Steve Rabe
ˇ add bus route info for Rose City Bus Service, a needed public service
ˇ continue search for alternative funding sources
ˇ continue updating older pages to reflect the newer design/font/sidebars of updated design
ˇ prepare letter for distribution to restaurants and motels touting benefits of WayNet's Commerce package
ˇ complete and print new brochure

Log Analysis for May:

Jane reported that she ran weekly website analysis and posted the results on the Members Only page. Monthly user sessions increased 7% in May 2000. Page views in May '00 increased 16% from April's slight decrease (again, due to the loss of log files), but are still up significantly from February figures. As WayNet users become "return users", they will refer to WayNet for specific items, with less general surfing. The "user" is WayNet's more important number. The user sessions increased by 56% and the page views by 83% over May of 1999. First Quarter 2000 showed a healthy 41% increase in user sessions and a 38% increase in page views over fourth quarter 1999. There was a 93% increase in users over the same time period last year and a 132% increase in page views. The 1999 Yearly Figures show an outstanding 100,426 users requesting 310,586 pages. Jane reported that it is difficult to do a true comparison as we did not purchase the logging software until mid-February 1999, but it is her is that we nearly tripled our visitors/hits from the previous year.

Discussion of Classified Ads:

Jane reported that numerous requests continue to come in relative to WayNet providing classified ad space. Discussion revolved around the possibility of WayNet beginning this service with "soft" classifieds; specifically, employment classifieds. Discussion also explored the possibility of this endeavor becoming a revenue generating service that would, at the very least, pay for Jane's time to administer. Discussion concluded with the Board asking Jane to identify two board members to serve on a committee, and then charged the committee to define a plan for the implementation of a revenue-generating classified service.

Review of Mission/Vision:

This discussion was tabled until the next board meeting.

Discussion of Web Awards '00:

It was the consensus of the Board that WayNet should proceed with this activity in the same manner as last year.

Empty Executive Board Seat:

After a short discussion, this issue was tabled until the next board meeting.

Final Discussions:

Final discussions included a brief reminder regarding the ICNA Meeting to be held June 14th in Indianapolis, and a brief discussion in support of "Where Are The Best Gas Prices?" on the Talk of the Town page.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Reynolds, Secretary

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