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Waynet Board Meeting
October 26, 1999

Approved, November 15, 1999

Members Present: Tom Kirk, Jane Holman, John Weber, Ross Josephson, Rodger Smith, Bill O'Hara,  Nancy Wilson, and Renee Oldham

Meeting Called to Order:
John called the meeting to order at 12:15

Renee moved to approved minutes, Tom seconded,  Approved by the board.

Budget Report (Quarterly) Budget was up. Thanks to Reid for their Platinum Memberships.

Ross moved to approve budget, Bill second, Approved by the board

Jane's Report

  • Waiting for invoices on members
  • First Platinum Member-Reid
  • Services Invoices:
  • ˇ Web design for Clearing House 
  • ˇ Tom Raper RV Rally
  • Advertising/Marketing 
  • ˇ Pal-Item ˇ Kicks96 - once a week-continue 6-9 A.M. 
  • ˇ Maps were ran and distributed
  • Logo: Up to 52% for September/October
  • Lesson Plan for Wayne County/Levi Coffin History
  • Achievements: Sept/Oct ˇ Website awards ˇ Community Calendar ˇ Complete new Home Page
  • On going Projects: ˇ Sales ˇ Alternative Funding Sources

Renee suggested using their electronic display to promote Waynet.

New Business:

Applications Waive Fees - St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Tom moved, Rodger second,  Approved by the Board

John's Report:

Discussion on meeting time 11:30 Lunch, 12:00 - 1:00 Meeting - We will meet the second Tuesday of each month. Check with Ron to secure room with RP&L. (Jane's note:  Next meeting will be Monday, November 15th.  Beginning in December '99, meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month.)

Reviewed meeting of the officers.

A couple of themes:

  • Streaming Video - Committee is being formed to look into this type of media and cost (Steve Reynolds, Jane Holman, Rodger Smith, Ron Lind)
  • Action - Committee to pursue Grants 501-C3 status (Renee Oldham, Jane Holman, Ross Josephson, John Weber, Tom Kirk)

Rodger moved, Ross second, Other members of the board will be contacted for approval

Meeting adjourned at 1:10

Rodger Smith, substituting as Secretary

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