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Greens Fork Assembly Hall, 1941-1942
Home Room for 7th thru 12th Grades
Left to Right*
1st Row (7th grade): ?
2nd Row (8th grade): Donna Atwell, Maurice Bane, ?, Bob Tremps, ---
3rd Row (9th grade): Junior Scruggs, Jim Bob Stevenson, Ruth Sheibla, Phyllis Dvis, Louella Wilson, Bonnie Fulton, Doris Pickett, Billie Sue Watson, Patty Moore, Fye Sadler, Joan Coddington 
4th Row (10th grade):
Owen Hoover, Reid Brooks, ?, Angie Lou Smith, ? Moyer, ?, ?, Tom Coddington, ---
5th Row (11th grade):
Francis Williams, June Davis, ?, --- 
6th Row (12th grade):
Junior Pegg, Charles Carthwaite, Julia Jane Stevenson, Lowell Cambell, Betty Lou Hunnicutt, Barbara Ross, ?, Eugene Richardson, Robert Skinner, Herbert Weiss, --- 
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Special Thanks to Jim and Lois Charles for sharing the photos
and to Jim Stevenson for scanning the photos.


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