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Totem Pole featured at the Wayne County Historical Museum
Richmond, Indiana
Wayne County Historical Museum

Totem Pole at the Wayne County Historical Museum

This totem pole is part of the eclectic collection of the Wayne County Historical Museum. 

This totem was a gift from E.A. Stuart of Seattle, WA during the 1930's.  Mr. Stuart was president of the Carnation Milk Company at the time of the donation. 

Mr. Stuart, who had relatives in Richmond, visited the museum and became interested in its welfare during a visit to Indiana.

He had the totem shipped to Richmond from the Tongass Islands in southeast Alaska where it had been made around the turn of the century.

The carved figures form a genealogical record for family history.

Totems are always read from the top down. Carved at the top is the great eagle representing the chief.

Next is a black fish, then Annihoots, the brown bear.  It is followed by a killer whale, and on the bottom is a Medicine Man, with a frog on his chest (representing the frog clan).

This totem was carved by a branch of the Thlinket tribe, which has 80 branches from all over southeast Alaska and south into British Columbia.

Only 5 tribes of Indians carved totems, and they embrace forms of genealogy, myths, charms, evil spirits, legends and witch craft.



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