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WayNet Board Meeting
March 13, 2008


  • Gary Arndts President (Marketing & Creative Services)
  • Jodi Johnson (Western Wayne Schools)
  • Jane Holman Executive Director, Ex Officio (WayNet.org)
  • Jenie Lahmann (Morrisson Reeves Library)
  • Robin Henry (West End Bank)
  • Pam Merchanthouse (Friends Fellowship Community)
  • Dudley Fetzer (First Bank Richmond)
  • Bill Pendley (Potter's Wheel Bed & Breakfast)
  • David Burton (Burton & Simkin Attorneys)
  • Valerie Biggs (Richmond Community Schools)

Call to Order:

President Gary Arndts called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. in the Richmond Power and Light conference room.

Old Business:

The minutes from the January 10, 2008, meeting were reviewed. Jenie Lahmann moved to accept the minutes as presented, Dudley Fetzer seconded, motion passed. Jane Holman reviewed the status of a fee waiver request before the board. The request has been tabled at the request of the applicant to allow him time to determine if Google AdSense will be utilized on the page in question.

New Business:

Budget Review:
Income for this reporting period is currently down due to few member renewals occurring in the winter quarter. Jenie Lahmann moved to accept the budget report as presented, Bill Pendly seconded, motion passed.

Turtle Page:
It was noted that $48.00 has been generated from the Turtle page since we began using Google AdSense. Discussion took place regarding a proposal to expand the use of AdSense to other highly visited pictures. Jodi Johnson moved to proceed with a test of AdSense on additional WayNet pictures, David Burton seconded, motion passed.

Marketing Committee Report:
Discussion took place regarding a marketing plan to increase membership. Gary Arndts outlined the proposed plan.

  • A letter and WayNet postcard will be sent to potential WayNet members. The letter will include a cover letter outlining the benefits of WayNet membership. The letter will be followed by a personal contact from a board member when possible.
  • An insert highlighting an article submitted by David Burton will be included with the letter as an example of how WayNet membership can drive traffic to a member’s business.
  • The Marketing committee will develop a schedule for the letter campaign.

Executive Director's Report:
Jane reviewed the directors report and displayed the current stats from Google Analytics. The complete Executive Director’s report is available on WayNet.


Bill Pendly moved to adjourn, David Burton seconded, motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 1:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Biggs

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