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Waynet Executive Board Meeting
May 19, 2005

Due to a lack of quorum, no official votes could be taken; however, the members that were present to discuss the agenda items.

Opened Meeting: Randy opened the meeting at 12:00 noon

Minutes: Could not approve minutes due to no quorum.

Fee Waiver: Richmond Academy requested a fee waiver. No action taken.

501c(3) Status:
Jane and Randy reported that they have met with Tom Kemp. Tom really wants to help finish the 501c(3) status request. He hopes to have everything done by the end of May.

Personnel Items:
Jane excused herself while the board discussed her salary. Randy shared history of Jane’s position and how salary raises were determined in the past. Randy recommended that we approve an increase of 3 to 5%. After discussion, it was suggested that we give a 5% salary increase retro active to January 2005. Randy will try to receive approval through email from other board members to make this effective.

New Business:
Jane reported that Amy Spears has accepted a position in Columbus, Indiana and resigned her position on the Waynet Board. Misty said she will speak with the Mayor regarding her suggested appointment.

Randy mentioned that we need to have a nominating committee formed to choose empty board seats and recommend officers for next year’s fiscal year. Jodi suggested that we need to look at people outside of Richmond. Misty will meet with Jane and work on the officer positions.

Director’s Report:
Jane reviewed her bi-monthly activities with the board members.

It was suggested by several board members that we look at a policy that will allow voting to be done through email if we do not have a quorum at a meeting. Jane and Randy would look into it and make a recommendation to the board.

Adjourned at 1:10 p.m.

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