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Waynet Board Meeting
October 9, 2001

Amy Spears, Chris Hardie, Randy Baker, John Weber, Nancy Wilson, Rodger Smith, Jim Buckler, Tom Kemp, Jane Holman

Called to Order:
Chris Hardie called the meeting to order at 12:03 PM.

Minutes from the previous meetings of July 10th and September 25th (the annual meeting) were reviewed. Amy Spears moved the minutes for July 10th be approved as published; Randy Baker seconded. Nancy Wilson moved the minutes for September 25th be approved as published; Rodger Smith seconded. Minutes from these two meetings were unanimously approved.

Old Business
There was no old business.

New Business:
A. There were no Fee-Waivers presented for approval.

B. The Executive Director's report was presented by Jane Holman. (July - September) (September- October)

1. There is a list of potential WayNet members posted on the "Executive Board Reference." These are local businesses that have a web presence but are not currently members of WayNet. This is a marketing list for recruiting potential members for WayNet. Board members were encouraged to use connections they may have to encourage some of these to join.

2. A copy of WayNet's Profit & Loss report was presented to the members.

3. Recent activities included setting up the "Best Local web site" and "People's choice" awards for the annual meeting.

4. The effects of the Nimba virus attack have been resolved except for the fact that the log files are still not functional.

5. Advertising continues through sponsorship of two local soccer teams, Little Sheba's menu ad at $100 per year, Richmond Civic Hall, and presence at the annual Industrial Expo.

6. Jane has been preparing for a delegation from Korea to visit. However, plans for their local visit were recently canceled.

7. A Thank You note was received from Greensburg Animal Hospital. They were the winner of the "Best local web site" in the business category.

C. There was discussion regarding item #6 of the Calendar Posting Policy. This item does not allow posting of any activities regarding games of chance, such as bingos, raffles, etc. Chris Hardie made a motion to remove this line item. Rodger Smith seconded the motion. The motion unanimously passed.

D. Chris Hardee presented proposed initiatives to guide the activities of the Board over the next year.

1. Improve and stabilize board member participation The following ideas were discussed.

a. Assign committees to discuss and research items of interest and bring to the full board for vote. Reduce board meetings to every other month.

b. By taking advantage of an e-mail list service for discussion, rather than formal meetings, the need for meetings could be reduced and allow those who cannot attend to participate in the discussion. This latter idea was more popular among the attendees.

2. Evaluate WayNet's web site hosting arrangements There was concern expressed about the dependency on Infocom/SkyeNet/Hypervine web hosting. As a result of the recent experience with the Nimba virus, do we need a site backup plan? Would RP&L hosting the web site be an alternative? If WayNet purchases its own equipment for hosting the site, cost and training would be issues to consider.

3. Enhance public awareness of WayNet.org

4. Evaluate WayNet's purpose and Organization

5. Other initiatives

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45. 

Prepared by:
Jim Buckler for Thomas G. Kirk, Jr., Secretary

October 9, 2001

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