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Waynet Board Meeting
April 11, 2000

Draft Copy: Unapproved

Members Present: Pam Frantz, Jane Holman, Misty Hollis, Tom Kirk, Ross Josephson, Bill O'Hara Felker, Rodger Smith, Carol Smyth, Steve Reynolds, Larry Turner, John Weber, and Nancy Wilson

Meeting Called to Order: John Weber called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM,
April 11, 2000

Approval of Minutes: Misty Hollis made a motion to approve the minutes of February 8 and Larry Turner seconded the motion. The motion carried. Tom Kirk moved that we approve the minutes of March 14 and Rodger Smith seconded the motion. All were in favor of both motions.

Larry Turner asked if the new Discus software indicated how many hits are made and where there are made. Jane Holman explained that the list of 20 top sites indicates the most popular sites. The top hits are the home page - first, the Levi Coffin page - second, and the news given by Bill O'Hara - third.

Old Business:

Executive Director's Report:

Jane indicated that the budget was distributed at the last meeting. If anyone has questions or would like a copy of the document, contact her.

Applied for fee waiver: None

New Not-for-Profit Members: Indiana Football Hall of Fame and Cope Environmental Center - Stepped down from the Sponsoring Category

Existing Not-for-Profit Members invoiced: Hayes Regional Arboretum

New Basic Members: Computer HELP! - Stepped down from the Sponsoring Category - Paid

Existing Basic Members Invoiced: Belden Wire & Cable Co., Bill O'Hara Felker,
Heavenly Handicrafts, Insight Communications, Jillian's Dolls-N-Stuf, Local Musician,
Perfect Circle Credit Union - Paid, Summersault. Jane will be checking with Meijer

New Expanded Members:

Existing Expanded Members Invoiced: Fairway Mortgage - Commerce Pkg., Programming and Micros, Richmond Workforce Development Center, RMD/Patti Insurance & Financial Services, Wayne County Home Builders Assoc. - Commerce Pkg.

New Sponsoring Members - Greens Fork Animal Hospital P.C. - Paid, Summit Computer Systems

Existing Sponsoring Members Renewed Their Membership: SANYO-Verbatim CD Company - Renewed as a sponsor - Paid

Existing Sponsoring Members Invoiced: Cinram, Inc., Wayne County Convention and Tourism Bureau, West End Savings Bank

GOLD Members: First Bank Richmond, N.A.


Services Invoiced:


  • Sent info to Marketing and Creative services for a quote on a new brochure, still waiting… Jane will see them on Thursday. Jane also reported that Reid Hospital, Lingle and First Richmond all use the brochure from Waynet.
  • Sent press release to all local media regarding new version of Talk of the Town - Kicks96 gave us coverage, Pal-Item did not pick it up.

Log Analysis for March
Ran weekly and posted on the Members Only page. Monthly user sessions increased 32% over February 00 and page views decreased 39% over February 00. Jane reported that this was probably because three days disappeared from the log. There are about 20,000 users per month. March figures reflect a 125% increase over the same time last year.

1st Quarter 2000 - showed a healthy 41% increase in user sessions and a 38% increase in page views over 4th quarter 1999. There was a 93% increase in users over the same time period last year and a 132% increase in page views. Monday and Wednesday are the higher use days. That figure will diminish when the weather gets nicer.

1999 Yearly Figures show an outstanding 100,426 users requesting 310,586 pages. It's difficult to do a true comparison as we did not purchase the logging software until mid-February '99, but a rough estimate is that we nearly tripled our visitors/hits from the previous year.

Achievements for March/April

  • Terms of Service policy- tried to set up meeting with Steve Rabe.
  • Added many calendar items (Roosters, etc.).
  • Made presentation to MRL Board of Directors
  • Finished Talk of the Town v.2.0 - took live. Not much activity yet.
  • Ran invoices/statements for month and quarter.
  • Created Pets/Animals page
  • Scanned county plat book and updated map section.
  • Scanned bus map in preparation to post a new bus info page.

On-Going Projects for the coming month

  • Work on IRS designation with committee once the board decides how they want to proceed.
  • Continue to look at alternative funding sources.
  • Work on page for City Bus Routes.
  • Create Millennium Time Capsule Survey form for the Office of the Mayor. Continue to update older pages to reflect the newer design/font/sidebars of updated design.
  • Prepare letter for distribution to restaurants and motels touting benefits of our Commerce package.

Policy/Discussion Committee
Jane asked everyone to go the following url and review the "Terms of Service": waynet.org/waynet/_business/termsofservice.htm. Carol Smyth had one suggestion and that was to put the responsibilities at the beginning of the document.

Review of Mission/Vision
The previous two meetings were spent revising the mission and vision. After a great deal of discussion on wording for the mission, it was decided to table it until the next meeting. Please email your suggestions to Jane prior to the next meeting.

Nominating Committee
This committee will meet in the future to select a new member for Ron Lind's position.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Tricia Shrider for Steve Reynolds, Secretary

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