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Executive Director's Report for May 10, 2007

Applied for fee waiver:  

Membership Changes/Additional Fees:

  • (+  60)  Added Compassionate Hearts, Inc. as a Not-for-Profit Member
  • (+ 300) Added Richmond Welding & Fabrication, Inc. as a Business Member
  • (-  60)  Removed Steve Brian, Real Estate Agent (via Parallax) as a Basic Member
  • (-  60)  Removed B & B Farm Drainage (via Parallax) as a Basic Member
  • (+300)  Added Animal Hospital of Centerville, LLC as a Business Member

Advertising/Marketing/Community Relations

  • Signed contract for a sidebar ad on the Palladium-Item web site.  $175/month for 12 months.
  • Ongoing: Business card size ad in the Centerville News newsletter for 12 months (cost $25 membership + $100/12 ads)
  • Article in Centerville Newsletter in April
  • Business Highlighted in Progress Edition supplement of the Palladium-Item
  • Represented WayNet with a booth at the Chamber Network Night hosted by Purdue Extension.
  • Spoke at the Centerville Lions Club.
  • Jodi Johnson represented WayNet during a talk at the Cambridge City Kiwanis Club.
  • Share photos with Wayne County Vision for Trail Map in exchange for photo credit.

Issues & Projects for March/April/May

  • Purchase domain for 3 year period.
  • Recruited new board member, Jim Dinkle.  Met with other community members working to fill the other open slot.
  • Attended the KillerApps Conference in Fort Wayne for free at the invitation of Don S. Samuleson. (Jane's Take)
  • Worked with the Marketing Committee to create the "WayNet How To Center"
  • Purchased & installed updated anti-virus program.
  • Purchased new telephone w/answering system - removed voice mail from Verizon - savings of $9.90/month.
  • Thanks to Mark Stosberg for updating our 1997 era laptop with a light version of Linux, making it once again usable. (Read about other "os switches" that Mark has performed.)
  • Complete Federal and State Tax Forms.
  • Work with  regarding move to 501(C)(3).
    • Received partial refund from IRS.
  • Website Maintenance:  
    • "Eastern Box Turtle" page rises to the top of Google's image search for "Turtle".
    • Explore Google Analytics.
    • Review and update page links & calendar events, as necessary. Take photos.

Log Analysis (as of April 20, 2007)
These figures were created by the AWStats program offered online by our web host. 

Monthly figures are now being posted on the Top Twenty page.  Current average is 53,908  user sessions per month.  Web page views (hits) are averaging 156,614.   Users sessions increased 8% from March to April.  Page views increased by 21% from March to April. 

1st Quarter 2007 - Quarterly figures for user sessions increased by 6% over 4th Quarter but are down 12% from the 1st Quarter of 2006, due to a spike in hits to one of our scripts during that time.  Page views increased by 17% and are up 8% from the 1st Quarter of 2006.

2006 Yearly Figures show a 42% increase to 657,784 users requesting 1,693,456 pages as compared to 463,839 users requesting 1,419,408 pages in 2005.  This is a 42% increase in users and a 19% increase in page views over 2005


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