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Executive Director's Report for March 18, 2004

Ideal Project Hierarchy for 2004:

  1. Transfer of web site to new host
    1. WINDOWS portion complete. 
    2. UNIX portion still needs to be accomplished.
      1. Calendar
      2. Talk of the Town
      3. E-Cards
      4. Quiz
  2. Research/network/legal work required to change status to 501(c) 3.

Applied for fee waiver:  

Membership Changes/Additional Fees:

  • Removed Basic Member, Rosa's Office Supply
  • Removed Business Member, AndersonIN
  • Added Basic Member, Ray Ontko & Co
  • Added Basic Member, Doxpop
  • Added Business Member,


  • 2 month promotion on G101.3, 100 30-second commercials + sponsorship of their "Show Your G" promotion with a banner/link on their web site. 
  • Will be interviewed on the Kevin Gordon show/WKBV at 8:00 a.m. on March 29th - postponed from March 17th due to possible snow delay issues.

Issues & Projects for January/February/March

  • Received new hydraulic cylinder for office chair.  J.J. Johnson at the City Building fixed it with help from 3 departments!
  • Back up web site to prepare for transfer.
  • "Fix" caps in file names in preparation for transfer to a UNIX system.
  • Hypervine host went down on 1/25 - down for 12 hours. 
  • Signed up for amhosting account ($17.95/month) and began to FTP web site.
  • FTP goes slowly - takes nearly 4 days to upload - concern due to FrontPage "issues".
  • Transfered DNS to point to amhosting version of  Notice several issues, images not in place, etc. - Decide to delete and re-upload via FrontPage.  Program kept "hanging".  Took 3 days and never did fully transfer.   Forced to import files manually.
  • Clean-up encouraged me to "clean" the web of unused files; changed some areas to "sub-webs".
  • Finally figured out that the naming issues were caused by renaming on Windows server - which did not rename the files within the program.  Manually went in to rename files within pages.
  • New server allows me to "password protect" folders, so removed .asp files.
  • New server allows me to automatically re-direct files to new locations.
  • New server offers stats on a daily basis.
  • At the end of February, realized that and was not working.  Signed up for re-direct account with amhosting ($2.00/each/month). has been transfered to, as has, but it took almost 2 weeks to go through the manager, Neustar.
  • Discussed with Tom Kemp via email the copyright issues of displaying 1940's school photos from Greens Fork that have been offered to
  • Attended marketing committee meeting featuring Harry Phillips from RP&L - "Purple Cow" marketing.
  • Work with Carol Smyth and Tom Kirk to locate a new creator for the text portion of the  "Encyclopedia of Wayne County" project.  Begin taking photos of art that has been identified.
  • Website Maintenance:  
    • Review and update page links & calendar events, as necessary. Take photos.
    • Created "personalized" error pages.  See example of 404 - Page Not Found.

Log Analysis 
Ran weekly and posted on the Members Only page. Monthly figures are now being posted on the Top Twenty page. We are currently averaging 43,049 user sessions per month.  Web page views (hits) are averaging 128,601.   Users were down 32% in February with a 30% decrease in page views, and a 22% decrease from February of 2003.  The severe decrease is due to the downtime experience from the change in web hosts and the loss of the and links for the entire month.  There may also be some discrepancy in the way the logs are maintained between the two different servers.

4th Quarter 2003 - Quarterly figures for user sessions increased by 8%.  Page views increased by 14%. User sessions rose by 40% over the same time period last year. 

2003 Yearly Figures show an outstanding 548,741 users requesting 1,605,683 pages as compared to 413,253 users requesting 1,291,024 pages in 2002.  This is a 33% increase in users and a 24% increase in page views over 2002

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