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Executive Directors Report for April 25, 2002

Applied for fee waiver:  None

Membership Changes:


  • 30 second radio spots on KICKS96 in February.
  • "Sports Mentions" on KICKS96 in March
  • Contracted for 1 year's worth of ads in Palladium-Item, 3 per week, some will be 1 column x 1 " and some will be 2 columns by 1"
  • Purchase "SnapNames" service for $69 to try to secure domain. (Expired on March 8th)
  • Membership information sent to: Whitewater Opera (before their financial announcement), Morgan Stanley (Marc Jaffe), Indiana-American Water Company, Phillip W. Smith Bed & Breakfast, Ernie Pence (furniture repair), West Side Splash Club.
  • Called on/left membership information at: Richmond Catholic Community, Ahaus Tool, Hagerstown City Hall, Abbott's Candy, Hagerstown Library

Achievements for 1st Quarter

  • Attended WayNet Committee meetings
  • Sent in info for Pal-Item Business Report
  • Taught several community members to use Talk of the Town & the Community Calendar
  • Retained KICKS96 as a sponsor.
  • Installed Quiz software and created 3 quizzes. (284 tests taken so far)
  • Set up advertising contracts with Pal-Item & KICKS96.
  • Attend Technology Task Force committee meetings.
  • Researched and tested new software for the community calendar.
  • Filled out Indiana and Federal tax forms for the organization.
  • Took 6 days of vacation time. (8 days left - anniversary date Sept. 22.)
  • Created new page for the HELP the Animals Shelter as a tribute to Pam Frantz.  (Still awaiting photos.)
  • Website Maintenance:  
    • Review and update page links as necessary. 
    • Many updates to emails do to @home to conversion. 
    • Took new photos and updated Valentine & Spring/Easter postcard pages.
    • Added "More Local Calendars" page.

On-Going Projects

  • Met with Bruce Daggy and Myra Galloway to discuss a possible collaboration project for Step-Ahead's Resource Book.  Suggestion: They could offer a mini-grant to qualified organizations that would cover our $150 web creation costs plus the first year of the $60 not-for-profit membership fee.  They are taking the suggestion back to their board of directors.
  • Vision Committee: Collaborating with Richmond Art Museum, Wayne County Historical Museum, Earlham College and Morrisson-Reeves Library to create content based on Wayne County's artists.
  • Terms of Service policy - needs to be updated and approved.
  • Continue to look at alternative funding sources.
  • Work on marketing - send direct sales letters w/application to local businesses w/web sites.
  • Create new "Wallpaper" section from existing photos.
  • Continue to review & update web pages.

Log Analysis 
Ran weekly and posted on the Members Only page.  User sessions in January jumped a healthy 27%, after an astounding 43% jump in December, averaging 33,643 users per month.  Web page views increased, but at a smaller percentage, averaging 99,202The increase reflects three factors, decreased daylight & time spent outside, increased usage of our Underground Railroad resources, and our newspaper and radio advertising campaign.

1st Quarter 2002 - Quarterly figures for user sessions rose by 57%.  Page views rose by 19%.  The fact that we have more user sessions is good in that it means we're reaching more people.

2001 Yearly Figures show an outstanding 260,875 users requesting 930,554 pages as compared to 204,689 users requesting 667,511 pages in 2000.  This is a 27% increase in users and a 39% increase in page views over 2000. Our actual figures were somewhat larger than this due to the problems involved when the web site was moved to the new server due to the virus problem and we lost access to the log files for the web site.  Logs were reset approximately October 10.  

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