spacer80.gif (94 bytes) Executive Directors Report for March  22, 1999

New Not-for-Profit Members()
West Richmond Friends ?

New Basic Members:()

Basic Members Invoiced Directly:()
Gibbs, Eric

New Expanded Members: (1)
Wayne County Home Builders Association (Commerce Package) - PAID

New Sponsoring Members - Paid: ()

Existing Sponsoring Members Renewed Their Membership:

Existing Sponsoring Members Invoiced:
SANYO-Verbatim CD Company
Success Thru Learning
Richmond/Wayne County Chamber of Commerce
Wayne Teachers Federal Credit Union - PAID
Insight Communications
First Bank Richmond

Services Invoiced:

Applied for fee waiver:

Requested to continue ads on radio Kicks96 - once per week - prior to sports in the morning.   Will run through April.

Running 30 second ads, 2 every other day, on 101.3 during morning drive time. 

Ran ad in Pal-Item on Sunday and Wednesday Feb. 28 and March 3, March 7 and March 10.  Also will run March 21 and March 24 and March 28 and March 31.  Cost for those ads is approximately $200/month.

Submitted ad to be placed in Little Sheba's souvenir menu - business card size, $99.  Will be in use for approximately 1 year.

Began process of a direct mail letter.   Letter is written, waiting on a reorder of stationery.

Received an almost full page article in the Chamber Update newsletter.

I have a meeting with Ruth Mills on Thursday to discuss options and costs of producing a program about WayNet.

Log Analysis
Ran weekly and posted on the Members Only page.  Weekly averages are1844 visitors and 5128  hits. February figures were up significantly, 28% on user sessions and 35% on page views.  The introduction of a local news section, in cooperation with our Sponsor, WQLK/WHON, has encouraged return visitors.  Fourth quarter figures are quite impressive with 43% increase in user sessions and 22% increase in hits.  I expect another significant jump in 1st quarter figures.

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Achievements for March

  • Sales calls - by phone or in person - that have not yet signed up
    Bob Rosa at Rosa's Office Plus
    Roger Hamilton, President of Firstar
    Bob Brown, Marketing Manager at Primex
    Sent letters to James and Tera Harper, new owners of the Phillip W. Smith Bed and Breakfast

  • Added discussion section, Talk of the Town.
  • Set up system for notifying/billing not-for-profit groups. - Sent letters to 8 groups.
  • Prepare letter for distribution to Chamber members touting benefits of Waynet membership.
  • Created a "Board Only" page to notify the board of potential members.
  • Re-ordered stationery.
  • Re-organized office filing system.

On-Going Projects for the coming month

  • Sales calls
  • Continue to look at alternative funding sources.
  • Prepare letter for distribution to restaurants and motels touting benefits of our Commerce package.
  • prepare page for Wayne County Home Builders Association - we already have their check.
  • Look at alternative advertising avenues - outdoor advertising?
  • Monitor Talk of the Town, observe how much time is spent on this activity.
  • Complete and file Form 990 for the IRS.

Web Pages

  • more recreation pages
  • work with Jim Waecher at the Museum to create pages on Richmond manufactured automobiles and local Tiffany Windows.
  • Peter Suber-Thorpe requested that I take over & update his Government and Politics in Indiana site.  I will slowly be incorporating this into WayNet.
  • Review hyperlinks and make corrections as necessary.

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